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Reversing camera cost guide

Even for the most experienced of drivers, reversing into tight spaces can be a challenge. Adding a rear-view camera can give you the extra eyes you need to keep your car scratch-free. If you’re thinking about enhancing your car with a back-up camera but aren’t familiar with the process, it’s worth factoring in the price of a mechanic to help.

How much does it cost to install a reversing camera?

The last thing you want is a surprise bill. Read our cost guide below to familiarise yourself with the average UK prices for this service before hiring a professional.

Rear view camera installation cost

Cost provided itemCost+VAT (Range Low)Cost+VAT (Range High)Average UK cost
Reversing camera installation£150£200£175

As you would expect, the cost of reversing cameras will depend on the type of vehicle you own and how many cameras you require. A standard single camera system can be installed for an average of £150+ VAT. More high-end systems will come with a higher price-tag of around £200+VAT. This in mind, we recommend budgeting at least £180. 

How does a reversing camera work?

Thanks to advances in technology, rearview cameras have become more sophisticated in their ability to detect obstacles. When the car goes into reverse, a backup camera will show two parallel lines to help direct you into a parking space with ease. Some rearview camera systems also feature a middle line to further enhance your precision, keeping the car centred in the space.

Modern cameras feature colour displays that change the colour of the guidelines from green to yellow to red the closer you get to an obstacle. Combined with rear-facing sensors, this technology is considered a must for drivers looking to enhance the safety of their vehicles.

Find a local mechanic

Rear view camera installationWhat are the advantages of installing a reversing camera?

As well as preventing damage to your vehicle, a rear-facing camera can help to protect the people inside from injury-causing accidents. By expanding your field of vision below the rear window or trunk level, a reversing camera can eliminate pesky blind spots, making it safer and smoother to drive and park your car.

For any drivers who tow a trailer, installing a rearview camera can make all the difference. With a wide-angle view of the trailer on the camera display, you can ensure your trailer lines up with the vehicle.

Tips for choosing a reversing camera

When buying a backup camera, we recommend purchasing a product that is reliable and durable. Look for the following specifications when browsing the market:

  • Additional LED lighting for night parking
  • Waterproof sensors
  • Colour and audible sensors
  • A wide-angle camera for a better view


Is a rear view camera worth it?

As of 2021, reversing cameras will need to be fitted to all new cars. If you haven’t already got a rear-view camera installed on your vehicle, it’s a small upfront cost that can make a big difference in the long-term. Use our site to search for mechanics in your local area.

Can I leave my backup camera on all the time?

Yes. As long as the installation has been carried out correctly and the product is of a good standard, you should be able to leave it running at all times.

How much does it cost to install a reversing camera?

Costs will inevitably vary between brands. Ultimately, how much you pay will come down to the budget you have available. The average reversing camera price is £200. 

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