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What colour goes with taupe? 11 cosy colours

Taupe is a beautiful colour; with its natural hue and many shades, taupe can blend in with almost any colour scheme. Check out all of our favourite taupe pairings to tone down or liven up any room.  

Do not, under any circumstances, assume that taupe is boring.

Taupe is a classic, personality-infused, versatile colour and a great partner to many neutral and novel colours.

With taupe, you can choose from a broad spectrum of shades, from light to dark. Choose light shades of taupe for a sleek and straightforward base, or use darker shades to show a little creativity in your colour scheme.

If you’re looking for the ultimate autumn vibes in your redecorating project but are unsure what colour goes with taupe, we’ve got you covered.

Find out what colour taupe goes with and how to use it to decorate your home.

what colour goes with taupe greige

What colour is taupe?

Homeowners commonly ask, ‘Is taupe brown or grey?’ Or, you might hear taupe referred to as ‘greige’ (a mix of grey and beige), but neither is right.

Taupe is a blend of brown and grey tones with warmer undertones. Available in many shades, taupe can appear warmer or cooler based on the hue and saturation.

As a natural, earthy shade, taupe can add a sense of calm to any room and make it look like an interior designer has been at work.

Before choosing taupe, always consider the natural light your chosen room receives in a day. Taupe can change its tone and mood depending on how much natural light it gets.

What colour is taupe

What colour goes with taupe?

With over 50 shades of taupe to choose from, what colour taupe goes with depends on the room and interior design scheme.

A light shade of taupe makes small and dark rooms brighter and more spacious. Whereas a darker shade of taupe creates a sense of luxury and intimacy, making a large open space feel cosy.

Choose taupe with warm undertones like yellow, pink or red for a cosy, warm glow. Or, for a cooler, more contemporary vibe, go for taupes with green or blue undertones.

Luxury taupe and grey living room

Popular taupe colour pairings

Before you get to the decorating stage, decide if you want a warm or cool base; this will help you decide which colours to pair taupe with.

We also recommend hiring a professional painter decorator to achieve the clean lines and smooth paint job your home deserves. Checkatrade has a large directory or homeowner-approved tradespeople to help you with your next project. Fill in the box below to get started.

Or, head over to all our favourite taupe colour pairings below.

1. Opt for all taupe

A popular way to style taupe is to simply use taupe in various shades in a monochromatic colour scheme. You can use taupe in its darkest to lightest shades on multiple surfaces for a cohesive, interesting, timeless design.

Different sheens, like matte on walls and satin on wood surfaces like skirting and furniture, create a subtle contrast.

Choose deeper taupe pillows, throws and rugs to add depth and interest. Using a monochromatic colour scheme also shines the spotlight on any interesting architectural details like moulding or old windows.

Taupe bedroom with dark furniture

2. Do Grey and taupe go together?

Yes, you should absolutely consider pairing taupe and grey if you want a modern and minimalist space.

To avoid these two colours looking too similar and drowning each other out, pair taupe and grey in alternate undertones.

Combine cool grey with warmer taupes, like greens or browns, for a look with more depth. Add accents of dark and warm grey for extra interest.

Taupe and grey living room

3. Be bold with blue and taupe

‘Do blue and taupe go together?’ Yes, taupe is the perfect base for bold blue colour schemes.

When choosing a taupe base with grey, cool undertones, bright and bold blues blend seamlessly while adding interest points. In contrast, warm, brown-based taupes look great with pale and pastel blues like periwinkle and seafoam.

To balance this neutral colour palette, bold blues add some serious excitement to your home.

Navy blue and taupe living room

4. Pretty in pastel pink

Because taupe has warm undertones, it pairs nicely with pink. Whether you choose blush pink or pastel pink, pink and taupe match to create a subtle tonal finish for your home.

When looking for a colour scheme a little brighter, but not bold, choose pink in pastels, jewel tones or blush for a timeless look.

Blush pink and taupe bedroom

5. Taupe and trusty green

Spruce up any neutral shade with lush, warm undertones of vivid greens like forest green or dark emerald. If more natural shades of green are your think, sage, olive green, and moss green allow for a more mature or elegant look.

However, for a cooler design scheme, use taupe as a base with sage or olive green accents in combination with gold metallic details for a sense of luxury.

This darker shade of green looks stunning as an accent wall. Add some green accent pieces like pillows and throws, and throw in some industrial style lighting and furnishings for a real contemporary finish.

What colour goes with taupe and green
Taupe and green bedroom concept image

Or, if you’re after something a little more rustic, choose a sage green with taupe for a gorgeous, inviting country feel, such as the hallway below.

Sage green and taupe hallway

6. Wrap taupe in warmth

The cosy undertones of taupe make it a perfect choice for warm woods, brass, and gold accents.

Use taupe as a dominant colour on walls and combine it with deep, devilishly warm tones and accents to create a sense of elegance and sophistication.

For a rustic look, keep your walls neutral or off-white, paint your trim and doors taupe, and pair them with real bare wood.

Take all the inspiration you need from the inviting bedroom below; with its natural wood ceiling and sliding doors that offset the white wood panelling and light taupe walls beautifully.

Rustic neutral and taupe bedroom

If you love the bare wooden ceiling and barn style doors of the above bedroom, a carpenter can help you achieve this rustic look.

If you need help finding a carpenter, check out our helpful article here.

7. Burgundy and taupe

If you need your bedroom decor to pop, consider combining taupe and burgundy to create a warm and cosy feel.

Paint your walls in burgundy, and choose taupe and burgundy in flooring, textiles and accent pieces. This is a great way to create a living room that oozes warmth and luxury, as you can see from the contrasting colours in this concept image below.

What colour goes with taupe burgundy
Taupe and burgundy living room concept image

8. Try terracotta

Using taupe as a base and terracotta accents or home decor pieces in your living room lets you create a sense of harmony with a little interest. Both colours have warm, earthy undertones, making them a perfect pairing.

Throw in cooler undertones of taupe, mixed with some grey and green like the stunning living room below, to add texture and interest without overdoing it.

If you’re not feeling the terracotta, add brass accents to your taupe living room or bedroom for a splash of colour.

Terracotta and taupe living room

9. Do taupe and beige go together?

Taupe is a perfect addition to a modern neutral living room or farmhouse monochromatic theme. Pair taupe white, tans, creams and beige for a modern and minimalist.

Keep your neutral colours for the walls and add deeper beiges and taupes in fabrics and accents like bed linen, curtains and cushions.

Why not try a dark taupe rug under a coffee table, taupe curtains and throw pillows, textured woven blankets, beige upholstered furniture, or any combination of these?

What colour goes with taupe and beige

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10. Do brown if you dare

With slight brown undertones, taupe pairs exceptionally well with brown accents for spaces made truly for relaxing. 

Go for subtle brown pieces and clean lines so your brown accents don’t overpower the taupe. You can add a touch of black or charcoal for definition and contrast between these neutral colours.

As you can see from the bedroom below, brown and taupe combine to create a stunning, cosy and inviting space fit for a cosy lodge.

Brown and taupe bedroom

11. Don’t forget metals

As a neutral tone, taupe is brought out of its shell with shiny metals. If you’re in the design process now, consider adding metal tones to your taupe interior design for a more luxurious, elegant feel.

Use copper, bronze and gold that boast warmer metallic tones to subtly accentuate taupe’s subtle, earthy undertones. When choosing taupe with cooler, grey undertones, gold accents can create a stunning sense of contrast. Just look at this stunning bedroom below.

What colour goes with taupe and metal

What rooms look best with taupe?

Choosing taupe in your colour scheme creates a calm and snug atmosphere perfect for entertaining, relaxing, family time, and sleeping, like bedrooms and living rooms.

However, taupe’s serene nature is also perfect for spa-like bathrooms and modern kitchens. Use taupe bathrooms to create a spa-like peaceful space – try taupe walls with crisp white tiles and vanities, or vice versa.

Kitchen cabinets also look amazing in taupe when combined with neutral walls and marble tiles.

Taupe kitchen cabinets

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the taupe shades, try out a colour wheel to find the best colours for your living room. Or, simply lean into bolder, warmer tones to match the undertones of taupe.

You can also use taupe to avoid pesky beige flags in any room in your home.

You can also call in a professional interior designer to help you achieve the home decor of your dreams. Checkatrade has a vast directory of reputable painters and decorators to help.

Simply pop your postcode into the box below and find a trusted tradesperson today.

Recommended read before hiring a tradesperson: how to find a good tradesperson.

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