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Airey house repair cost guide

Airey houses are among several thousand similar prefabricated houses in the UK designed by Sir Edwin Airey. They were built in the UK as a cheap housing solution following the Second World War. As precast reinforced concrete (PRC) structures, they proved to be very quick and cheap to erect.

Unfortunately, not all Airey houses have stood the test of time. Many now don’t meet modern housing standards. As such, it isn’t usually possible to get a mortgage on an Airey house unless an approved program of repair and refurbishment has been carried out.

Here, we’ll look at the average Airey house repair cost. This will help you budget for refurbishment works, so you can get a mortgage on your Airey house or sell it if you want to.

Airey house repair cost

The cost of repairing an Airey PRC house to the required standard depends on the type and extent of work that needs to be carried out. It usually involves replacing the concrete with blocks. The next step is to add insulation, before finishing with a brick facing.

The average Airey house repair cost is generally between £40,000 and £48,000. For an exact quote though, you’ll need to have your home inspected by an approved PRC repair specialist.

Cost provided itemLow costHigh costAverage cost
Airey house repair cost£40,000£48,000£44,000
PRC certificate cost£895£995£945

PRC certificate cost for Airey house repair

Once the repair work on your Airey home is complete, you’ll receive a PRC Certificate. This confirms that your house has been inspected and repaired by an approved contractor, to the required standard. You’ll need this certificate when applying for a mortgage on your Airey home.

A PRC certificate should cost around £895 to £995 depending on the contractor.

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FAQsPRC certificate cost for airey house

How long does Airey house repair work usually take?

The time it takes to complete refurbishment works on your Airey house all depends on what needs doing. If it’s in poor condition, it may require more extensive work. You’ll get detailed information on the timeline for your project from your contractor. But on average, you can expect repair work to take around five to eight weeks.

Do I have to move out while repair works are ongoing?

It’s not always necessary to move out of your home while it’s being repaired. In many cases, you can still live there while work to the exterior is being carried out. But bear in mind that like many refurbishment projects, Airey house refurbishment can be quite messy and noisy. You might find it too disruptive or invasive to live in your house during the works.

Can I get a mortgage on an Airey house without repair work being carried out?

It’s not usually possible to get a mortgage on unrefurbished Airey PRC houses. This is because banks and other mortgage lenders classify them as ‘non-standard constructions’, which means that they are unable to offer a mortgage. But provided the repair work has been carried out by an approved specialist contractor, you should then be able to take out a mortgage on the property.

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