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Gas fire service cost guide

If you use any gas appliances in your home, you should get them checked at least once a year – and a gas fire is no exception. We’ve put together this gas fire service cost guide to help you understand what it involves and how much you can expect to pay.

Faulty or damaged gas fires are a serious fire risk and can potentially cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Having your gas fire regularly serviced according to the manufacturer’s guidance will make sure it’s working properly and help keep you and your home safe.

We spoke to the online estimators at My Build Estimate – a professional estimating company monitored by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). This guide features estimated average prices from them for gas fire safety checks and a full gas fire service.

How much does a gas fire service cost?

Gas fire service costAverage cost - lowAverage cost - highAverage cost
Annual gas safety check and gas fire service£75£95£85
Gas safety check£60£85£70
Gas boiler service cost (one-off)£90£125£100
Gas boiler annual servicing contract (including breakdown cover)£175£300£225

An average annual gas safety check on its own will cost around £70. The cost of fully servicing a gas fire (which usually includes a safety check too) is about £85.

These prices for a gas fire service are for one appliance. Additional gas appliances would be charged additionally per extra appliance at an uplift cost (they shouldn’t be double the cost).

Free gas fire checks

Some gas providers will offer a free gas safety check if you are a pensioner, registered disabled, chronically ill, or have children under 5 years old.

What is a gas fire service?

A full gas fire service involves checking every part of the fire to make sure it’s in good physical condition. The service will also cover checks of the installation pipework and any air vents or flues used by the fire.

As part of the service the engineer will usually carry out a performance test too, to ensure the gas fire is working at its best.

Any problems identified by the engineer will be put into a report, in accordance with the Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure. They will leave a copy of the report with you so that you’re aware of exactly what tests have been done and what problems (if any) have been found.

Gas fire safety check

An annual gas fire safety check is a less thorough review of your gas fire, but will still ensure that your fire is in good working condition, with no defects that need attention. As part of the check they will make sure the fire is:

  • on the correct setting
  • burning correctly
  • at the right operating pressure
  • successfully removing harmful gases to outside (including checking ventilation passageways are clear)

This safety check should always be carried out by a registered Gas Safe engineer – it’s important to make sure they’re registered so that you know your gas fire is in capable hands.

For rented properties, a gas fire safety check is a legal requirement for landlords to perform each year. We would recommend always having gas fire service to give you peace of mind that your gas fire is in great condition, whether you’re a landlord or a homeowner.

Find a gas fire expert near you

Gas fire service cost guide How long does a gas fire service take?

A gas fire service should take 1-2 hours. It’s relatively quick and will give you reassurance that your gas fire is safe for use and working well.

Common problems with gas fires

There are a number of problems that arise with gas fires. You may notice your fire isn’t working properly, or has a yellow flame instead of a strong blue flame. If you notice anything unusual with your gas fire, contact a qualified engineer as soon as possible.

Common gas fire problems include:

  • Incorrect gas pressure, which causes the fire to effectively shut down.
  • Blocked chimney flues, causing poisonous fumes to leak into the room.
  • Poor installation accounts for a variety of issues with gas fires and can invalidate the warranty.

The cost of servicing a gas fire is well worth it, when you consider the risks associated with a faulty or broken gas fire.

How often does my gas fire need servicing?

Once a year, if you have no noticeable problems with the gas fire. If you do notice any issues, contact an engineer as soon as possible to service the fire.

Your gas boiler and any other gas appliances in your home should also be checked every 12 months too.

Average gas boiler service cost (one-off): £100

Average gas boiler annual servicing contract (including breakdown cover): £225

Find a gas fire expert near you

Useful gas fire service checklist

  • Book a gas fire service at least once a year.
  • If you notice any problems with your gas fire, contact an engineer as soon as possible.
  • Always hire a professional who is on the Gas Safe Register.
  • Obtain a certificate from your engineer for any work carried out on your gas fire (confirming that it is safe).
  • When hiring a local tradesperson, always shop around for fair and competitive prices.

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