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Last updated on March 31st, 2022

Cost to remove a half wall

A pony wall or a half wall is a smaller wall that separates an open room. They are commonly used to create a feeling of separation between the kitchen and dining room.

A pony wall or a half wall is a smaller wall that separates an open room. They are commonly used to create a feeling of separation between the kitchen and dining room. Pony walls are often favoured over traditional walls as they partition a room without losing a sense of airiness.

With open plan rooms now becoming more popular, pony wall removal is becoming more common. If you are thinking about removing your half wall, our cost guide can help.

 Low costHigh costAverage cost
Structural engineer cost per hour £100£200£150
Electrician cost per hour £45£80£65
Builder per hour £21£40£25
Supply and fit handrail to existing staircase£100£150£125

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

Is the wall load-bearing?

Before taking a hammer to your pony wall, you will need to assess a few things first. If your pony wall is only a small dividing panel not attached to a wall this should be ok to be removed promptly.

If your pony wall runs up to the ceiling or has wide columns, you will need to hire a specialist to assess whether the wall is load-bearing. A structural engineer will be able to calculate if your wall is load-bearing or not, giving you peace of mind before you start the removal process. Structural engineers cost between £100 – £200 per hour. 

Electrical wiring

Old fashioned pony walls were used to hide electrical wiring, therefore some cables could be hiding in your pony wall. An electrician will be able to assess the extent of the wiring inside your pony wall and reroute any plugs and wires. Electricians cost on average, £45 an hour.

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Assess your current surface

cost to remove half wall

You can build smaller pony walls on top of some surfaces, like linoleum, tile or hardwood. They are very easy to screw into the floor and require minimal effort to remove.

Whilst it may be tempting to tear your half wall out yourself, If done incorrectly you could rip out or crack your flooring. It is always best to hire a specialist to carefully deconstruct a half wall with minimal damage.

Cost to remove pony wall

The cost to remove a pony wall will depend on the size of your wall and its design. Larger pony walls will create more debris and be more structurally sound, therefore the removal will be more time-consuming. A builder will be able to remove a pony wall for you with ease. They will also be able to clean up and dispose of the drywall and debris, saving you the hassle.

Cost to remove half wall and install railing

If you wish to remove a half wall and install a railing, the cost will vary depending on a few factors. Straight railing tends to be the cheapest, whereas spiral railing is more costly. There are also different materials railings can be made of like wood, metal, or composite. Wood railing will cost around £40 for a small rail, whereas metal or composite will be upwards of £120. The length of the railing also will affect the cost. A carpenter, builder or labourer will be able to fit a handrail at their expected day rate, which will cost between £65 – £125.


How long does it take to remove a half wall?

Removing a half wall should normally take no more than two days to complete the project.

Can you remove a half wall yourself?

Due to the possibility of a half wall being load-bearing, we recommend hiring a professional to remove your wall. Removing a load-bearing wall could compromise the structural integrity of your home and your insurance.

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