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Windscreen repair cost guide

If you have a chip in your windscreen, it’s crucial to get it fixed as soon as possible. Chips can hamper your visibility and reduce the performance of your windscreen, affecting everything from defrosting to noise reduction.

Worse still, windscreen chips can easily grow into cracks. When this happens, your windscreen will need replacing.

The location of the chip on your windscreen will determine whether or not it can be repaired, or if the windscreen needs to be replaced. If it’s close to the edge of the screen, it will usually need replacing.

Read on for the average cost or use our search tool to find windscreen glass repair companies near you.

Car type
Price of repair - range lowPrice of repair - range highAverage UK cost (+VAT)
£30 £50£40
Mid-range£50 £70£60
Premium£70 £167£118

Windscreen crack repair cost

It’s important to get windscreen chips repaired before they become cracks. If you have a crack, you’re most likely going to be looking at the cost of windscreen replacement.

Chipped windscreen repair cost

The cost of repairing a chipped windscreen depends on the size and depth of the damage. Chips and cracks larger than a £2 coin tend to require the replacement of the whole windscreen.

Repair normally costs between £50 and £70.

Car typePrice of replacement - range highPrice of replacement - range highAverage UK cost (+VAT)
Mid-range£248 £416£337

Windscreen replacement cost

The cost of replacing a windscreen varies far more than the cost of repair. This is because you’re effectively ordering a new part. Modern car windscreens, especially on luxury cars, are far more than a pane of glass. They often contain all kinds of advanced features, such as rain sensors, noise suppression material and heating elements.

The cost of replacement can range from £187 for a small budget car up to around £1,100 for a high-tech Range Rover windscreen.

Find a windscreen repair specialist near you


Chipped windscreen repair costShould I put the windscreen repair cost through my insurance?

If your insurance policy has windscreen cover, you can make a claim for windscreen repairs or replacements. However, you may be charged an excess. If the repair cost is low, you may consider paying out of your own pocket to avoid the excess and any potential increase in your insurance premiums in the future.

Is it safe to drive with a chipped windscreen?

Remember that chips can easily turn into cracks, and driving with a cracked windscreen could be a violation of Section 40 of the Road Traffic Act. What’s more, damage to your windscreen can obscure your vision when driving, so it’s always best to get problems fixed as soon as you notice them.

Can I repair a chipped windscreen myself?

It is possible to repair a chipped windscreen using a repair kit, which contains epoxy resin to minimise the appearance of chips and cracks. However, it’s usually best to have a professional carry out repairs to your windscreen.

How long does it take to replace a windscreen?

It depends on the make of the car and the type of windscreen, but it can be done in as little as an hour if it’s a basic windscreen.

What can I do to avoid getting a chipped windscreen?

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot you can do to prevent your windscreen getting chipped. It can be caused by road debris, sudden changes in temperature, bad weather or a collision. All you can do (apart from protecting your car from extreme weather conditions, and not using boiling water to defrost your windscreen) is to drive carefully and get any chips fixed before they turn into cracks.

What paperwork do I need once I’ve had my chipped windscreen repaired?

If your windscreen has been repaired or replaced, you should receive a warranty or guarantee covering the work.

Got a chip in your windscreen that needs fixing? Find a local professional to help restore your windscreen glass. 

Find a windscreen repair specialist near you

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