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Last updated on March 31st, 2022

Pond fibreglassing cost

Fibreglassing is a reliable, strong and durable way to build a pond. Here, we’ll look at the typical pond fibreglassing cost and why it’s worth paying a professional to carry it out for you.

Fibreglassing is a reliable, strong and durable way to build a pond. Here, we’ll look at the typical pond fibreglassing cost and why it’s worth paying a professional to carry it out for you.

Why choose pond fibreglassing?

Ponds that have been built using fibreglass or GRP are typically strong, reliable and long-lasting. In fact, fibreglass ponds frequently last for over 20 years!

Once the topcoat has been applied, fibreglass ponds have smooth surfaces that are well-sealed. The matting beneath works together with the pond’s concrete structure to provide extra strength.

ItemUnitCost - lowCost - highAverage cost
Professional pond fibreglassingPer m2£50£70£60
Fibreglass pond kitFor 5 m2£140£180£160

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

How much does pond fibreglassing cost?

It costs roughly £50 – £70 per m2 to get a professional to fibreglass your pond for you.

You could reduce your pond fibreglassing cost by purchasing the materials and carrying out the job yourself. However, in reality, the cost difference is small enough that it’s unlikely to be worth it. A pond fibreglassing kit will normally cost around £140 – £150 for 5m2, although this could increase a lot depending on the size of your pond.

A professional will not only be a lot quicker, but they’ll also ensure that the job is carried out properly so that your pond lasts long into the future – especially if the tradesperson you choose has experience using fibreglass in ponds, rather than just general fibreglassing work. They should also be aware of the toxicity of solvents and chemicals to fish, which means they’ll know the importance of adequately curing the laminate and topcoat system.

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Koi pond fibreglassing cost

Koi pond fibreglassing cost

Koi ponds are ponds that are typically built for Koi fish (although they could house many other kinds of fish too). Rather than being a ‘landscape’ feature like most garden ponds, Koi ponds are more similar to small swimming pools or large fish tanks. They’re built with sides that go straight down, to stop any predators from attacking the Koi. They’re also usually devoid of rocks and aquatic plants that could harm the Koi.

Your Koi pond fibreglassing cost will depend largely on the size of your pond and the colour you choose. You can pigment your pond’s topcoat in all sorts of different colours. However, the usual colours for Koi ponds are black or British Racing Green, as Koi fish show up particularly well against a dark background.

This means that more usual colours will normally be cheaper than more unusual colours.

Key takeaways

  • Fibreglass ponds are strong and durable.
  • Hiring a professional to fibreglass your pond will cost roughly £50 – £70 per m2.
  • You can buy a pond fibreglassing kit if you want to try DIY fibreglassing.
  • Using a professional is likely to result in a longer-lasting pond and may also be safer for the fish.
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