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What to do if your boiler is not working after a power cut

If your boiler is not working after a power cut, try not to panic. It's usually a very simple fix to get you back up and running again.

Even if you have a gas boiler, it’ll still be switched on using electricity. Therefore, normally, your boiler won’t turn on after a power cut, which means you’ll have no heating.

Why is there no power to a boiler after a power cut?

When we experience a power cut, the thermostat and the timer clocks will reset to their original settings.

This means that the boiler won’t turn on and off at the right times, and consequently, your heating won’t kick in.

How to fix a boiler that’s stopped working after a power cut

Before contacting an engineer, there are a few things you can try if your gas or oil boiler is not working after a power cut.

1. Check the timer on your boiler

Most clocks will reset after a power cut and will need to be reprogrammed manually to the correct date and time following a power cut.

If you’re unsure how to do this, refer to your manual.

2. Reset your boiler

Every boiler has a reset button, it’s just a case of locating it if it’s not immediately obvious. If you’re struggling to find it, look at your manual.

The manual will also provide instructions on how to reset your boiler. Generally, it’s a case of pushing the reset button and holding for five seconds.

If successful, the boiler will ignite after a few minutes. The error code will also disappear and you may see a green light appear instead of red or orange.

Engineer fixing a boiler after a power cut

What to do if you’re unable to restart your boiler after a power cut

If you’re unable to restart your boiler after a power cut, then it’s time to contact a qualified boiler engineer from Checkatrade.

You can expect to pay between £50 – 60 per hour for a Gas Safe registered engineer.

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Tip: No power means no heating, so while you wait for an engineer to arrive, shut windows and doors to trap any heat in just a few rooms. Use draught excluders and layer up with warm clothing. Always have a torch to hand with working batteries in preparation for a power cut. You’ll be grateful for it if you have a power cut when it’s dark.

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