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Last updated on June 8th, 2022

Park home refurbishment costs

Unlike ‘bricks and mortar’ homes, park homes are fairly lightweight and often more severely affected by bad weather. This means a good maintenance routine is essential. However, they’re often left for large periods of the year, and when they are in use, it’s usually for leisure purposes. So, the last thing you want is to spend time fixing poorly maintained items. To make things easier, we’ve looked at the average park home refurbishment costs when hiring a professional to take care of things for you.

Just like any standard ‘bricks and mortar’ homes, park homes need the same level of maintenance. They can be more lightweight and may even be more affected by bad weather than a more traditional home, but good, regular maintenance is essential.

Although left for much smaller periods of the year, or lived in throughout the year, when compared to a static caravan home or lodge, this time away can be costly if the home isn’t properly maintained.

The last thing you want is to spend time fixing poorly maintained items when you are staying in your park home.

To make things easier, we’ve looked at the average park home refurbishment costs when hiring a professional to take care of things for you.

Park home refurbishment costs

ItemUnitCost - lowCost - highAverage cost
New bathroomPer project£5,000£10,000£7,500
New kitchenPer project£6,000£12,000£9,000
Restore corroded / rotted chassisPer project£2,500£5,000£3,750
Replace timber fascia boards with uPVC onesPer project£800£1,800£1,300
Add soakaways to downpipesPer project£500£1,000£750
Empty and clean guttersPer project£50£150£100
Replace claddingPer project£2,500£10,000£6,250
Insulate exterior using Clanexel claddingPer park home£10,000£14,000£12,000
Re-roofPer park home£5,000£10,000£7,500

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

Regular maintenance is the key to long-lasting ownership and enjoyment of a park home, just like with any other building.

Total park home refurbishment costs will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Its size
  • Its condition
  • How much work is required
  • The specification of the work being done
  • Its location
  • Its age
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Park home bathroom refurbishment cost

The cost to refurbish a park home

If you’re planning on renovating a park home to a good standard, getting a new bathroom installed could make all the difference.

Installing a new bathroom in a park home could cost anywhere from £5,000 to £10,000. Likewise, getting a new kitchen installed would usually cost in the region of £6,000 to £12,000.

That said, these costs could vary hugely depending on the specification required.

Park home chassis refurbishment cost

Your park home will have a chassis, usually made of galvanised steel. The job of a chassis is to anchor your home to the ground and help support it. So, it’s important that it’s kept in good condition.

You’re looking at an average cost of £3,750 to restore a corroded or rusted chassis. But prevention is better than cure!

By using corrosion-resistant paint, you could protect your park home’s chassis for up to five years at a time. This is particularly worth doing if your home is located somewhere prone to corrosion, like by the sea.

Park home gutters and fascias refurbishment cost

Newer park homes will usually have uPVC gutters and downpipes. But unfortunately, these often discharge straight onto the ground. This can cause damp to the skirt, which then risks spreading to the rest of the building.

If this sounds familiar, we’d recommend installing soakaways to the downpipes, which will usually cost around £750.

Similarly, most older park homes have fascia boards made from timber, as opposed to newer homes that generally use more protective uPVC boards. Timber boards can easily become damp and rot, which can in turn spread to the rest of the home. We’d recommend replacing them with uPVC boards – a project that typically costs around £1,300 in total.

Just be careful because uPVC boards can be bleached by sunlight. This means it’s usually best to replace all the boards at once rather than just replacing odd boards here and there, otherwise they could stand out. Try to avoid having barbecues nearby as well as this can melt the uPVC or cause it to blacken.

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Cost to insulate a park home

Insulating your park home is a great way to make it feel more luxurious and to keep it usable throughout the year. You can expect to pay between £10,000 and £14,000 to fully insulate the exterior of your park home using Canexel cladding.

Cost to re-roof a park home

If the time has come to replace your park home’s roof, you’ll want to budget around £100 per m2 for the project (assuming the structure below is adequate) – similar to the cost of re-roofing a house.

For an average-sized park home, this means you’re looking at a total cost of up to £10,000.

If the roof is installed correctly, then your park home roof should last another 20 – 40 years. It’s a worthy investment.

Key takeaways

  • Park homes require regular maintenance.
  • Tending to the gutters and downpipes is key to preventing damp and rot.
  • Hiring a professional will allow you to enjoy your leisure time in your park home.
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