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Cost to replace coil springs

Over time, natural wear and tear from overuse cause the coil springs in your car to lose elasticity. Getting them replaced can ensure a smooth drive, improving comfort and safety for you and your passengers. But how much does it cost to replace coil springs?

The prices charged by car mechanics can vary between companies, so it’s not always easy to get a straight answer. To help you budget for this small but impactful upgrade, we’ve pulled together the UK average cost. For tailored quotes from trusted professionals, use our search function to connect with mechanics in your local area.

Cost provided itemCost - Range LowCost - Range HighAverage cost of replacement
Front coil spring replacement£80£150£120
Rear coil spring replacement£80£90£85

Coil spring car price

Ultimately, the price to replace a coil spring depends on the car in which it is installed. For example, the coil springs required for light and compact cars won’t need to be as strong as those fitted to heavy limousines or 4 x 4s.

Other factors such as the type of company you use (franchise or independent) will influence the cost, as will location of a mechanic. Prices in London will typically be higher than those in other regions.

Cost to replace front coil springsHow much does it cost to replace coil springs on a car?

Coil springs are always replaced per axle. Prices start at £27 per piece, but installation costs for labour and skill to install these properly usually falls between £80-150 range for one side. When sourcing a quote, your mechanic will usually need to know the make of the car to gauge the weight of the vehicle.

How much does it cost to replace front coil springs

The price for replacing coil springs is approximately £120 for the front suspension.

How much does it cost to replace rear coil springs?

For rear coil spring replacement, the cost is the same, sitting at an average of £85. That said, one spring should never be replaced by itself – instead, car owners should have the front or rear set changed as a pair to ensure high performance.

During replacement, the mechanic will inspect the suspension system and coil springs. If necessary, they will replace the front or rear pair and advise whether further components need to be replaced. The suspension will be tested following replacement to ensure the vehicle handles well. If not the mechanic may need to make further adjustments, such as changing the second set of coil springs.

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Cost to Replace Rear Coil SpringsWhy replace coil springs?

Developments in safety technology have seen cars generally become heavier in recent years. While this is undoubtedly beneficial to the driver, the increasing weight of vehicles has made coil spring erosion a more common problem.

Over time, wear and tear can cause the protective paint to rub off, leaving coil springs vulnerable to rust. Not only does this make for an uncomfortable ride, but it can cause the spring to break, compromising the safety of your car.

Swapping standard suspension for coil springs generally makes for improved handling, stiffer dampening and better aerodynamics. Since coil springs are designed to absorb vibrations, bumps in the road can barely be felt, enhancing the quality of the ride.

How do you know if coil springs need to be replaced?

A coil spring usually lasts circa. 100.000 – 150.000 km before it will need to be replaced. If your car pulls to one side, has a noisy suspension or steering is badly impaired, you should immediately seek the help of a mechanic. These are the tell-tale signs that your coil springs need urgent replacement.

Can I replace just one coil spring?

Coil springs should be replaced as a pair to ensure a safe drive and prevent accidents caused by broken or damaged springs.

Can you drive with a broken coil spring?

When coil springs lose elasticity from exposure to rust and erosion from the road, the propensity for damage to both your vehicle and the people in it increases. For this reason, you should never drive with a broken coil spring. Instead, springs should be replaced as a matter of urgency. Makeshift methods are also not advisable under any circumstances.

Call a trained mechanic to install new coil springs with care for a safe and smooth drive.

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