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What is a kitchen appliance garage?

Kitchen appliance garages are handy specialised cabinets you can use to park your appliances when they’re not in use. It keeps them out of sight yet easily accessible for when you do need them.

Below, we explore what these installations are, what they do, their benefits and some of the various types.

What is a kitchen appliance garage?

Appliance garages are an innovative kitchen storage solution that store your bulky everyday appliances in a discreet and stylish area.

Bulky items like toasters, coffee makers and blenders are an eyesore for any sleek, modern kitchen. This is why many homeowners use appliance garages to hide those appliances while keeping them within reaching distance.

What do appliance garages look like?

They typically blend in with the rest of your kitchen cabinets, integrated with them on the countertop. Doors can vary in style, with some swinging open like a normal cabinet and others having roll-up doors, like an actual garage. The interior can also vary in style and design, and it’s really a matter of preference what to include.

Many people opt for the most functional interior design, as it’s out of sight anyway. This includes features like shelves or even an electrical outlet, so you don’t have to remove appliances from the garage when using them.

Carpenters and cabinetmakers custom-build appliance garages to suit your kitchen and storage requirements.

What are the benefits of an appliance garage?

Appliance garages are great for many reasons, including:

  • They reduce clutter and increase countertop space
  • They keep appliances clean and preserve them
  • They make kitchens look more visually appealing
  • They save you time by making appliances easily accessible
  • They can potentially increase your home’s value

Being both functional and aesthetically appealing, appliance garages add value in many ways.

Can a microwave go in an appliance garage?

Yes, you can store a microwave in an appliance garage.

It’s important for the garage to be designed to house the microwave though. This way, it will have a power supply and be positioned somewhere accessible, saving you from having to move it around when you want to use it.

Can you use an air fryer in an appliance garage?

Yes, you could store an air fryer in an appliance garage. Using the device however in an enclosed space is not such a good idea.

Any grease and steam it produces could stain and damage other appliances and the garage’s interior. They also produce heat and require ventilation, so using one inside an appliance garage could pose a safety hazard.

While it’s likely possible to design and build an appliance garage capable of housing an air fryer while it’s in use, it would probably be a lot more hassle than it’s worth.

What type of appliance garage should I install?

This really depends on your taste, but also, your kitchen layout!

Appliance garages are custom made to the design of your kitchen and your storage requirements. In terms of design ideas, you could choose a corner garage, one with roll-up doors, a glass-fronted garage, a tech-integrated garage or one that blends seamlessly with your cabinetry.

If you have more questions or want to get a quote for an appliance garage, speak to a Checkatrade-approved tradesperson today!

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