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Garage door repair cost

Cost provided itemCost + VAT
(Lower range)
Cost + VAT
(Higher range)
Average cost
Average cost of garage door repair£40£120£80
Garage door spring repair£50£100£75

Garages are excellent outdoor storage solutions. They provide a safe space for high-value assets and can help declutter our homes.

They come in a range of makes and models, depending on our individual requirements and what we’re storing, and they add value and security to our homes and belongings.

That’s why, when they get damaged, you’ll want to fix the problem straight away. Repairing a garage is almost always cheaper than replacing it, but what should you be looking out for when it comes to garage door repair costs?

Read on for our comprehensive cost guide, designed to help you ask the right questions and choose the best solutions.

Common garage door repairs

Below is a brief overview of common repair requests regarding garage doors. Use this list to help identify the issue.


An electric motor is a mechanism that opens and closes your garage door. They tend to have a lifespan of around 6 years.

However, damage, breaking springs and bad fittings can reduce their longevity.

Torsion spring

Garage door replacement cost

Torsion springs are used to balance weight when garage doors open and close. They store energy and transfer tension for a smooth lift and pull.

When they break, garage doors are thrown out of sync and can open and close unevenly or dangerously.


Tracks support and mount garage doors. They come in three basic types:

  • Standard lifts
  • Vertical lifts
  • High lifts

When they break, the garage door won’t open and close properly, leading to jams, motor burn out and, in some cases, the doors coming loose and falling to the floor.


In less severe cases, garage door dents are a cosmetic issue. In more severe cases, they cause issues with how easily a garage door opens and closes.

Dents can weaken the structural integrity of the doors and reduce their security standard.

Shattered glass

Shattered glass on or from garage doors is a security risk. If there’s a way for potential criminals to enter your property and take or damage your belongings, getting the glass panels replaced or repaired as soon as possible is your best bet.

Garage door track repair cost

Garage door repair cost guide

The complexity of the job will define the overall cost.

For example, if you need a tradesperson to put the door back on the tracks and secure them, on average it’ll cost you around £77. However, if you need them to change out parts, replace the entire structure or install new tracks, on average it’ll cost you around £150.

Average cost for a garage door track repair = £120

Garage door torsion spring repair cost

Most garage door torsion springs can be repaired without having to replace the whole torsion system; however, as it’s a delicate and important safety feature, it takes accuracy and skill.  You can expect to pay a tradesperson to dismantle and repair the damaged parts or replace the torsion spring elements. A simple repair can cost around £50, while larger and more complex repairs can cost up to £100.

Average cost for garage door torsion spring repair = £50 – £100

Garage door dent repair cost

Some garage dents just need a quick cosmetic fix, while others – especially custom-made garage doors with heavier metals – might need specialist tools.

Either way, the cost of fixing a dent will depend on how much time it takes your chosen tradesperson to manipulate it back into shape. You can expect to pay anywhere between £40 for smaller jobs to £120 for more difficult fixes.

Average cost for garage door dent repair = £40 – £120

Garage door motor repair cost

Repairing your garage door’s motor (aka: opener) can be a small undertaking if it’s just a few parts or repairs, or a large undertaking if it needs a whole replacement. It’s worth investing in a good motor to begin with so it has greater longevity and is less likely to fail in the short-term.

Average cost for garage door motor repair = £40 – £120

How long does it take to repair a garage door?

Garage door cost guide

There is a huge variety of garage doors available on the market, with differences in size, materials, mechanisms and styles. These include:

  • Roller doors
  • Sectional doors
  • Hinged doors
  • Canopy doors
  • Automatic doors
  • Retractable doors

Each of these will require a different approach and a different specialism.

Depending on the extent of the damage or issue, the repairs or replacements will take varying amounts of time to complete. You can expect tradespeople to charge an average national rate of £170, including materials and labour, for most small to medium undertakings. However, expect a higher fee if they need to charge you their day rate for bigger jobs.

Can I repair my garage door myself?

As your garage door is both a safety feature of your home and can be dangerous when it malfunctions, we always advise hiring a professional to repair or replace any parts. Although people are known to attempt dent repairs themselves, the results are often worse than the original issue, leading to steeper costs in the long run.

Key insights

  • Most small to medium garage repairs will cost between £100 and £400 including labour
  • Garage doors are a key security feature and should be repaired whenever there’s damage
  • It’s worth investing in high-quality materials and mechanisms to increase the longevity of your garage doors
  • Glass panels on garage doors can be easily broken, which reduces their security impact
  • Average garage door repair cost: £800

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