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Last updated on March 31st, 2022

Anti-roll bar replacement cost guide

When they’re driven around corners, cars have a tendency to lean towards the outside as their weight gets shifted. An anti-roll bar is the part of a car that reduces this movement and helps the car’s body to roll less. Normally, you’ll have anti-roll bars fitted to both the front and rear suspension systems of your car. So, how much does an anti-roll bar replacement cost? We’ll reveal all below.


Cost to replace anti-roll bar bushes

ItemUnitCost - lowCost - highAverage cost
Full anti-roll bar replacementPer bar£160£260£210
Anti-roll bar bush replacementPer pair£60£160£110
Anti-roll bar drop link replacementPer pair£100£280£190

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

Anti-roll bar bushes are small parts made from plastic or rubber. They tend to wear down or ‘perish’ over time. You should usually try to check your anti-roll bar bushes every 6,000 miles or six months (or at the intervals recommended in your car’s service schedule).

A new anti-roll bar bush should only cost around £10 and will be quick and easy to replace. However, beware of minimum labour charges. Although the job may only take a dealer around 20 minutes, they’ll often charge a minimum of two hours per car. If we assume you’re only charged for one to one and a half hours, you could expect a total cost of £60-£160 to replace a pair of anti-roll bar bushes, including the cost of the bushes themselves.

Anti-roll bar cost

Anti-roll bar link replacement cost

Your anti-roll bar is just a metal bar, so it won’t usually break. That said, often you can’t replace the bushes without replacing the anti-roll bar or link itself. If that’s the case with your car, you’ll need to pay for a full anti-roll bar replacement.

Talk to a professional to find out what parts you need to replace. For a full anti-roll bar replacement, you’ll be looking at around £100 per bar, plus two hours of labour. This is likely to come to a total of around£210 per bar. 

Anti-roll bar drop link replacement cost

Anti-roll bars are connected to the front and rear suspension systems using anti-roll bar drop links on each side. When it comes to the typical anti-roll bar ball joint replacement cost if you need your drop links replaced, you can expect to pay around £190 per pair. This assumes around one to two hours of labour, plus a price of £35 per drop link.

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Anti-roll bar cost factors

The overall cost of an anti-roll bar replacement will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Who’s doing the work: You’re likely to pay more at a main dealer, but you may also get better warranty coverage.
  • Your car: Prices will vary depending on your car make and model.
  • The amount of work required: The job will usually be cheaper if you can just replace the anti-roll bar bushes as opposed to the whole thing.
  • How many need replacing: Even if only one needs replacing, it’s usually recommended that both are repaired at the same time, so that they wear out evenly in future.

How do you know if you need to replace anti-roll bar bushes?

Your anti-roll bars stop your car’s body from rolling too much and becoming unstable round corners. In extreme cases, if you don’t get them replaced, your car could become difficult to handle or you may lose control.

Usually though, you’ll have plenty of warning. If you hear a knocking or squeaking sound when you drive around corners, this may be a sign that your anti-roll bar bushes are worn and need replacing.

Key takeaways

  • Anti-roll bars stop your car’s body from rolling too much when it goes around corners.
  • Anti-roll bar bushes perish over time.
  • If your anti-roll bar bushes can’t be replaced on their own, you may need a full anti-roll bar replacement.
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