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Caravan damp repair cost guide

If you have ever had a problem with damp, you will know it’s not the easiest to remove.  When damp occurs in a smaller space like a caravan, it’s especially important to remove the source of damp immediately. If left too long, damp and the associated mould will damage the caravan and could even have serious health implications. But how much does caravan damp repair cost?

Read on for our practical price guide to this job and use our free search tool to find professionals in your area.

How much does it cost to repair damp in a caravan?

Nowadays, modern caravans are built using damp resistant materials. However, there are still thousands of caravans made from wood in use, and these are highly susceptible to wet weather and rot. If you’ve noticed a musty smell and damp patches within the vehicle, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Labour + Materials

Damp removal and repair
Per hour
£50 - £75
Damp removal and repair
Total cost (2-3 hours)£100-£225

On average, a tradesperson will charge between £50 – £75 per hour for damp repair. So, when budgeting for the repair, you’ll need to consider the extent of the damage in the caravan. In most cases, repairs of this nature take between two-three hours to complete. For a more detailed outlook on your repair costs, contact a tradesperson a get a bespoke quote for your repairs.

How much does it cost to repair damp in a motorhome?

The cost of repairing damp in a motorhome will be similar to repairing damp in a caravan, you may just need to factor in extra time and therefore, budget because of the larger size.

Factors that influence the cost of caravan damp repair

There are many factors that influence the cost of caravan damp repair. If you have significant damage from the dampness, you may need assistance from other tradespeople which will increase your costs. If you have a larger-than-normal caravan and the damp has affected a lot of spaces, this will also increase the price of a damp repair/removal. As a rule of thumb, the larger the extent of the damp, the longer it will take to remove. Lastly, if any specialist equipment is required to complete the repair, you may have to pay extra for this depending on the tradesperson you choose to work with.

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FAQsHow much does it cost to repair damp in a caravan

Do I have damp in my caravan?

If your caravan is made largely from wood and hasn’t been damp-proofed, the vehicle will be susceptible to moisture damage. When damp accumulates, it can start to rot the wood and cause a musty smell. You might also notice discolouration to the wood, or structural weakness in certain areas. In some cases, the effects of damp can turn into a mould problem, which could be a serious health and safety concern.

Have you noticed any of the above? Don’t delay in dealing with the damp to prevent further damage to your caravan.

Can the damp damage my caravan floor?

Unfortunately, yes. When moisture accumulates in your caravan, delamination on the flooring can occur from the weight of the water and lingering damp. It’s always best to get this issue resolved quickly to prevent the costs on floor repair from racking up. If you suspect the floor is too far gone, it’s best to get it replaced altogether once the damp has been dealt with.

Can I choose to not repair the dampness?

If damp is left to do its thing, it will eventually cause irreparable damage to the structure of your caravan. If your caravan can still be repaired at this stage, the costs will be much higher. Even worse, it can lead to mould and mildew which can be hazardous to your health. While a musty smell might not be too bothersome to begin with, it’s the underlying damage you may not be able to see that is dangerous. Don’t wait to call in a professional to remove the damp, and ask them for tips to prevent this in the future.

Can I repair the damp in my caravan by myself?

Damp, and the risks that accompany it can be difficult to remove by inexperienced hands. Failure to remove the source of the damp will inevitably lead to the return of health and safety hazards associated. As the cost of a repair is relatively small, we recommend using the services of a professional tradesperson to ensure a successful damp removal and repair.

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