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How to install a motorcycle ground anchor

With thefts on the rise and motorbikes easier to steal than cars, investing in a motorcycle ground anchor installation is worth the initial investment. For peace of mind and extra security, we always advise hiring a professional to fit your ground anchor installation. However, this blog is going to cover how to do it yourself.

With thefts on the rise and motorbikes easier to steal than cars, investing in a motorcycle ground anchor installation is worth the initial upfront costs. For peace of mind and extra security, we always advise hiring a professional to fit your ground anchor installation. However, if you’d rather try your hand at putting one in first, this blog is going to cover how to do it yourself.

Benefits of ground anchor installation

  • They’re more secure than propping – especially when motorbikes can be lifted onto trucks or put into the back of vehicles pretty easily
  • Higher motorcycle ground anchor security – especially when secured in concrete
  • A space-saving alternative to garages or sheds
  • An excellent theft deterrent
  • Cheaper and easier to install than alternatives
  • Greater peace of mind

Types of ground anchor

There are two types of ground anchor:

  • Bolt-in
  • Concrete-in

For maximum security, a concrete-in ground anchor is best. However, removing it can be an issue, so you need to make sure it’s exactly where you want it before committing to a spot. On the contrary, a bolt down anchor is easier for thieves to bypass with the right tools, but will still buy you some time and act as a powerful deterrent.

Top tip: The lock you use makes all the difference. So, be sure to pair a heavy-duty, high-end lock with a ground anchor for greater security and peace of mind.

Motorcycle ground anchor installation

Motorcycle ground anchor installation how-toNow you know why a motorbike ground anchor is a good investment, let’s take a look at how to install a ground anchor motorcycle and the best motorcycle ground anchor to install.

Tools you’ll need for the job

  • A ground anchor with an accompanying bolt-and-shield unit
  • An electric drill
  • 4mm and 6mm Allen keys
  • 5/8 inch and 5/16 inch drill bits
  • A pencil
  • One pair of safety goggles
  • A vacuum cleaner

How to install motorcycle ground anchor

Step one: Pick your spot

Find an accessible spot near to you (but harder for thieves to access), such as a corner wall or floor next to your house. Consider how easy it is to lock up your bike and how much harder it’ll be for thieves to manoeuvre their equipment. You need to leave enough space that your bike lock easily fits through the loop and attaches to your bike frame.

If you’re fitting your bike anchor in a shed or outhouse, consider cutting a hole in the floor and installing a concrete-in motorcycle anchor rather than attaching a bolt down to the wooden floor.

Top tip: Despite them being called ground anchors, installing a bolt-in wall anchor makes it harder for thieves to get enough pressure to cut the chain with bolt clippers. Whereas, loose chains on the ground make it easier to stamp down on the cutters and make a clean cut.

Step two: Make a hole

Once you’ve located the ideal place for your ground anchor, it’s time to make a hole (if you’re opting for concrete-in instead of bolt-in). So, take a shovel, dig or drill a hole, sink in your chosen ground anchor, and cover it in concrete. A fence-post mix will work best.

Alternatively, if you’re installing a bolt-in ground anchor into existing concrete or another type of floor, then use the ⅝ inch drill bit and make a pilot hole. (Don’t forget to put on your safety goggles!)

Step three: Vaccum and check the hole’s depth

Remove all the resulting dust from the hole and make sure it’s deep enough to hammer in the bolts that came with your ground anchor. An Allen key bolt can help with this step.

Once you’ve established it’s deep enough, hammer the bolt and shield unit home. Now the shield is in place, remove the Allen key bolt and place the anchor base plate over the hole, put the bolt back in, and tighten.

Step four: Drill and secure the other holes

There should be a few more holes in the base plate to fit the extra bolt and shields. So, take your drill and the ⅝ inch bit and repeat the process for all the holes. You should be left with a secure base anchor.

Step five: Attach the cover disks

Some ground anchors come with cover disks that are tapped on top of the Allen bolts for extra security. This stops thieves from being able to use their own Allen keys to loosen the ground anchor.

Step six: Place the plastic cover on top

Bolt down your plastic cover using the final Allen key bolts, and voila! You’re ready to lock your bike through the shackle.

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What’s an insurance approved motorcycle ground anchor?

There are various makes and models of ground anchor on the market. You can see a list of approved and recommended types here.

Best motorcycle ground anchor?

Abus and Almax Ground Anchors are both tried, tested and approved ground anchor makes. We always recommend a concrete-in ground anchor, although understand that they take a little more preparation to install.

Should I hire a professional?

Unless you are very confident in terms of your DIY prowess, we recommend that you hire a professional to help you install your ground anchor. That way, you know the finish is high quality and more likely to offer the protection you’re looking for.

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