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Portaloo hire cost guide

Although not the most glamorous, a portaloo is one of the most important elements of outdoor event planning. Whether you’re organising a wedding or running a pub with a newly refurbished outdoor space, portable toilets are a must.

But how much should you put aside for portaloo hire costs?

The total price will inevitably depend on your unique requirements – for example, an event with a long list of guests will benefit from multiple units. You may even want to extend the budget to allow for more high-end facilities or disabled toilets.

To help you plan your event or improve your outdoor facilities, we’ve put together a practical guide to the average UK costs.

Portable toilet hire costs

Rather than charging for portaloo hire costs per day, most companies provide quotes on a weekly basis. In most cases, there will be a minimum duration time of 2 weeks in the UK. So, while the average portable toilet hire price may be £25 per week per unit, you can expect to pay £50.

This rental fee will be the same even if you only need the portaloo for one night. If you require multiple units for a large event such as a festival, portaloo companies will usually be happy to provide a quote that covers the overall amount and apply a discount.

Type of toiletMinimum hire durationAverage cost per 2 weeks
Standard toilet2 weeks£50
Disabled toilet2 weeks£90
Hot wash toilet2 weeks£60

The average costs of hiring a portable toilet

Ultimately, rental costs for a portable toilet will vary depending on the number of units needed. To determine how many units you will require for your event or establishment, a general rule of thumb is to opt for two toilets per 50 guests.

So, if you have an event with 150 people, you will need three units. For two standard portaloo units charged at £50 for two weeks plus one disabled toilet at £90 for two weeks, the total cost would be £140.

Find a local portaloo company

portaloo hire cost per dayHow are portaloo hire costs calculated?

Portaloo costs are determined by a number of factors, including:

  • Location
  • Number of toilets needed
  • Type of event e.g. festival, wedding
  • Type of portaloo e.g. luxury unit or standard unit
  • Private or public event
  • Number of people confirmed attendance
  • Duration of time needed – long term/short term
  • Maintenance required e.g. at a festival

Additional costs to consider

This is undoubtedly an area you should not skimp on. Sufficient toilet facilities will ensure none of your guests are left queuing for long periods of time. If you’re unsure, it’s best to get an extra unit, especially if you have the budget. Hygiene and comfort should top your list of priorities. As well as additional units, you can expect a few extra costs for portable toilet hire, including:

Delivery and set up

Some companies will charge a small fee to deliver the units and get them set up in your space. Always ask in advance when sourcing a quote.

Cleaning and maintenance

If you are expecting your portaloos to be used excessively over the duration of the hire period, an additional cost for cleaning and maintenance should be accounted for before they are returned.

Toiletry and sanitary supplies

Toiletries and sanitary supplies are normally free or included in the delivery of the unit.

portable toilet hire cost


An upfront deposit exists to protect the company should the units be damaged during the rental. This cost can range between 10% and 15% of the total rental costs. The waiver fee is not refundable and does not cover units that are lost or stolen.

Portaloo hire checklist

  • The average cost to hire a portaloo is £50.
  • Most companies charge a 2-week minimum hire fee.
  • An additional 10-15% of the hire cost will be required as a deposit.
  • Additional cleaning fees will be charged if the toilet will be used excessively.

To get a bespoke quote for your event, use our Checkatrade search to connect with trusted portaloo hire companies in your area.

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