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Leaded window repair cost guide

Leaded glass is a traditional decorative window style. It used to be made using small sections of glass supported by came strips made of lead.

Nowadays though, it’s made using more advanced, energy-efficient technology. Lead is applied to the surface of the glass to achieve the same beautiful finish, ideal for both period and modern homes.

You can find all kinds of leaded window styles, from stained glass and decorative designs to contemporary diamond leaded windows.

If you have leaded windows that have seen better days, you can get them repaired or replaced. In this guide, we’ll cover the average leaded window repair cost. We’ll also look at the typical price for replacing windows that can’t be fixed.

Leaded window cost

If you love the look of leaded windows, you can buy new ones to install in your home. You can buy a small, double-glazed leaded window for as little as £45. If you want something special or to fill a larger window, you can pay up to £500 for a larger custom-made design. For an exact price though, the windows company will need to measure up and give you a custom quote. The quote may also include any planning permission costs, which tend to be between £195 and £465.

You may also need building regulations approval. This depends on your unique circumstances, such as whether you live in a conservation area or if the windows are listed. A building regulations submission costs between £100 and £125 and inspection costs between £200 and £400.

JobLow costHigh cost Average cost
Leaded window cost (new or replacement)£45£500£272.50
Leaded window repair£150£500£325

Leaded window repair costs

If a leaded window becomes cracked or damaged, it not only looks unsightly. It can also start to leak, letting rainwater and damp inside the house. Depending on the problem, an expert may be able to repair it using matching material. Where possible, they can even do it in situ, without the need to remove the window and take it away for repair.

The cost of repairing a leaded window depends on the extent and location of the damage. You’ll need to get your window inspected by a leaded window repair specialist for an accurate quote.

Leaded window replacement cost

If your damaged leaded window can’t be saved (or it would cost too much to fix), you can replace it instead. The average leaded window replacement cost is around £272.50 per window, although it very much depends on the size of the window and the intricacy of design.

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FAQsLeaded window replacement cost

How long does it take to have a custom leaded window made?

It can take around four to six weeks for a leaded window to be made to a custom design. The time it takes though will depend on the complexity of the design, and the skill of the craftsperson.

If you can’t wait that long or don’t need a bespoke design, you can also buy ready-made leaded windows. These are usually ready for delivery and installation right away.

Can I repair a damaged leaded window myself?

Leaded window repair is not one of those jobs an enthusiastic amateur can tackle, not if you want a good result anyway. It requires a great deal of skill and expertise, not to mention special tools and equipment. Get it wrong and you could accidentally destroy or spoil the whole window.

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