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Locking wheel nut removal cost

What is locking wheel nut removal?

Locking wheel nut removal is a process to remove a locking wheel nut when you have damaged, lost or misplaced the key needed to remove a locking wheel nut. It is done using special removal tools and should be conducted by experts to avoid damage to your wheels and alloys.

What is a locking wheel nut?

A locking wheel nut, also known as prevailing torque nut, elastic stop nut, alloy wheel nuts or lug nuts refer to a nut that resists loosening pressure under torque. There is usually one locking wheel nut per wheel, so a standard vehicle has four identical lug nuts. Therefore, a locking wheel nut keeps your vehicle’s wheels safely secured. To unlock the lock wheel nut, you need a unique key, a metallic, circular tool with a hexagonal indent on its ending.
locking wheel nut removal cost_

Where is the locking wheel nut key

There are some common places within the vehicle listed below, which you should consider checking for the locking wheel nut key:

  • The glove box.
  • Under the driver or passenger’s seat.
  • Inside the boot compartment.
  • Inside door pockets.

How much does it cost for locking wheel nut removal?

mechanic removing locking wheel nut

Mechanic jobLow range Higher rangeAverage  
Remove locking wheel nut (one)£20£40£30
Remove locking wheel nuts (four)£50£80£65
Failed attempts rescue locking wheel nut removal (one)£40
Mobile locking wheel nut removal cost (one)£20£25£22,50
Mobile locking wheel nut removal cost (four)£60

Locking wheel nut removal cost depends on the number of wheels that require to be unlocked. For one wheel, locking wheel nut removal cost range between £20 and £40 and on average £30, the cost of each additional bolt is £12.50. On the other hand, for all the four bolts to be removed at the same time, locking wheel nut removal cost is £50-£80 and on average about £57.50. Where there have been previous unsuccessful removal attempts, there may be an additional labour charge of £40. This charge is for the time to remove sockets and other tools that have become stuck on the locking nuts.

Mobile locking wheel nut removal cost

If you need roadside assistance or are stuck at home, you may require mobile locking wheel nut removal services. A call-out charge will be due, which is calculated based on the number of miles the mechanic has to cover to reach you. The minimum mobile locking wheel nut removal cost ranges between £20 and £25 for one nut and a total of £60 for all the four bolts.

What happens if locking wheel nut cannot be removed

In some circumstances, the locking wheel nut cannot be removed, and different approaches are required. However, these techniques can only be employed if the bolt was not overtightened during installation. There are a few options that can be explored:

A technician can use a tool to break the bolt’s head and using torque force the bolt off. This invasive method, although often useful, might cause permanent damage to the locking wheel nuts and they may need replacement.

A moulded replicate tool of the missing part of the lug nut can be employed to remove the nut. This approach is generally favoured as it causes minimal damage. These more labour intensive solutions will cost on average a standard call-out fee of £40.

Can I get a replacement locking wheel nut?

In case of damage to the locking wheel nut, you can always get a replacement, and you should get it from your car’s manufacturer as they differ with each vehicle brand.

Find a local mechanic

What happens if I lost my locking wheel nut key?

You can acquire a new locking wheel nut key if you have lost it—the car’s manufacturer will typically offer replacements keys for purchase. But you will need to have the key’s unique code given to you when you bought the vehicle.

Where can I find my locking wheel nut code?

The wheel nut code is customarily given to you by the manufacturer when you buy the vehicle. It is written on the locking wheel nut’s packaging box.
Will removing my wheel locks damage my alloys?

It is advisable to hire an expert mechanic rather than doing it yourself as this will reduce chances of damage to your alloy wheels. If an invasive method is employed in the removal process, it will cause damage to the powder and lacquer coat of the alloys.

How long does it take to remove locking wheel nuts?

Duration of time to remove locking wheel nuts depends on whether or not the nuts are damaged, and style of lock such as McGuard lock nuts take a longer time. On average. It will take about half an hour to conclude removal of 4 nuts.

Useful Checklist

  • Hire an expert mechanic to avoid damaging your alloys.
  • Locking Wheel nut removal costs depend on the number of wheels.
  • You can always get your locking wheel nut removed even without the key.

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