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Negotiation tips when dealing with Tradesperson

May 24, 2019

Negotiate with tradespeople

Negotiation isn’t something that comes naturally to us Brits. There are the lucky few to whom it comes naturally, and then there are the rest of us when the sheer mention of the word negotiation fills us with dread and our stomachs tie in knots.

The good news is that with this handy negotiation guide with expert tips from Jon Broadbent, MD of, you can enter the negotiation battlefield full of confidence and get the best deal on offer.

Tip 1 – Prepare, Prepare, Prepare
Jon advises there are two stages of preparation before entering a negotiation with a Tradesperson. Firstly, level the playing field by arming yourself with factual information about the relevant trade. Now obviously you don’t need to become a subject matter expert but if you are having a visit from a boiler installer make sure you know the difference between a Combi Boiler and a System Boiler, an which you have. Showing product knowledge will boost your confidence.
Secondly use some relaxation and breathing techniques before your appointment to relax and take control of your emotions. As daft as it sounds it really works and you will enter the negotiation calm and in control.

Tip 2 – Beware of the classic tactics
The Tradesperson visiting you is also a professional Salesperson. And probably knows a few closing tricks. Politely swerve the leading questions “how does that sound”, “should we write this up” and make sure you stick to your game plan and make your mind up in your own time. If you decided to get a quote from two Tradespeople then stick to it.

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Tip 3 – Watch out for emotional leakage, and know how to stop it
“Emotional leakage massively reduces your negotiating power;” says Jon, “your body visibly giving physical signs that your nerves are getting the better of you”. These could be anything from your hands shaking, not knowing what to do with your arms, or even blushing. The Telephone Doctor advises to combat emotional leakage you stop what you’re doing, take a deep breath, put on a phony smile and then re-engage the Tradesperson.

Tip 4 – Make Friends
The more you engage and build a relationship with the Tradesperson the more likely they are going to want to help you and give you the best deal they can. Try and find out something about them that they enjoy doing, offer them a seat, a cup of tea and a biscuit. We’re social creatures and it’s amazing how far a little bit of common courtesy can take you.

Tip 5 – Don’t do it alone!
It’s better with a friend; moral support boosts confidence. Try and book the appointment at a time a friend or family member can be with you. This is even more of a useful tactic if your pal has more knowledge about the trade you are engaging than you do. And because it’s not your friend engaging the Tradesperson they normally feel more comfortable asking the difficult questions and negotiating on price for you.

So, follow these simple tips from Jon and negotiating will become easier, a more natural and maybe even an enjoyable experience. Happy Haggling!

Content has been provided by Jon Broadbent – the MD of Clever Energy Boilers, part of the Green Deal Factory Ltd based in Yorkshire. They are proud to be a member of Checkatrade and have successful installed over 5,000 boilers in the last eight years.
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