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Box room ideas for you to try in 2024

Looking to transform your box room into a unique and functional space? Look no further! We've got some amazing box room ideas to inspire you. Whether you want a cosy bedroom, versatile spare room, or a productive office space, there’s an idea for you here.

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1. Storage options

small bedroom build in cupboards

Embrace the challenge of a tiny space by utilising clever storage solutions. By Installing floating shelves and under-bed storage, you maximise every inch of your small box room.

Another way to make the most out of a tiny space is by utilising multi-functional furniture.

Look for pieces that can serve multiple purposes, such as a daybed with built-in storage or a table with hidden compartments. This will help you maximise your storage options while still keeping your room functional and clutter-free.

You could also consider using vertical space by adding wall-mounted hooks or hanging organisers to store items like bags, clothes, or accessories.

Don’t forget to infuse your personal style into the room with vibrant colours and some unique decor. Consider adding a statement wall or hanging fairy lights to create a magical atmosphere.

And if you need some decorating done to complete the space, then why not contact a local decorator for a quote?

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2. Over the stairs box room ideas

Small room, storage ideas

If your box room is situated over the stairs, then why not transform your unused space over the stairs into a cosy nook that invites you to curl up with a good book.

This unique box room idea will give you the freedom to create a personal sanctuary where you can escape from the busyness of everyday life.

Install built-in shelves along the walls to maximise storage and display your favourite books, plants, and other fun items.

Why not add a comfortable chair or a plush bean bag for lounging, and hang some fairy lights or install a small reading lamp for a cosy ambiance. If there’s room, you could add a small desk or a floating shelf for a convenient workspace if needed.

3. Wardrobe/clothes storage box room ideas

Storage solutions in small bedroom

Fitting a wardrobe into a box room can be tricky so you may need to think outside the box. Why not think about installing open shelving units for easy access to your clothes and accessories.

Add a few hooks on the walls to hang your favourite hats or scarves. Utilise the space under the bed by installing built-in drawers or pull-out racks. Maximise the vertical space by adding hanging rods at different heights.

If you need some help to design and fit drawers, wardrobes or other storage solutions you can contact a local tradesperson for professional advice and services.

Don’t forget the best trick of the trade for small space – mirrors!

Mirrors are a great way to create the illusion of a larger space. There are so many small box room ideas and by combining functionality and creativity, you can transform your box room into a space where you can fit all your clothes and shoes that still looks great and uncluttered.

4. Children’s box room ideas

Fun ideas for kid's box room

If your box room has been reserved for your children, you might be wondering how to make the most of the limited space.

Here are some ideas:

Create a cosy reading nook

Transform a corner of your room into a cosy reading spot. Add some fluffy cushions, fairy lights, and a bookshelf filled with your favourite stories. It’s the perfect place to escape into different worlds and let your children’s imagination run wild.

Design a mini art studio

Get in touch with your creative side by setting up a mini art studio in your box room. Hang a whiteboard or chalkboard on the wall, gather some art supplies, and let your imagination flow freely. This space will be a sanctuary for your children’s artistic expression.

Build a secret hideaway

What child doesn’t like a secret hideaway? So why not add a hidden entrance?

Hang a curtain or drape beads to create a mysterious entrance to a cosy hideout. Fill it with comfy pillows, twinkling lights, and all your child’s favourite things. They’ll be super excited when they see it!

A corner hammock

Hanging a hammock in one corner of the room provides the perfect spot to relax and dream up epic quests. Want to really surprise the kids? Build a custom bed that fits into the space complete with a slide for a quick exit in the morning.

5. Box room spare room options

Walk in wardrobe for shoes in box room

Box room walk in wardrobe

Have you always dreamed of having a dedicated space for all your precious clothes and shoes? Well why not transform that small spare room into a walk-in closet? Install some shelves, clothing racks, and a full-length mirror to create a space where you can organise and display your clothes and accessories.

This can be particularly useful if your main bedroom lacks storage space or if you have a large wardrobe collection. The best part is that by dedicating the box room to your clothing and accessories, you can keep your main bedroom clutter-free and have a dedicated space for getting dressed each day. What’s not to love?

Add a small gym

Another unique option for the spare box room is to create a small gym. Save money on gym memberships and choose some compact gym equipment such as an exercise bike or small rowing machine. You’ll be able to meet your fitness needs without going anyway, a great way to utilise space and save time.

6. Office options

Office in box room

If, like many people, you work from home you’ll understand the challenge of separating work life from home life. However, by creating a unique space in your box room where you can work productively you can still enjoy the rest of your home when the workday is over. Here’s what you need to get started:

  • Declutter the room
  • Create a minimalist design that promotes focus and clarity
  • Add a comfortable desk and chair
  • Don’t forget to include plenty of natural light to energise your mind
  • Add motivational quotes and artwork that resonate with your goals and aspirations
  • Incorporate plants to bring life and freshness to the room

By incorporating these ideas into your office, even though it’s small, you can create a great space to work and a separation from the rest of your home.

With a little creativity and some smart design choices, you can make the most of your small space and turn it into a stylish and functional room that meets all your needs. Utilising the skills of an interior designer will help ensure you make the best possible use of your space.

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