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Kids’ bedroom ideas: The perfect slumberland

When it comes to kids' bedroom ideas, consider creating a magical wonderland to inspire creativity and foster a sense of joy. We've put together some fabulous children's bedroom ideas, including clever space-saving solutions and a list of imaginative ideas to suit every child's unique personality and style.

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Before we delve into the world of kids’ bedroom ideas, let us just caveat this listicle by pointing out how these imagination-igniters are merely a starting point.

Of course, the ultimate goal is to bring your child’s imagination and preferences to life. Do this by involving them in the design process, listening to their ideas, and letting their personalities shine through.

After all, a child’s bedroom isn’t just a place to sleep — it’s a haven for play, growth, and self-expression.

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Creative kids’ bedroom ideas: Design a new world

Create an adventure zone

Who didn’t love soft play as a child? Recreate the same sense of excitement and fun with a bedroom that takes your child on an epic adventure.

For example, how about a pirate’s treasure island or a space explorer’s spaceship?

Whatever you choose, don’t forget to incorporate vibrant wall murals, themed bedding, and accessories that set the stage for out-of-this-world playtimes.

Young boy jumping up and down on his space-themed bed

Delve into under the sea decor

Take some inspiration from The Little Mermaid by diving into an underwater world with an ocean-themed bedroom.

Hang fishnets, decorate walls with colourful fish decals, and scatter stuffed sea creatures around the room.

Also, don’t forget an aquarium night light to add a soothing touch at bedtime.

Small children’s bedroom ideas: Making the most of limited space

Having a small bedroom doesn’t mean compromising on style and functionality. With a few clever design tricks, a cosy and organised space that maximises every inch is within your reach.

A loft bed increases floor space

Consider loft beds with built-in storage or study areas underneath. This saves floor space while providing extra storage and study areas.

Space saving kids' bedroom idea - bunk bed in fun themed room

Wall-mounted shelves are your best friends

Install floating shelves or wall-mounted bookcases to keep toys, books, and decorations off the floor. Utilise the vertical space for storage to help keep the room clutter-free.

Unisex children’s bedroom ideas: Gender-neutral and playful designs

Designing a gender-neutral bedroom is a fun and inclusive way to create an appealing space for any child. Here are some ideas to create a unisex bedroom that’s bursting with personality.

Neutral decor for unisex kids' bedroom

Opt for indiscriminate nature

Embrace nature with botanical wallpapers, leaf-shaped rugs, and woodland wall art. Not only does it create a calming and gender-neutral design, but it brings the beauty of the outdoors into your child’s bedroom.

Imagine serene water features, rainforest artwork, starry night ceilings and a happy child who’s free to express themselves however they wish.

Rainbows and unicorns make everyone happy

Consider vibrant colours and rainbow-themed decor to create a joyful and gender-neutral space. Colourful bedding, wall decals, and rainbow-shaped shelves will add pops of colour and whimsy to any space.

Girls’ bedroom ideas: Sparkling and magical spaces

From princesses to ballerinas, girls’ bedrooms offer endless opportunities to create enchanting spaces. Here are a few ideas to make their dreams come true.

Princess themed girls' bedroom idea - wonderland inspired

A princess castle is classic and timeless

For those with daughters who love Disney, you can’t go wrong with a princess-themed bedroom fit for royalty.

Install a canopy bed with flowing curtains, a regal chandelier, and walls adorned with princess-inspired artwork and decals.

For a few finishing touches, add some twinkling lights, fluffy rugs, and a big gilded mirror.

Better yet, go all in and embrace the Barbie-core trend!

A pastel paradise keeps it neutral

If you’d rather keep things muted, why don’t you create a soft and dreamy atmosphere with gentle pastel hues?

For example, consider soft pink, lavender, or mint green for the walls alongside neutral-coloured furniture.

You could also complement the decor with delicate floral patterns, fluffy rugs, and whimsical fairy lights.

Teenage girls’ bedroom ideas: Stylish and personal retreats

Teenagers crave spaces that reflect their unique style. However, most of all, they want private sanctuaries to support them as they transition into adulthood.

With that in mind, here are some teenage girls’ bedroom ideas that strike the balance between chic and functional.

Boho chic evokes peace

Create a bohemian-inspired retreat for your tormented teen with macrame wall hangings, string lights, and cosy floor pillows.

Incorporate natural materials like rattan and jute for a relaxed and trendy vibe.

Relaxing bedroom interior design idea

Gallery walls keep things sociable

Let your teen showcase their personality by curating a gallery wall filled with their favourite photos, artwork, and inspirational quotes. It will help keep them grounded as they learn to process their unruly emotions.

Add fairy lights or a neon sign for extra ambience. Mirrors, chalkboards, photo clips, and jewellery hooks are also great additions.

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Little girls’ bedroom ideas: Delightful and playful spaces

Little girls’ bedrooms are all about whimsy and imagination. Here are a couple of ideas to bring their fantasies to life.

Fairy gardens ignite imaginations

Ideas to transform your little girls’ bedroom into a magical fairy garden include twinkling lights, gossamer canopies, and floral-themed wallpaper.

Incorporate elements like butterfly-shaped pillows and fairy figurines to create an enchanting ambience.

Pink bedroom for a little girl

Dreamy princesses sleep better

Create a princess-themed bedroom with a canopy bed draped in tulle, sequin-adorned curtains, and a vanity area fit for royalty.

Don’t forget to add a sparkly chandelier for that extra touch of glamour!

Girls’ bedroom ideas for small rooms: Maximising space without sacrificing style

A girls’ bedroom that’s functional and fabulous is possible, even in a small space.

A classic bunk bed keeps things neat

A bunk bed saves floor space; however, they’re often seen as clunky or ugly. Thankfully, there are plenty of designs on the market that are far more attractive than their traditional counterparts.

As a general rule, choose one with built-in storage drawers or a desk area underneath for added functionality. It also helps to separate the sleeping area from the playing or study areas.

Mirrors are timeless space enhancers

Strategically hang a mirror or two to create an illusion of space. They not only reflect natural and unnatural light, making any room appear larger, but they also add a touch of elegance.

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Boys’ bedroom ideas: Adventurous and cool designs

Boys’ bedrooms should reflect their interests and passions while providing a comfortable space to relax and play. Here are some ideas to create a bedroom they’ll love.

Sporty havens let them run wild

Embrace your son’s favourite sport with a sports-themed bedroom. For example, display their rugby shirts, hang a basketball hoop behind their door, incorporate football-shaped bean bags, and let them hang posters of their favourite teams like it’s circa. 1999!

Kid zooming around his adventure themed bedroom

Outer space decor lets them dream big

Ignite your son’s imagination with a space-themed bedroom. It’s as easy as painting the walls in dark hues and decorating them with glow-in-the-dark stars. However, why not add astronaut-themed bedding for an out-of-this-world experience?

Teenage boys’ bedroom ideas: Sleek and functional retreats

Teenage boys’ bedrooms often require a cool and functional design. Here are some ideas for creating a space they can call their own.

Industrial vibes keep it cool

Opt for an industrial-inspired design with exposed brick walls, metal accents, and wooden furniture.

Incorporate vintage-inspired lighting fixtures and add a comfortable lounge area for your son’s friends to hang out and vibe.

Mens rustic bedroom ideas

Tech-friendly spaces keep it smart

Create a tech-friendly bedroom with a dedicated gaming or study area.

Your gadget-loving child will appreciate you incorporating smart storage solutions for gaming consoles, controllers, and tech gadgets.

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Boys’ bedroom ideas for small rooms: Clever solutions for limited spaces

Small spaces shouldn’t limit creativity. Here are a few ideas to maximise space in boys’ bedrooms.

Custom storage solutions maximise space

Utilise under-bed storage drawers or build custom shelving units to make the most of vertical space. This makes the organisation of toys, books, and other belongings super easy.

Space saving children’s bedroom designs

Multi-purpose furniture is a smart investment

Invest in multi-functional furniture, such as a loft bed with a desk or a daybed with built-in storage. This saves space while offering essential functionality.

Toddler boys’ bedroom ideas: Fun and playful spaces for little explorers

When designing your toddler boys’ bedroom, keep safety, comfort, and imagination in mind. These ideas will help you create a delightful space for your little one.

Scouts backpacking adventure bedroom theme

A transportation wonderland keeps them active

Create a transportation-themed bedroom with colourful wall decals of cars, planes, or trains.

Add a road-themed rug for them to zoom their toy vehicles along and a cosy reading corner for storytime adventures.

A jungle safari lets them explore

Bring the excitement of the jungle into your threenager’s bedroom with animal-themed decor.

Hang jungle-inspired wallpaper, add plush animal toys, and incorporate leaf-shaped cushions for a playful touch.

Find and book your trade with us and we'll guarantee their work up to £1,000*.

Guaranteed for 12 months. Eligibility and T&Cs apply

Remember: while these ideas serve as inspiration, it’s a good idea to involve your child in the design process and consider their preferences and interests.

Let their personalities shine through by creating a space that nurtures their dreams and provides a cosy sanctuary they’ll love spending time in.

Did you enjoy these kids’ bedroom ideas? Check out our blog for more inspiration or contact one of our professionals today to get started on your redecorating project!

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