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Block and beam floor cost guide

Block and beam flooring has overtaken slab as the material and build of choice. The speed of implementation, cost of materials, and ease of purchase have reduced slab concrete to the basement of people’s minds. If you are thinking of starting a block and beam floor project, it’s important to consider the costs associated. Read on for a practical guide to the average block and beam floor cost.

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Block and beam floor price

Cost provided item

UnitAverage cost
Block & Beam Floor
(Labour + Materials)
Per m2£200 - £250

From improved acoustics to fire resistance, the benefits of using a block and beam system for your flooring are many. The system comprises of inverted T-beams with either lightweight aircrete or dense aggregate block infill. On average, the block and beam floor cost per m2 is between £200 – £250. This price can fluctuate based on many factors. For example, if you are located in the south-east of England, prices are usually between 5 and 10% higher than elsewhere in the country.

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Factors that influence the cost install a block and beam floorInstalling a beam and block floor cost

Block and beam flooring is ideal for constructing cost-effective suspended floors, whether in a commercial or residential setting. Of course, installing new flooring is never straightforward. While block and beam systems are favoured for durability and ease of installation, there are many factors that can increase the cost of a project like this, including:

  • The span of the floor
  • The complexity of the project
  • Design of floor structure
  • Depth of area that needs excavating
  • Location

The good news about block and beam is that they aren’t dependant on weather conditions. So, construction can continue even during the winter months. What’s more, these systems are far more long-lasting than timber floors that are prone to damp. This means the maintenance costs over its lifespan are much lower.

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FAQsBeam and block floor cost per m2

Is block and beam cheaper than slab?

A concrete slab is not expensive to purchase in itself, but laying it and letting it dry takes time and patience. For this reason, the block and beam suspended floor has become more popular with homeowners. It does cost slightly more, but the speed and convenience at which it can be laid are worth the extra cash if you have the budget available.

What goes under a block and beam floor?

Expanded polystyrene blocks are used as infill between the beams, providing top-class thermal performance. These blocks are designed to sit under the concrete T-beams to prevent cold bridging. In some cases, an insulation layer is positioned on top of the block and beam floor, and a concrete topping or screed is laid over the top of the insulation.

Can I install a block and beam floor by myself?

If you have experience with flooring, installing a block and beam floor will take some time but should be relatively straightforward. If, however, you have no experience working with these materials and have limited home improvement experience, we recommend mitigating any health and safety hazards by calling a professional tradesperson in for assistance.

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