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Cost to build a chicken house

Whether you are an animal enthusiast or simply fancy eggs on demand (almost), a chicken coop is essential for raising your new feathery friends. Coops offer heat, protection and bedding for chickens, and can be an eye-catching farmlike addition to your property. Looking to add a coop to your garden? Read on – this guide explores the cost to build a chicken house and tips and tricks for construction.

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What is the cost to build a chicken coop?

Chicken coop elementsAverage cost
Coop - Building from scratch £350 - £1,000
Feeders and Drinkers £10 - £40
Chicken Fencing £50 - £100
Chickens (per chicken) £5-£15

Chicken coops are affordable and make a great addition to a back garden. The average cost to build a chicken coop is between £350- £1,000 altogether. This factors in the rate of a tradesperson and the materials for construction.

Of course, if you have the raw materials, equipment and expertise for the job, you may be able to construct a coop for less. It is also possible to buy pre-made flatpack coops for quick install for a cost of around £500, but these tend to be less durable.

Factors that influence chicken coop construction costs


Chicken coops come in a range of sizes and styles. The most common type is enclosed within a fenced area bound by wire to allow chickens to have enough space to roam freely. The size you opt for will depend on the type of chickens you have and how many, but do keep in mind that chickens tend to huddle closely for warmth at night, so you don’t need one that takes up the entire garden.

cost of building a chicken house


Along with the structure itself, a chicken coop needs nesting boxes and roosts for the chickens to sleep. A feeder and a source of drinking water is also a key requirement. If you have the budget, you may also add extra features for convenience and comfort such as shutters for light, storage solutions for feed and egg catchers.

To enhance the appearance of your chicken coop, you can also choose to add lighting, plants and seating so you can spend time with your pets without getting your clothes dirty.


The materials used in the build and the size of the structure will primarily dictate the costs of construction.  Most chicken coops are constructed using plywood or particleboard, but you may want to create more of an enclosure with tin sheets to protect from predators.

Chicken wire is another option, or for extra security, you can use hardware cloth made of galvanised steel. If you’re building on a budget, chicken coops can be constructed from reclaimed wooden pallets to keep the cost low.

Top tip: You may be able to save on labour costs by attempting the build yourself, however, this does come with health and safety risks if you have never attempted a project similar.

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cost to build a chicken coop

Can I build a chicken coop by myself?

If you have previous experience building animal enclosures, building a chicken coop is a labour-intensive but straightforward task. However, if you have never attempted a project of this scale, you may make costly mistakes that could harm the long term health of your chickens. If you have any doubts about constructing a chicken coop, we recommend contacting a professional tradesperson.

Do chickens attract rats?

Unfortunately, a poorly maintained chicken coop can draw in unwanted visitors such as rats. Whilst they will usually be more attracted to stealing the chickens’ food, in some cases, rats have been known to attack small chickens at night. If you’re worried about this, you can always get tin sheet shutters around the run to stop rodents from gnawing the wire.

How much does an individual hen cost?

The average cost of a hen in the UK ranges. Fully raised hens are typically more expensive, ranging anywhere from between £5 – £15 per hen. Chicks are cheaper on average but require more attention and investment than an adult hen.

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