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How to hang a door

Wondering how to hang a door? Our guide will teach you everything you need to know, including top tips and a step-by-step guide.

Doors are essential fixtures in our homes to separate spaces, create privacy and also keep pets and children from running around causing chaos. If you’re renovating your home or simply want to put a new door in, then read on to find out how to hang a door.

For best results, we always recommend hiring a professional.

Internal or external doors?

Fitting an internal door

Internal and external doors are built differently and will need to be hung accordingly.

External doors are there to keep your home safe from the elements and secure from intruders, whereas internal doors are mainly used for privacy.

Here’s how hanging an external door differs from an internal door:

  • Security: External doors need to secure. You will need to use a deadbolt to prevent intruders as well as ensure the door itself is strong.
  • Visibility: You may feel more secure if you can see who is knocking on your door before you open it. Installing a peephole can help improve your visibility.
  • Weather: External doors need to be able to withstand a lot in terms of poor weather, meaning they should be strong against winds and rain.
  • Finish: Unlike internal doors, external doors need to be waterproof. If your door isn’t already protected, it will need to be painted, sealed or stained.

Removing a door

How to fit an internal door

Start by preparing the space. You should carefully measure the gap where your new door will sit. Take multiple measurements for each dimension (width, height and depth), choosing the smallest of these to give you the size your new door should be.

Next, order the new door kit, remove the old door and make sure there is no dust or debris in your working area. You will also need the following:


  • Pencil
  • Hammer
  • Tape measure
  • Sharp chisel
  • Electric drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Electric plane
  • Wedges
  • Goggles
  • Dust mask

Top tips

Use these tips and tricks for more successful results:

  • Use your old door as a guide to trim the new door to size.
  • Have a friend to assist you with heavy door lifting.
  • Always check your door is the right way up.
  • Ensure that before you fit the new door, it is opening the right way.

Handing a door on existing frame

How to hang a door step-by-step

Follow these  step by step instructions to help you successfully hang a door:

  1. Remove: Make sure you have fully removed the old door by unscrewing its hinges. Remember, you will probably need assistance as doors are heavy.
  2. Measure: Ensure your measurements are highly accurate. Measure vertically and horizontally in three separate places then take the lowest figures for your new door’s dimensions.
  3. Trimming: Check how well the new door fits. You will need a 2mm gap at the sides and the top. You could even consider using an electric plane for a more neat and clean finish.
  4. Hinges: Your new door may fit on the existing hinges of your old door. If not, screw the hinges onto your door frame then check the door will sit properly. Next, mark where the hinges fall on your new door and draw around the hinge’s perimeter. Use a chisel to remove a chunk of wood to the depth of the hinges.
  5. Door hanging: Use wooden wedges to hold up the door and check it properly fits. Finally, screw the door onto its hinges.
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How to hang a door in an existing frame

Many doors sold will come pre-hung in their frames, but if not it is possible to learn how to hang a door in an existing frame.

Before deciding whether to stick with your current frame, consider the following:

  • Is your current frame in good condition? If not, buying a replacement frame is important.
  • Is your current frame a similar style/colour/finish to your new door?
  • Keeping your current door frame will save you time and the cost of a new frame.
  • It is usually much easier to fit a door into an existing frame than to install a whole new frame.

Hiring a professional

There are always risks in undertaking a DIY project yourself and hanging a door is no different. If you’re not confident, then we highly recommend hiring a professional. Simply enter your postcode here to find tradespeople recommended by your neighbours.

If you’d like more information, take a look at our door installation cost guide. It has everything you need to know about professional door hanging, including up to date costs, factors to consider and more.

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