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Resin bound driveway cost guide

Resin bound driveways are resilient and durable, as well as looking fantastic when finished. This hard-wearing surface is also highly versatile and requires very little maintenance.

Resin bound paving is made from a mixture of aggregate stones and resin. It has a pleasing natural appearance, while offering many more benefits – and a much longer life – than other driveway materials such as loose gravel, tarmac or flagstones.

Resin bound driveway cost

The cost of your new driveway varies depending on the size of the space to be paved, as well as the size of aggregate you use. The larger both of these are, the more expensive the job will be.

Labour for installing a resin bound driveway costs between £150 and £250 a day, while the aggregate materials should be around £40 per square metre

close of up of resin bound driveway

How long does it take to lay a resin bound driveway?

As with the cost, the time it takes to install resin bound paving depends on how large your driveway is and whether you’re using small or large aggregate.

Driveway size (square metres)Small AggregateLarge AggregateAverage Cost of Labour
151 day to lay2 days to lay£300
403 days to lay4 days to lay£700
805 days to lay6 days to lay£1,100

Resin bound paving cost per square metre

The two main costs to consider are aggregate and labour, but you should also factor in other expenses. For example, if any other materials or tools are needed for installation, plus additional services such as cleaning.

Per square metre, materials will cost around £40 per square metre and labour will cost around £12.50 – £15 per square metre. Labour costs may drop a little per square metre for larger driveways, as tradespeople can save on transport time.

Driveway Size (square metres)Cost of materials Cost of labourAverage UK cost
15£600£200 - £400£900
80£3,200£800 - £1,000£4,100


Are resin bound driveways slippery?

Resin bound paving may look very smooth and even shiny, but they shouldn’t be slippery once the initial film of resin has worn from the top. The aggregate used should contain materials such as glass or translucent sand which have anti-slip properties.

Are resin bound driveways permeable?

This type of driveway surface is permeable, which means that it allows water to drain through. This is very important for draining rain and surface water away from your property and into nearby drainage systems. When laid, miniscule voids are created between the resin-coated aggregate materials, which makes the surface porous when laid.

How long will a resin bound driveway last?

If installed correctly, a good quality resin bound driveway can last from 21 to 25 years.

How long does it take for a resin bound driveway to dry once laid?

Resin bound driveways can be walked on after around 6-8 hours, and driven on by smaller vehicles after 16-24 hours. However, to make sure the surface is fully cured and dry, it’s best to leave it for a minimum of 24 hours before driving on your newly laid paving.

*table 2 assumes average labour cost of £200 per day

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