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25 slick and stylish men’s bedroom ideas

Your home is your castle, and that’s even more true of your bedroom. Here, we’ll give you 25 cool men's bedroom ideas to help you create a retreat that actually makes you want to go to bed at night.

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Want to turn your bedroom into a slick and stylish retreat that actually makes you want to go to bed at night? Looking to infuse your space with personality but stuck on where to begin? Our men’s bedroom ideas are here to help.

Here, we’ll share 25 ideas for men’s bedrooms to suit every kind of man out there – from the modern gentleman to the hobbyist, the creative to the outdoor lover. So, keep reading for that all-important inspiration!

1. Men’s bedroom ideas: go monochrome

mens bedroom ideas monochrome

Black and white is a classic colour combination that works well in modern homes and period properties alike. This monochrome bedroom features a black headboard against crisp white walls and bedding to make the bed the main focal point of the room. We love the urban artwork and geometric rug as extra touches.

If you’re a fan of this bedroom colour idea, why not take inspiration for the rest of the home too? Our black and white bathroom ideas and black and white kitchen ideas will have you covered.

2. Bedroom ideas for men: smart panelling

Bedroom ideas men

Wall panelling is a great way to add texture and depth to a room. Here, the homeowner has boldly painted their panelling the same colour as the wall above. They’ve even added green furnishings and a tropical plant to match!

To create a similar look in your bedroom, check out our green bedroom ideas and our MDF panelling ideas.

3. Men’s bedroom: Japandi style

mens bedroom

Japandi interior design fuses together the simplicity of Japanese design with the natural materials and warmth of Scandinavian design – just like in this image. We love the natural wood panels on the walls combined with the terracotta tones of the bed linen and the cosy-looking rug. It’s modern, functional and calming all at the same time!

Japandi interiors are a growing home trend, as they fit perfectly with the quiet luxury aesthetic that many modern homeowners are striving for at the moment. Take a look at our selection of stunning interior design ideas for more aesthetics that are bang-on-trend right now.

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4. Men’s room ideas: max out on storage

mens room

If you’re going to treat yourself to a bedroom makeover, you might as well make sure it has ample storage. That way, it’ll be easier to minimise clutter and keep your bedroom looking as slick and stylish as the day you finish your renovation project. This minimalist bedroom has a load of open storage – not only is it super practical, but it makes an attractive focal point too!

Failing to plan in storage is a major bedroom design mistake that people end up regretting. Check out our fitted bedroom cost guide to make sure you’re starting out on the right foot and maximising your space at home.

5. Bedroom accessories for men: feature headboard

bedroom accessories for men

Any good master bedroom design ideas should include a comfy headboard. We particularly love this one as it’s not only cushioned and comfy – the homeowner has also extended it outwards to make it into an eye-catching feature.

Investing in a wide headboard like this one can be a unique bedroom feature wall idea. And if you like this colour scheme in particular, make sure to browse our selection of navy bedroom ideas too.

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6. Men’s bedroom: accent wall

mens bedroom accent wall

On the subject of feature walls, here’s one for you to ogle at. This monochrome accent wall picks up on the different shades of grey used throughout the room. We especially love it teamed with the natural wood accents in the mirror and nightstands, to soften the look.

Our wallpaper ideas are full of tips and tricks on how you can use wallpaper to make your home more stylish. Once you’re ready to go, make sure to learn how to hang wallpaper, or check out the typical wallpapering costs when carried out by a professional.

7. Men’s bedroom decor: dark colours

mens bedroom decor

This bedroom couples a black painted wall with concrete wallpaper and a polished concrete floor. We love that the homeowner has leant into the black colour pallet, even adding a black globe and vintage Eames chair and ottoman.

Have a read of our dark bedroom ideas for more ways to make use of this smoky aesthetic.

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8. Men’s bedroom: Bold colours

mens bedroom bold colours

At the opposite end of the spectrum, if you’re a fan of bold colours, now’s the time to use them! This bedroom features a red accent wall, complete with matching nightstands. It’s a strong enough colour that the homeowner hasn’t even needed to add interest with artwork – instead, an elegant chandelier completes the picture.

If you’re willing to go red, our red bedroom ideas have got all the inspiration you need. Or, if you’d prefer to add some contrast, learn about colour blocking walls.

9. Men’s bedroom accessories: add texture

mens bedroom accessories

This men’s bedroom is all about sumptuous textures – from the textured wallpaper to the shiny artwork; the pleated curtains to the leather upholstery. We particularly like the contrast between the chevron low-pile carpet and the hessian rug.

If you care just as much about how your bedroom floor feels as how it looks, our selection of bedroom carpet ideas will be your best friend.

10. Room decor for men: a green oasis

room decor for men

Indoor plants can reduce stress and improve your sleep, so they’re ideal for a bedroom. This bedroom is covered in houseplants – and we don’t just mean the floor, but the walls too! White walls and furniture make this small bedroom feel bigger and allow the greenery to stand out.

Want to create a green oasis of your own? Read up on our indoor garden ideas. Or, why not go a step further and create a living wall? Take a look at our guide to living wall costs to get started.

11. Male bedroom ideas: clean lines

male bedroom ideas

Clean lines give a slick and put-together look that’s ideal for the modern gentleman. This bedroom boasts slat wall panels, cube shelving and parquet flooring – all full of crisp lines and sharp angles. Even the curtains are so tightly pleated that they look like straight lines!

If you’re looking to create a similar look, our shelving ideas are a good place to start, as well as our floor-to-ceiling windows cost guide.

12. Ideas for men’s bedrooms: vintage

ideas mens bedrooms

After more characterful men’s bedroom ideas? The intense blue in this bedroom is inspired by precious marble, and it’s teamed with leather, wood and metal. Together with the vintage clock, radio and bike, the result is a bold masculine feel that’s rustic yet a little bit flashy!

Our rustic bedroom ideas are jam-packed with more inspiration. Plus, if you like this look, you may well be interested in our guide to using recycled building materials.

13. Men’s room ideas: eco-friendly

mens room ideas

If you’re a fan of the stripped-back aesthetic or you want to embark on sustainable living, this minimalist bedroom is sure to be up your street. Reclaimed wood of varying lengths replaces a headboard and makes a fantastic feature wall. Meanwhile, eco-friendly flooring and adjustable wall lights are both practical and stylish.

Looking for more ways to make your home eco-friendly? Our green home ideas are here to help. Or, if you’re trying to achieve an impactful look on a tight budget, our affordable decorating ideas are for you.

14. Ideas for men’s bedrooms: arches

ideas for mens bedroom

Arches can help to soften the straight lines and harsh angles that you usually find in modern homes. Here, the homeowner has set an arch back in the wall and painted it a darker colour. Not only does it do the job of a feature headboard, but it also creates a cosy nook for the bed, ideal for curling up in come bedtime.

If you’re a fan of arches like us, you’ll love our interior arch design ideas.

15. Bedroom idea: inject personality

bedroom idea

Want a bedroom that’s fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously? Then why not inject some personality by making it all about the things you love? This homeowner clearly loves standup paddleboarding – not only does a standup paddleboard attached to the wall replace your traditional headboard, but the whole room gives off coastal vibes!

If you want to give your bedroom a similar wow-factor, take a look at our top decorating ideas. And if you’re a fan of the coastal look, have a read about the coastal cowgirl interior trend.

16. Bedroom accessories for men: open shelving

bedroom idea for men

There’s so much going on in this bedroom and we love it all – from the traditional panelling to the green and beige colour scheme; the industrial pendant lights to the majestic money tree. However, the metal open shelving in the forefront has got to be our favourite part. Filled with green glass bottles, books and pots, it adds heaps of character and ties the room together.

To create a bedroom design that’s as thought-out and put-together as this one, you’ll need to start by creating a mood board. Or, if you’re feeling daunted by the idea, why not get the help of an interior designer instead?

17. Bedroom ideas for men: bloomcore

Bedroom ideas for men bloomcore

Why not rock the bloomcore interior design trend and deck your bedroom out in florals? This bedroom boasts a feature wall that’s covered in a saturated pink and green flower print – it’s delicate without being overly girlie.

If we’re thinking along the right lines here, why not explore our biophilic interior design ideas for those who want to get closer to nature at home?

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18. Bedroom ideas for men: bare plaster

Bedroom ideas for men

Thanks to its subtle imperfections, bare plaster has a unique texture and depth that can’t be successfully recreated with paint or wallpaper. This bedroom features a wall of clay plaster in warm pink tones. We just want to run our hands all over it!

Although clay plaster has a particularly gorgeous look, bare gypsum plaster can also be eye-catching, as can Venetian plaster, which has a slightly more ‘finished’ look. If you’re considering going bare (with your plaster, we mean!), head over to our guides on the cost to plaster a room and the typical cost of skimming a room.

19. Idea for men’s bedroom: geometric patterns

idea for mens bedroom

Geometric patterns never really go out of fashion – in fact, they’ve been used in interiors and architecture for centuries! This bedroom boasts full-height wood panelling that’s decked in a striking geometric pattern. It’s a modern twist that’s likely to stand the test of time.

Of course, you don’t need wood panelling to embrace geometric patterns. You could also explore tiling, wallpaper, a wall mural or even a funky carpet! If this sounds like your cup of tea, check out some of our other tips and tricks for brightening up your bedroom.

20. Men’s room ideas: neutrals

mens room ideas neutral

When it comes to colours, this bedroom is about as neutral as you can get. Made up entirely of shades of browns, beiges and white, it might not sound like the most exciting men’s bedroom idea. But the addition of a textured feature wall that evokes lines in the sand or ripples of water adds all the depth and interest necessary.

To achieve this look, you’ll need to find a good plasterer to help. Ideally, look for a plasterer near you who has experience in fibrous plastering.

21. Men’s bedroom design with walk-in wardrobe

mens bedroom design

If you’re on the hunt for a clever men’s bedroom design, this should be right at the top of your wishlist. The homeowner has created a walk-in wardrobe behind the bed that doubles up as a feature wall at the same time!

Sold on a walk-in wardrobe? Then browse our top walk-in wardrobe ideas. Alternatively, if you’re open to other bedroom storage ideas, peruse our wonderful built-in wardrobe and space-saving bedroom ideas.

22. Men’s room: bring the outside in

mens room outdoors

Love the outdoors? Then why not make it the main focal point of your bedroom? Here, the homeowner has gone for a completely beige colour pallet indoors, pulling all the focus to the patio doors and climbing greenery in the courtyard beyond.

If you want to create a similar look, check out the cost of bifold doors or French doors. And of course, you’ll need to learn how to make a courtyard garden too! Our must-have courtyard garden ideas have all the inspiration you need.

23. Men’s bedroom ideas: open plan

Mens bedroom ideas industrial

This industrial-style men’s bedroom is ideal for a bachelor pad. The homeowner has used glass partition walls to separate the bedroom from the main open plan kitchen space, making the bedroom feel huge and letting in tons of natural light.

Considering open plan living yourself? Check out our open plan living cost guide and learn how to plan for an open plan kitchen living room.

24. Bedroom ideas for men: lighting design

Bedroom ideas for men lighting design

When you’re planning your bedroom refresh, it’s important to think about what it’ll look like at night – not just during the day. That’s why we love this bedroom design. LED lights glow from the gap between the wall and ceiling, as well as from under the bed, making it feel like a luxurious place to be come bedtime.

Need help planning your bedroom lighting? Brush up on our lighting design cost guide. Or, if you already have a vision you want to turn into a reality, read about the typical electrician hourly rate.

25. Men’s bedroom ideas: bare materials

Mens decor ideas raw materials

This bedroom is packed with unapologetic, bare materials. A quick glance and we can already spot concrete, copper, leather, wood, iron and glass. Together, they give this industrial-style bedroom an earthy, grounded quality that’s undeniably cool.

Got all the inspiration you need for your own bedroom redesign? Then what are you waiting for? Learn how to budget and finance home improvements. Then, check out the typical painter and decorator prices to start turning your ideas into a reality!

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