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Slide staircase cost guide

Imagine how fun it would be to wake up every morning and woosh downstairs on your very own indoor slide. Whether you have kids at home or whether you’re just a big kid yourself, we can’t think of anything cooler. Just think of how impressed your guests would be!

So, how much exactly would a slide staircase cost?

Slide staircase cost factors

If you’re just after a bit of fun that doesn’t break the bank, you can buy a slide for your staircase online for under £60. That said, these aren’t permanent fixtures and they’re certainly not the most beautiful additions to your home either.

So, you may well want to go for a custom-made slide staircase. If that’s the case, there are a number of factors that will affect the price:

  • Materials: Slides can be made from materials including plastic, metal, fibreglass or wood.
  • Type of slide: There are many different kinds of slide, from spiral slides to tube slides.
  • The design of your home: If you already have a wide staircase, you could just convert half of it into a slide. But in many homes, you’d have to change the layout of the house to be able to accommodate one.
  • The cost of labour: Labour costs will vary based on where you live and who’s doing the work.

Can I build an indoor slide?

The internet is full of amazing indoor slides. But many have been designed by architects as part of million-pound property builds, which could make a slide staircase feel out of reach for many of us.

However, building an indoor slide is much more achievable than you might think – particularly if your existing staircase is fairly wide.

Take this DIY slide staircase as an example.

Even with the addition of a slide, the staircase is wide enough to allow room to walk up the side. Plus, there’s no wall at the bottom, which allows plenty of space to insert a cushion for a soft landing area.

Perhaps the best option would be to install a slide that is removable. This would mean you can easily take it down in order to get furniture or other large items up and down the stairs. It’s a win-win!

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ItemUnitCost+VAT (lower range)Cost+VAT (higher range)Average cost
CarpenterPer hour£20£30£25
SoftwoodPer m3--£54
Wooden handrail-£40£90£65
Gloss paint2.5 litre tin£20£36£28

Indoor slide cost

To build an indoor slide like the one above, you’d need:

– Timber

– A handrail

– Metal plates and brackets

– Enamel paint

In total, the materials could cost you as little as £150, while getting a carpenter in to create the slide and fit it to your stairs is likely to cost you around £25 an hour.

Slide staircase cost takeaways

  • Slide staircase costs vary based on what materials you use and what style of slide you want.
  • If you have a wide staircase, adding a slide can be easy and cost-effective.
  • Consider whether you want to be able to remove the slide easily.
  • You could build a staircase slide for as little as £150 plus labour.

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