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Last updated on March 25th, 2023

Granite vs concrete countertops cost

Find out the average cost of granite and concrete countertops including installation, as well as the pros and cons of each material.

Choosing your kitchen countertop is a big decision, it will cover a large area of your kitchen and be at the centre of your room’s look and feel for years to come. Granite is a timeless, trusted choice, but more recently concrete has gained in popularity as people seek a more minimalist, industrial look.

In this guide we’ll look at granite vs concrete countertops cost, including the installation cost too.

Project requirementsCost + VAT (Range low - high)Average cost
Granite countertop (3m2 installed)£950 - £1,400£1,175
Concrete countertop (3m2 installed)£950 - £1,700£1,325

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

Granite countertops cost

One of the big attractions of granite countertops, aside from their resilience, is the fact that they come in many colours and variations. From natural white with brown or grey seams, to midnight black with gold leaf, you really can achieve a unique look in your kitchen using a granite countertop.

This variety is great at the design stage, but when it comes to costing it, it’s difficult to determine an exact price for your individual kitchen project. Typically, a granite countertop fully installed by a kitchen fitter in the UK will cost on average between £950 – £1,400 for a 3m2 section. This also includes the removal of your old worktop. If you’re particularly DIY savvy, you might look to cut and install a granite worktop yourself.

Remember that the price of your granite worktop could be more if you opt for gold leaf. Or cost less, if you go for a standard granite design.

concrete worktop and sinkConcrete countertop cost

Look through any kitchen design magazine, Instagram account or Pinterest board and you’ll see plenty of polished concrete. It has increased in popularity of late due to a rising demand for minimalist, luxury kitchen designs that echo industrial environments.

Although it may seem like concrete countertops come only in grey, they can be tinted in a number of colours and finished to a variety of specifications, making general costing difficult.

For a kitchen project in the UK, you can expect to pay on average between £950 – £1,700 for a 3m2 section of concrete countertop fully installed by a kitchen fitter. Again, this includes the removal of your old worktop.

To get an accurate idea of the cost of granite and concrete countertops for your new kitchen, simply enter your postcode in the free search tool below to get quotes from professionals on your doorstep.

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Granite vs concrete countertops cost

As you can see, the average granite vs concrete countertops cost including installation is quite similar, with concrete coming out slightly more expensive. However, with the price difference so small, it really does come down to how much you need and what style will best suit your vision for your kitchen.

Granite vs concrete countertops – pros and cons

When weighing up the cost of either granite or concrete countertops for your new kitchen, it can be useful to understand the pros and cons of each material.


are concrete countertops more expensive than granite?Pros:

  • Granite is a natural stone, so if that’s important to you, then it’s the clear choice when compared with manmade concrete.
  • Granite is actually easy to repair, with DIY fixes possible on small chips.
  • It is also more resistant to heat than concrete, which is an important consideration in a kitchen.
  • A granite countertop requires less maintenance than a concrete countertop.


  • Sometimes granite samples can be different to the actual worktops you receive.
  • Granite requires resealing every year, which can be done by a professional.
  • When to comes to the long-term look, granite is slightly porous, which can result in staining if particularly vivid foods and liquids aren’t cleaned up quickly.
  • Also, granite countertops typically have a larger carbon footprint than concrete countertops due to the work required to extract the stone, process it, and deliver it. This is particularly significant if an alternative concrete worktop is made from recycled materials.



  • Despite appearing to only be one shade of grey, there are in fact fifty shades or more you can choose from.
  • You can have patterns created in your concrete during the casting stage.
  • Concrete is incredibly hard and is almost impossible to scratch.
  • Unlike granite, which is limited by its natural occurrence, concrete is available in any shape or size, giving you unlimited kitchen design possibilities.
  • If you love being green, your concrete countertops can be made from recycled concrete, which reduces your carbon footprint and can add character.


  • Concrete countertops need to be made, unlike granite where Mother Nature does the making, which can mean a time-consuming casting and curing process.
  • While they are highly scratch-resistant, concrete countertops do need more maintenance to keep them looking polished and pristine.
  • Concrete is tough, but it can crack over time as the bonds created during casting weaken.
  • Making new concrete requires a lot of energy to mix, bond and heat the ingredients, which has a carbon cost.

FAQs about the cost of granite and concrete countertops

Are concrete countertops cheaper than granite?

No. As you can see in the costs detailed above, on average you’ll pay more for concrete countertops vs granite countertops.

Of course, it could be that your specific concrete countertop is relatively low cost, the best way to know is to get quotes from kitchen countertop specialists.

Are concrete countertops more expensive than granite?

Yes. On average you’ll pay more for concrete countertops vs granite countertops, typically up to £300 more at the high-quality end.

As always, the best way to get an idea of the cost of your new kitchen countertops is to get quotes from local professionals. It’s easy to do this, simply enter your postcode in the free search tool below to get started.

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