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Parking sensor installation cost guide

Car parking sensors are a lifesaver, especially in built up towns and cities with street parking. Find out how much it could cost to add to your car.
Parking sensor installation cost

It’s quick and easy to get parking sensors fitted on your car retrospectively. Here, we’ve broken down the average parking sensor installation cost.

Average cost of getting parking sensors fitted

ItemUnitCost - lowCost - highAverage cost
Parking sensor DIY kitPer kit£50£170£110
Parking sensor installationPer car£65£150£110
Parking sensor audio kit supply and installationPer car£115£450£325
Parking sensor kit with on-screen displayPer car£500£550£525

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

Lots of automotive stores sell DIY parking sensor kits that allow you to retrofit your car with sensors yourself. These can cost anywhere from £50 to £170. However, getting your sensors installed by a professional is likely to result in a slicker finish with better-quality sensors.

If you’re considering getting parking sensors installed by a professional, costs will vary based on:

  • Whether you want rear parking sensors, front parking sensors or both.
  • The quality of the sensors and the features they have.
  • Whether you want an on-screen display or simply an audio kit.
  • Who you get them fitted by.
  • The make and size of your car.
  • Your location.
  • Whether you want them mounted flush or colour-matched to your vehicle.

Parking sensor installation price

You could buy a DIY parking sensor kit at the cheaper end of the scale and get it fitted by a professional. If you go down this route, you can expect to pay between £65 and £150 in labour.

Alternatively, you could ask a professional to supply and install the sensors for you from scratch. This is likely to result in a more professional finish with higher-spec sensors. You may even be able to get the sensors colour-matched to your vehicle or mounted flush.

You’re looking at around £325 to get an audio kit installed in this way, or closer to £525 to get parking sensors installed with an on-screen display.

Find parking sensor installers near you

Cost of parking sensors fitted

Cost of fitting rear parking sensors

Most DIY kits will come in the form of backup sensors that attach to your rear number plate. However, if you get a professional to supply and install your parking sensors, you’ll usually be able to choose whether to get front sensors, rear sensors or both.

The rear backup sensor installation cost is usually the cheapest, coming in at the lower end of the price range quoted in our table. So, you’d be looking at a starting cost of around £115 for rear audio sensors alone. It often costs a little more if you’d prefer to just get front sensors installed, while the most expensive option will be to go for both.

Key takeaways

  • It’s best to hire a professional to install parking sensors so you have a slicker end result.
  • Parking sensors that have an on-screen display will cost more than a straightforward audio kit.

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