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Tile and grout cleaning cost guide

Professional cleaning can transform tiles and grouting in a bathroom or kitchen. If you’ve never considered it before, tile and grout cleaning costs are actually very reasonable, and in a few hours, a professional cleaner can restore the showroom shine to tired tiles.

In this tile and grout cleaning cost guide, we explore the reasons why you may want to use a professional, and what their services may cost you.

Why use a professional tile and grout cleaning service?

There are many reasons why you may wish to use a professional tile and grout cleaner, including:

Tile cleaning cost

  • There are stubborn stains you can’t remove with domestic cleaning products.
  • You have fragile, delicate or expensive tiles that are difficult to clean.
  • Mould and mildew have built up and can’t be shifted.
  • You have respiratory problems, such as asthma (that can be affected by mould and damp).
  • You’re preparing a property to be let or sold.

If your property has delicate or valuable tiles, such as those found in Victorian houses, then a professional cleaning service will use cleaning products and techniques that protect the tiles for damage.

If you have particularly delicate tiles, then expect tile cleaning costs to be higher and the job to take longer. If you have specific requirements or are worried about your tiles, then it’s worth speaking to a professional tile and grout cleaner in your area to get an idea of prices before you make a booking.

Tile and grout cleaners typically work on bathrooms and kitchens, but they can work on tiles throughout the house, such as hallways.

It’s clear that tile and grout cleaners offer a valuable service, but what does a grout cleaning service cost?

How much does tile and grout cleaning cost?

Cost providedUnit Cost range (low - high)Average cost
Cost to clean tiles and grout Per room£20 - £50£35
Cost to clean delicate or expensive tilesPer room£40 - £50£45

The average cost for professional tile and grout cleaning is £35 per room. The cost here is based on an average-sized family bathroom. The final price you will pay will vary according to several factors explored below.

Expect to pay around £45 per room for tile and grout cleaning if your tiles are expensive or delicate.

The larger the surface area that needs to be cleaned the higher the price. Cleaning large tiled areas (such as a hallway, for example) will cost significantly more than the average costs here. To get an accurate quote, you should speak to a professional tile and grout cleaner.

Find a tile and grout cleaner near me

What’s involved in professional tile and grout cleaning?

Professional tile and grout cleaners use more than soap and water to get your tiles clean. They will:

  • Scrub the grout with soap
  • Eliminate mildew or mould
  • Deep clean and treat the grout
  • Professionally wash and polish the tiles

Tile and grout cleaners will have access to stronger chemicals and use more effective cleaning methods and tools than the average household. Your tile cleaner will select the products they use based on the type of tiles you have fitted and the condition of the tiles and grout.

In some cases, they may not be able to remove all mould and mildew. If your grout is damaged, they may recommend you get your tiles regrouted. Tile regrouting costs aren’t covered in this guide.

Grout cleaning cost

How are tile and grout cleaning costs calculated?

Most tradespeople will provide a quote per-job, rather than a quote per-metre.

The costs provided will include all materials and transport to your property, as well as labour.

Factors affecting tile and grout cleaning costs

The total grout cleaning costs and tile cleaning costs you will pay can be affected by a variety of factors, including:

  • Size of the tiled area being cleaned
  • The condition of the tiles and the grout
  • Location of property
  • Type of tiles
  • Whether the tiles being cleaned are expensive, delicate or fragile

We recommend that you agree on a fixed tile and grout cleaning cost before work begins.

How long will tile and grout cleaning take?

It should take between 1 – 2 hours to clean an average-sized family bathroom. The time it takes to clean a kitchen or hallway depends on the size of the room and the size of the tiled area that’s being cleaned.

Why should I use a professional tile and grout cleaner?

Cleaning the tiles in a bathroom or kitchen is simple and straightforward, but if stubborn mould, damp and stains remain, it could be worth calling in a professional.

We recommend you contact a specialist tile and grout cleaner if your tiles are delicate and easily damaged.

Tile and grout cleaning takeaways

  • It will cost £35 to clean the average-sized family bathroom.
  • Quotes are provided on a per-job basis.
  • It should take between 1 – 2 hours to clean your bathroom tiles and grout.
  • Total costs can vary according to the size of the bathroom, condition of the tiles and grout and location.
  • Kitchen tile cleaning costs may differ depending on factors such as the size of your room, the condition of your tiles and your location.

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