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Last updated on April 27th, 2023

Cost of installing a wheelchair ramp

In this guide, we cover the typical cost of installing a wheelchair ramp and explain the different options available.

Wheelchair ramps can make a huge difference to those who need support with their mobility. Ease of access is important for:

  • Those who are struggling to get in or out of their homes
  • Those who need help moving around their homes
  • Those who need help adapting to a new property
  • Those who have relatives with access needs

Although the Equality Act 2010 requires that ‘reasonable adjustments’ are made for wheelchair users by UK businesses, those who own their own property often find themselves having to pay for the full cost of installing a wheelchair ramp.

Wheelchair ramp costUnitPrice range - lowPrice range - highAverage UK cost
Basic rampEach£14£135£74.50
Stepless heavy duty wheelchair rampEach£600£1,400£1,000
Highrise wheelchair ramp systemEach£1,200£1,560£1,380
Average installation costEach£150£250£200
Suitcase (3ft – 7ft)Each£50£220£135
Roll upEach£100£200£150
Made to measureEach£600£6,000£3,300
Extrawide, folding wheelchair ramp (2ft – 6ft)Each£95£175£135
Basic level platform (per 4m2)Each--£600
HandrailsPer m--£20

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

Key benefits of installing a wheelchair ramp

Wheelchair ramps provide those with mobility issues a greater sense of freedom and autonomy. Sometimes, all it takes is a minor adaption to improve someone’s quality of life.

Increased mobility

The main benefit of installing a wheelchair ramp is enabling those with mobility issues to come and go from their homes with greater ease.

Safety and comfort

There are various materials for wheelchair ramps available on the market, all designed to minimise the risk of injuries or accidents while on the go or at home.

Ease and convenience

Wheelchair ramps are both easy to install and use, making them ideal for both the wheelchair user and any caregiver.


Depending on the layout of a house, wheelchair ramps can be installed wherever they’re needed to improve mobility and ease of access.

Increased resale value

A home with high-quality ramps can increase its market appeal, especially for buyers who themselves or any family members require access solutions.

Wheelchair ramp installation cost calculator

If you’re trying to plan a budget for the cost of installing a wheelchair ramp, you’ll want to consider all the factors that could affect the price. These include things like the size, width and rise of the ramp itself (the larger the ramp, the higher the cost), any landings or handrails needed (these will increase the total cost), and any customisation needed (which also bumps up the price).

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Wheelchair ramp installation quote

We recommend obtaining at least three quotes from our trusted tradespeople. Our request a quote feature is perfect for getting quotes – you post details about the job you want doing and we’ll send it out to local tradespeople in your area. Try it out!

Wheelchair ramp installation hourly rates

The cost of installing a wheelchair ramp is usually charged on a per-job basis, rather than hourly. You can expect to pay around £150 - £250 to install a wheelchair ramp, on average.

Different types of wheelchair ramps available

There are various types of wheelchair ramps available on the market, all of which offer different benefits depending on the accessibility needed


This is the best option if the ramp is going to be used regularly or it’s needed as a permanent adaption.


The best solution for those who only need a ramp occasionally, or for when a permanent solution isn’t suitable. They’re also a cheaper and lighter alternative, with several specifications to choose from, such as:

  • Suitcase ramp: Ramps you can carry while on the go
  • Roll up ramp: Ramps you can easily put away if you have limited storage.
  • Broad ramp (also known as a threshold or oversill ramp): Lightweight and adaptable ramps for almost any threshold.

Tailor-made ramps

A great option for anyone with more complex access needs, such as those with unusual thresholds, narrow doorways, or those who live in a listed building.wooden wheelchair ramp installation

Things to consider when installing a wheelchair ramp

Once you’ve decided on the type of ramp that best suits your needs, the next things to consider before buying are:

  • The maximum slope of your ramp, which must comply with ADA regulations
  • The rise and width of your ramp, which must compensate for the type of mobility needed for you or the user’s abilities
  • The weight of your ramp and its load-bearing capabilities
  • Whether you need landings and/or handrails
  • What materials you prefer (e.g. lightweight metals or rubber finishes)
  • Any customisation needs

Purchasing a wheelchair ramp is an important investment, so it’s worth taking the time to consider all your needs before narrowing down your options.

The cost of wheelchair ramps

Wheelchair ramps and their installation costs can vary depending on the type and complexity of the fitting.

brick wheelchair ramp installation

Additional costs to consider

Tailor-made wheelchair ramps

Tailor-made wheelchair ramps are pricier due to the complexity of their specifications and installations. Factors that affect the overall cost of building a wheelchair ramp include the weight, material and customisation of each ramp.

We recommend you shop around when looking for the appropriate manufacturer and tradesperson – search for a trusted and qualified tradesperson using our our free search tool.

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Widening of doorways

Another additional cost to consider when having a wheelchair ramp installed is how wide your doorways are.

For example, if you have narrow entrances or live in a listed building, these extra modifications are a further expense that can affect which wheelchair ramp you end up purchasing.


indoor wheelchair ramp installation cost

Wheelchair ramp handrails are beneficial for elderly walkers, any visitors who may trip over the ramp when coming to see you, and for ensuring wheelchairs don’t fall off the edge.

In short, they are worth considering for their health and safety benefits, but their use depends entirely on the type of ramp being installed.

Whether you choose to purchase a permanent solution or opt for a portable option, be sure to reference this cost guide before making any long-term decisions.

Whichever wheelchair ramp you choose to install, we hope this guide has given you a helpful overview of the types and models available.

Key takeaways:

  1. The average cost of installing a wheelchair ramp is £200.
  2. Wheelchair ramps are more expensive the more complex they are.
  3. Choosing the right tradesperson from the start saves money in the long-term.
  4. Wheelchair ramps are an important health and safety feature for anyone who requires extra help with their mobility.
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Levi Armstrong

I find it helpful that you said I should also consider the cost of getting handrails when choosing a wheelchair ramp. My parents plan to have a wheelchair ramp installed in our home soon because my grandma would be living with us permanently in February next year. I'll share this advice with them later after dinner. Thank you!

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