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Last updated on March 31st, 2022

Cost to replace asbestos water tank

If your water tank needs a little maintenance or repair, it’s tricky to undertake this yourself, as you’re working with incredibly hazardous material. Below, we’ll look at the costs of having your water tank removed by an expert asbestos removal specialist.

Asbestos is a silica-based mineral found under the ground around the world. It was first used by the ancient Persians and Greeks and then the British too in the mid 19th century.

Asbestos is fire-resistant and super flexible, and so it became the go-to building material. But in 1999, it was banned by the UK government because its asbestos fibres contained carcinogenic properties. So if your water tank was built before 1999, the chances are that it contains asbestos.

If your water tank needs maintenance or repair, we don’t advise tackling this yourself, as asbestos is a hazardous material. You will need to get in a trusted local asbestos removal company. Read on to find out the cost of having your water tank removed by an asbestos removal specialist.

Cost provided itemUnitCost - LowCost - High
Asbestos cement water tank removal (small)Per job£175£250
Asbestos cement water tank removal (medium)Per job£225£300
Asbestos cement water tank removal (large)Per job£275£350
Asbestos sampling and testingPer test£6£8

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

Cost to replace asbestos water tank

It costs roughly £270 to replace your asbestos water tank, but this depends on its size. If it’s a small tank, you’re looking at about £230. For a medium-sized one, it usually costs £270, while larger sizes tend to cost around £330. 

So, make sure you measure it beforehand. You’ll find your asbestos water tank either in the loft or another kind of void.

Commonly, the void would’ve been sealed following the water tank’s installation that means the asbestos water tank is bigger than a loft hatch or access. This leads to problems in removing the asbestos water tank.

Firstly, you’ll need to:

  • Measure any access hatches (check if they’re large enough for the water tank to fit through).
  • If not, controlled breakage may be needed to allow for safe removal and disposal.

The above two factors will influence how much it costs to replace your asbestos water tank.

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Why do I need to remove my asbestos water tank?

They were popular throughout the mid-1930s up until the year 2000, as they were cheap and easy to get hold of. But they contain asbestos which is highly toxic.

This is why it’s vital to have your asbestos cement water tank replaced if it’s damaged and needs maintenance. You will need to hire an asbestos removal specialist to make sure it’s dealt with correctly.

cost to replace asbestos water tank

Can I replace an asbestos water tank myself?

It’s best to seek the help of a professional to replace and remove an asbestos water tank, as they’re properly trained and have the correct kit.

Asbestos is extremely dangerous. This is why it’s left only to tradespeople with the appropriate safety equipment and expertise.

Asbestos water tank replacement quotes

If you’re trying to find out how much your asbestos water tank replacement will cost, you may need to contact an asbestos removal specialist in your area for quotes.

We suggest you approach at least three such tradespeople for quotes.

If you aren’t sure where to start, use our request a quote tool. Just enter the details of the job and we’ll pass on the details to three asbestos removal specialists that your neighbours have recommended.

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What’s included with removing an asbestos cement water tank?

The following is included for replacing an asbestos water tank:

  • A professional asbestos expert with the correct protection
  • Keeping people away from the work area using barriers
  • The right access equipment for high-level work
  • Controlling asbestos dust using special liquid and sprayers
  • Possible controlled breakage
  • Transporting and storing the asbestos waste correctly
  • Cleaning the work area appropriately
  • Providing you with an asbestos waste certificate on completion
  • Covering areas that need appropriate protection

Do I need an asbestos survey?

It’s relatively straightforward for a professional asbestos expert to visually identify an asbestos water tank. Make sure you send clear photos to your chosen tradesperson so they can determine whether or not there’s any extra sampling or testing needed.

If your local asbestos professional thinks additional identification is required, they’ll carry out specialist asbestos sampling.

Typically, this is adequate to determine the fundamental requirements in terms of removing the asbestos water tank safely. But if it’s a larger property or part of a larger project, it may not be necessary to carry out an asbestos survey.

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