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Water pump price

water pump price

The price of a water pump and installation depends on what you need it for and how many litres of water you need to pump. There are different models available on the market and we’ll cover domestic water pumps for low-flow rates, submersible water pumps and solar water pumps. We’ll also cover installation costs.

Cost provided itemRange - lowRange- high
Cost of a flow-boosting water pump for a house£70£200
Cost of a submersible water pump£50£360
Cost of a solar pump (garden pond)
Cost of a solar pump (agricultural use)£150£4,000
Cost of pump installation (per hour)

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

Water pump for your house price

A domestic water pump price can vary depending on what you need it to do.

There are pumps that:

  • Prevent flooding in your home – you can find out more about water removal services in our dedicated guide
  • Help with low pressure – these pumps, also known as low-flow pumps, come at different costs depending on the rate of water they can pump.

In the UK, good mains water pressure is around 10 – 15 litres per minute. If yours is less than this then you may benefit from the professional installation of a booster pump. This type of pump is legally only able to take your flow rate up to 12 litres per minute. You can expect to pay on average between £220 – £400 for a low-flow pump including installation.

Remember that working on your home’s mains water supply yourself can be hazardous and hiring a professional is always recommended. Considerable damage can be done to your property if things go wrong.

To get accurate quotes for your pump project, enter your postcode in the free search tool below to find water pump installers recommended by your neighbours.

Find water pump experts your neighbours rate

Submersible pump price

Whether you’re looking to create a water feature in your pond or extract standing water from a construction site, a submersible pump sits permanently under a body of water.

Prices vary greatly depending on the amount of water you need pumping away. You can expect to pay on average around £150 for a small pond pump including installation, and up to £2,700 for a large pond including installation.

When choosing the right submersible, you’ll need to consider the flow of water you need to create, and the head height (distance from water level to the highest point of use), as that will dictate the litres per minute you need. A professional can help you work out all of these and give you an accurate quote for your specific project.

Solar water pump price

Providing an environmentally friendly and carbon-neutral option, solar water pumps don’t require mains electricity or diesel to power them. Instead, they have a solar panel that harvests sunlight and stores the converted energy for the pump to use.

Solar water pump prices depend on how much water you need to pump, with small pond pumps and installation costing on average between £20 – £300 for domestic usage and agricultural solar pumps costing on average between £150 – £4,000 for industrial-scale irrigation.

FAQs about water pump prices

How much is the cost of a water pump?

There is a world of water pumps for different uses; from pumps for a small pond or a rainwater butt through to high-flow-rate pumps for agricultural and farming use.

You’ll need to know what you need your pump for, then you can get an expert to advise you on the exact cost. As a guide to average costs, submersible water pump prices including installation can start at £150 and run through to £2,700.

A low flow domestic water pump price can be between £220 – £400 including installation. And a solar water pump price comes in at between £20 – £300 for domestic use and £150 – £4,000 for commercial use.

How much is a water pump for a home?

If low mains water pressure is a problem in your house, then you have the option of hiring a professional to install a low-flow water pump to boost the pressure.

It’s advisable to get an expert’s advice on this, as you can only legally have a maximum 12 l/m water pump installed, and you can expect to pay between £220 – £400 including installation.

Which water pump is best for home use?

When considering your options for a domestic water pump, there are two main considerations. First, you need to know whether the pump is needed to boost low pressure or to assist with a flooding problem. And secondly, as your chosen professional will be installing your water pump in your home, you’ll want to get one that’s as quiet as possible when running.

To discover your options and get an accurate price for the expert installation of your pump, enter your postcode below to get quotes from local professionals recommended by your neighbours.

Find water pump experts your neighbours rate

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Find water pump experts your neighbours rate