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Dog friendly garden ideas: Inspiration for an outdoor pet haven

When we introduce a pup into our lives, our backyards become their backyards. That’s why choosing dog-friendly garden ideas seems intuitive, especially when it comes to our more boisterous puppers. We want to incorporate the right designs into our outdoor space to avoid mishaps such as:

  • The destruction of your plant babies using your dog’s deadly weapons of paws, teeth and slobber
  • Digging in the mud or ripping up the grass during excitable play time excursions
  • Turning your fresh green grass to a less desirable urine-soaked yellow
  • The great escape: An adventure of discovery beyond the garden fence

In short, reenacting Homeward Bound is something we want to avoid. That’s why setting some boundaries is key. Through proper obedience training and the incorporation of our tips and tricks, you can create a space that makes your beloved best friend roll over, sit up and give you their paw.

Top tips for a dog-friendly garden

Before we inspire you with some dog-friendly garden ideas, here are our top tips for keeping your pet happy, safe and entertained while frolicking in the great outdoors.

  • Reinforce your garden’s boundaries with hedges or raised beds
  • Plant non-toxic, hardy and tough plants like basil, lavender, rudbeckia, hirta or hardy geraniums
  • Designate a play area and make it as interactive as possible
  • Keep on top of slugs and snails, which are toxic and can infect your pup with lungworm
  • Avoid chocolate-based garden products like cocoa bean based mulch or soils, which are toxic to dogs
  • Secure your sheds and compost bins to avoid accidents or accidental ingestion of harmful toxins
  • Allocate wee areas to avoid yellowing grass
  • Avoid harmful pesticides or chemicals when dealing with pests so your dog doesn’t accidentally ingest them

Like what you see? There’s plenty more where this came from. Discover more ideas, inspiration, tips and how-tos via Checkatrade’s blog.

Dog friendly garden ideas

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