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Black and white bathroom ideas

Who doesn’t love a black and white bathroom? They’re bold, dramatic and timeless. Here are some black and white bathroom ideas.

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If you’re bored of your bathroom and looking to change things up a bit, you might be thinking of going black and white. Not only have black and white bathrooms been popular for decades, but they also suit every style and taste – from simple to glamorous, classic to boho.

With that in mind, here are some black and white bathroom ideas to help you attain the monochrome bathroom of your dreams.

Black and white bathroom design

If you’re remodelling or redecorating your bathroom, opting for a black and white bathroom design is an excellent choice. While black absorbs light, white reflects it – making the two a fantastic pairing.

Black and white bathrooms are high contrast. So, they’re ideal for those after a dramatic look that makes a statement. However, they’re also timeless, which means they work equally well in a traditional home as they do in a contemporary one.

Black and white bathroom floor ideas

If you’re a fan of the monochrome look, going black and white with your floor is a must. Here are some black and white bathroom floor ideas.

  • Chequerboard squares. Black and white squares on your floor are about as classic as you can get, while also making a fantastic statement.
  • Geometric tiles. If you like chequerboard squares but you want something more modern, consider monochrome geometric tiles. These can add a contemporary twist to your black and white bathroom design.
  • Black and white mosaic. Mosaic floors just shout luxury to us. They’re striking and will give you endless options when it comes to patterns and finishes.
  • Black or white floorboards. If you have a wooden bathroom floor, painting your floorboards black or white could hide a multitude of sins while helping you to achieve that sophisticated monochrome look you’re after.
  • Block colour. Going all black or all white on the floor can help you to create a striking contrast with the walls and ceiling above. Black flooring can really help to ground a space when paired with lighter walls.
  • Black and white rug. If you’re going for a fully black and white bathroom, adding a rug that fits your monochrome colour scheme can help to soften the room by adding texture.

Black and white bathroom design

Black and white bathroom tile ideas

Tiles don’t just belong on the floor! Here, we’ll explore some black and white bathroom tile ideas for you to muse on.

  • Be bold with patterns. You can use tiles to create all sorts of fantastic patterns, from statement strips to bold chevron designs. We also love bathrooms that use contrasting black and white patterns on the floor and walls.
  • Black and white marble bathroom. Marble is a luxurious material you can’t go wrong with. Choose from black or white marble, or opt for black and white veined marble to add depth and intrigue.
  • Create a statement tile wall. In a bedroom or living room, you might create a statement wall using paint. Why not go a step further in your bathroom and create a tiled statement wall, for instance with a striking geometric pattern?
  • Consider the grout. Grout can be a great way to add an accent of black or white. We love an all-white tiled bathroom that uses black grout.
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Black and white bathroom design ideas

Here are some design touches that will help you to level up your black and white bathroom.

  • Monochrome mural. A mural could be a striking addition that helps you to add some wow factor to your bathroom.
  • Fabric blind. A fabric blind that fits the monochrome scheme of your bathroom can be a great way to soften its feel.
  • Cast iron bath. Rolltop baths are a sought-after feature that just screams luxury. A black cast iron bath will help you to go a step further and make a real statement.
  • Decorative wallpaper. If you want to soften the hard edges of your bathroom, wallpaper featuring a monochrome botanical print could be ideal.
  • Use accents. A black and white bathroom doesn’t have to be 50% black and 50% white. Instead, you could opt for a white bathroom with accents of black, or vice versa.
  • Black bathroom suite. Swap your classic white bathroom suite for a black one, to give your bathroom a unique look.
  • Black and white art. Add a finishing touch to your bathroom with art that fits with your black and white colour scheme.

Black and white shower ideas

Black and white shower ideas

When considering your black and white bathroom design, don’t forget about the shower! These black and white shower ideas will give you some all-important inspiration.

  • Shower head and hose. Add a stylish black accent to a white bathroom by swapping your standard white or chrome shower head and hose for black ones.
  • Metal and glass shower screen. Instead of a plain glass shower screen or door, opt for one made from black metal and glass. This contemporary and stylish touch will look great against white tiles.
  • Black shower tray. Turn things on their head by choosing a black shower tray over a standard white one. It’s a move that will make your bathroom look much less ‘off the shelf.’
  • Statement shower splashback. To make your shower a real focal point, why not save the black and white statement tiles or wall for the shower splashback?

Black and white shower ideas

Black and white toilet ideas

If you have a small downstairs toilet, your instinct might be to steer clear of black. After all, it’s a colour that absorbs light, so you might worry it will make your toilet feel smaller.

However, black is a great way to make a small space feel cosy and intimate – and black and white toilets will undoubtedly add style to the home.

  • Black panelling. Black panelling or shiplap is a great way to add texture and interest to your loo.
  • Chequerboard tiles. Black and white chequerboard flooring is a stylish move we covered earlier. However, to make a statement, why not go all out and add chequerboard tiles to your toilet’s floor and walls?!
  • Black and white gallery wall. We love a gallery wall in a downstairs toilet, and keeping your frames and artwork black and white is a classy option. If you’d rather add a personal touch, you could even swap the art for black and white family pictures.
  • Black toilet and sink. A black toilet and sink will add a dramatic touch. Make the rest of the room white to ensure they really pop.

Black toilet ideas

Accent colour for black and white bathroom

Just because you’ve chosen to go for a black and white bathroom, that doesn’t mean you can’t add any colour at all. A splash of paint, bright fixtures or lush green plants could all help to add intrigue to your monochrome bathroom.

Luckily, almost any colour goes with black and white. Choose bold tones to create depth and drama, or pastels to soften the look. Here are some accent colours for black and white bathrooms that work particularly well.

  • Botanical greens
  • Hot pink
  • Pastel blue
  • Brass
  • Teal
  • Emerald green

White marble tiles with a pop of colour

Key takeaways

  • Black and white bathrooms are timeless and have been popular for decades.
  • Don’t feel you have to go half black and half white – choosing one and using the other as an accent can be equally effective.
  • Incorporate texture to soften the look, such as panelling, rugs and fabric blinds.
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