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Small bathroom ideas for 2023: Smart and budget ideas

As our homes get smaller and the housing market gets increasingly competitive, smart living is both a trend and a solution. It doesn’t matter how small your bathroom is, style and practicality are within (literal) reach. This small bathroom ideas blog is going to look at the latest design trends, the latest living solutions, and the best ways to maximise your space.

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Smart design solutions to maximise your space

As our homes get smaller and the housing market gets increasingly competitive, smart living is both a trend and a solution. It doesn’t matter how small your bathroom is, style and practicality are within (literal) reach.

This small bathroom ideas blog is going to look at the latest design trends, the latest living solutions, and the best ways to maximise your space.

Although we spend the least amount of time in our bathrooms (unless you’re a super-soaker), their aesthetic still matters. They’re where we start and/or end our days and they’re where we clean ourselves, relax and *ahem, read the paper.

A cosy, slick bathroom design idea

Small bathroom ideas - cosy slick

This is a cosy bathroom design. A nice slick space actually, with the nice patterned wall and towel rail, black and grey tiles around the toilet. Nice compact sink beside it, with enough elbow room to open your paper without bashing your arm.

Small bathroom solution for maintenance and practicality

Small wet room

Tiles from floor to walls means easy maintenance and a satisfying consistency in this small bathroom. The small compact sink sits snug. Even when the door opens, it doesn’t donk again the sink unit.

Don’t disregard storage in your designs – the floor to ceiling storage cupboard in this bathroom is genius. Easily reachable from anywhere in the bathroom.

Modern small bathroom ideas

Wall to wall mirrors, compact towel rails and neutral decor are all great ways to modernise your bathroom. Keeping it fresh, light and simple means less fuss and more breathing room. Add colour with accessories like flowers, towels, soap dishes and bathmats to add depth and character.

Grey bathroom ideas

Jaquar eco friendly bathroom

You may be surprised just how much of a difference cladding can make to a wall. Maximise the potential of your home by using this sleek bathroom wall cladding idea.

What’s more, the clever use of white textured cladding makes this space enviable for its clean, fresh finish.

Small bathroom ideas – less colour, more contrasting patterns

Keeping the space light and bright, consider floor to ceiling white or neutral tiles, with contrasting ceramic floors tiles for some extra design flare. A freestanding slipper tub is a great space saving option that looks gorgeous in any small bathroom, while inlet shelves can house plants or toiletries for a compact and spacious feel.

Small wet room idea

Wet room ideas

Underfloor heating cuts out radiators and dipped flooring eradicates the need for shower basins, which makes both worth considering when it comes to space-saving solutions.

Glass shower screens keep the space looking as big as it can, while the open-plan nature of wet rooms means you can get away with warmer decor and complementary colours.

Small bathroom storage solutions

Etageres, tallboys and floating cabinets are all great small bathroom storage solutions. Making good use of corners with shelves or made-to-measure furniture will maximise your storage capacity and give you back precious floor space. A tidy bathroom is a spacious one, so try to store as much as you can to keep the room looking minimalist and clutter-free.

Small bathroom decor idea – mirror, mirror on the wall…

A famed trick for opening up any small space is to add a mirror or two. This year’s trend is all about the framed and the beautiful. Think big and elaborate. Let it take up an entire wall. Make it the main feature so it can prove how iddy-biddy bathrooms don’t have to look that way.

Small bathroom remodel on a budget ideas

Bathroom space is not something you would think about showing off, but when you have guests over, you do want it to look nice. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a basic clean bathroom without any fancy trims or frills, but just because the bare minimum is okay doesn’t mean you should settle for it!

The problem with small bathrooms, however, is that they are small! When you only have space for the bare minimum, how do you make the space look nice? Luckily, we can help you find a bathroom designer near you to help out. What’s more, we have plenty of small bathroom makeover ideas on a budget for you.

Even if you don’t want to spend a fortune on your small bathroom makeover, there are several ways that small changes could refresh the appearance of the room. Remember, it’s the details that make all the difference!

Here are our suggestions on ways you can decorate your small bathroom on a budget.

Upcycled furniture

An earthern pot and towels on a wooden stool - Small rustic bathroom ideas on a budget

Flea markets, car boot sales and online marketplaces are great for bargains on old furniture. Give them a polish or a lick of paint, and you have yourself an attractive accessory that adds character to your small bathroom inexpensively.

Plus, they can also help with storage space! Use a stool to keep your toiletries or put a wicker basket on it to hold your towels.

Looking for a painter to paint your furniture? Find one near you.

Vertical spaces

A bathroom with shelving, ladders,and plants - small bathroom makeover ideas on a budget

One of the biggest problems you’d face with small rustic bathroom makeover ideas on a budget is the fact that you can’t really put much in the small space.

However, if you make use of your vertical spaces, you will not only solve storage issues but also be able to add innovative design features.

For example, a small wooden ladder or stepladder has a small footprint but gives you storage space or act as a towel rack. Alternatively, you could instal shelves.

Find a handyman near you to help you install your shelves.

Tall shelving

Warm-coloured bathroom with a tall shelving unit - Simple bathroom ideas on a budget

Another low-cost, yet functional, idea of adding character to your small bathroom on a budget is to invest in tall, narrow shelving.

If you find a preloved one, you can upcycle it to match the decor of your room.

Or, you could find a carpenter locally to help you build a custom shelving unit.

See the tradespeople we've checked and recommend for your job

Indoor plants

Bathroom with plants - Cheap small bathroom ideas

One of the easiest ways of making any indoor space come alive is by adding plants!

The advantage a bathroom has is that it’s often humid. This humidity lends itself quite well to certain indoor plants that don’t need direct sunlight or a lot of watering.

This is one of those cheap small bathroom ideas that not only gives you a bigger bang for your buck but is also great for your mental health.

Splurge on the little things

A vintage looking bathrooom - Small bathroom makeover ideas to add luxury

Whilst it is true that spending money on a bathroom makeover might not be in the budget just yet, you can get that sense of luxury in other ways.

One of our low-cost bathroom makeover ideas is to save money on the big stuff but splurge on the little stuff. A fancy soap dispenser with a bottle of hand lotion next to it might be little details but they do add to the experience!

Wall art

A bathroom with black walls and a painting hanging over the toilet - Wall art as a cheap small bathroom makeover idea

Just like indoor plants, wall art is one of the small bathroom ideas on a budget that leaves a big impression.

It’s an easy way to make a room look classy and add colour, and it also serves as a focal point in your small bathroom.

A bathroom designer could help you come up with other such ideas to transform your room into something special. Find one near you now!

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Colourful shower curtains

Colourful shower curtains for simple bathroom ideas on a budget

Sometimes, a budget small bathroom remodel does not involve grand plans or time-intensive renovations.

Sometimes, you can achieve a complete change of look simply by replacing a plain shower curtain with something bright and with an interesting pattern!

This is such a quick and easy fix that you can make your small bathroom look different every other week, simply by swapping around shower curtains!

Colour-coordinated bathmats and towels

Budget small bathroom remodel with bathmats

Even if you have a ‘boring’ white bathroom, you can add splashes of colour in there for a quick and cheap small bathroom makeover.

One of the ways to add colour was shower curtains, and yet another is a bathmat that is colour-coordinated with bright towels. Both are utilitarian items that add vibrancy to your small room.

See the tradespeople we've checked and recommend for your job

Painted bath panel

Bath panel coordinated with wall design - Cheap small bathroom remodel ideas bath panels

If you’re looking for cheap small bathroom remodel ideas, there’s a good chance you’re bored of the plain, boring bathroom you currently have. If you’ve read our previous suggestions, you’d probably have guessed the underlying theme.

Why spend money on big renovation projects when you can make the same impact with a small one? And, changing the colour of your bath panel is a great way to do it. You can paint over it, or get vinyl stickers to stick on it.

Quick and easy!

Need an expert to remodel your bath panel? We can help you find a reliable fitter.

Vinyl patterns on tiles

Speaking of vinyl stickers, you can also get these for bathroom tiles.

Stick them on tiles on walls or the floor. You’ll instantly get a new look without having your bathroom taken apart and rendered unuseable.

Not sure if you’d be able to do a clean job? You can find a tradesperson near you to do it for you!

A splash of paint

Painted wall as a cheap bathroom makeover idea

Having walls that are all the same colour can often be the default. However, if you’re looking for an easy small bathroom remodel idea, you could try painting one wall a different colour.

It doesn’t even have to be the whole wall – a panel painted in a different colour can look just as attractive! And, if you’re feeling adventurous, you could even try painting the floor!

To find a painter near you, use our handy search feature.

You can implement all of these ideas yourself. However, if you think a professional would do them better – we can help you find a reliable one near you!

Like what you see?

We have plenty more where this came from. Check out our blog for more home inspiration, how-to’s and project ideas.

Ensure you budget for the job through our guide on new bathroom costs.

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