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Gas engineer insurance – what you need to know

When it’s your job to deal with gas heating systems and keeping homes Gas Safe, it’s important to have the right gas engineer insurance. Having the right cover, such as public liability insurance for gas engineers, will protect you and your business in the event of an accident.

In this guide, we look at everything you need to know about insurance for gas engineers. This includes which type of gas engineer insurance cover might be best for you, and what can affect the cost of your insurance policy.

Do gas fitters and heating engineers need insurance?

As a gas engineer, being fully insured is important to protect your business against the financial burden of any accidents caused by you or your employees. It is also reassuring to potential customers when they see that your business is insured. That can also help you win new business.

Working with gas comes with its own set of risks. Although you can do your best to always work in a safe and responsible manner, accidents can (and do) still occur.

In the event of an accident, without gas engineer insurance you are responsible for covering the costs. Such as for any loss, damages or injury should a claim be made against you or your business.

Common insurance claims affecting gas engineers

  • Gas leaks causing personal injury or damage to property
  • Damage caused by the installation of heating systems and Gas Safe appliances
  • Water damage from boilers and heating systems
  • Loss or damage to tools and equipment

The consequences of being an uninsured gas engineer or Gas Safe business could be devastating for you and your business if an accident is caused by the work you carry out. The smart thing to do is to invest in suitable gas engineer insurance and enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re protected.

Public liability insurance for gas engineers

Why do I need gas fitter insurance?

As a gas fitter or Gas Safe engineer, it’s likely that you’ll regularly be working with high-risk gas heating systems – so having the right Gas Safe insurance or heating engineer insurance will cover you (and those around you) against the potential claims.

Here are some of the main reasons why you need adequate gas fitter insurance:

  • It protects you by covering the cost of injury, loss or damages if a claim is made against you (depending on the level of insurance cover you have)
  • It can provide protection for your tools and equipment, in the event of accidental damage, vandalism or theft
  • It gives you peace of mind so that you don’t have to worry about the implications of accidents or damage at work
  • It’s a legal obligation for employers to have employers’ liability insurance if you employ any workers (on a temporary or permanent basis)
  • It can help your business to continue operating in the event of unexpected disruptions during a contract

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What type of Gas Safe insurance do I need?

When it comes to choosing the exact type of gas engineer insurance for your business, the exact type of work you carry out and where you work will affect the policies you might need.

Below is an overview of the main types of gas engineer insurance that you might want to consider.

1. Public liability insurance for gas engineers

This is probably the most important type of insurance for gas engineers – especially if you’re self-employed.

Public liability insurance for gas engineers will cover you against claims if the work carried out by your business causes injury, loss or damage to a third party or their property. This also includes any compensation or legal costs which may arise as a result.

If you work with large companies, it’s common that you’ll have to provide proof of Public Liability insurance with a minimum cover of £5m to £10m before you’ll be awarded a contract.

2. Employers liability insurance

If your gas fitting business employs staff, you are required by law to have valid employers’ liability insurance. Whether you hire on a permanent, part-time, or temporary basis, it is still a legal requirement.

This type of insurance cover will help cover any legal costs or compensation. For example, anything claimed against your business by one of your employees who may have been injured at work.

3. Professional indemnity insurance

When you run your own focus solely on gas fitting or HVAC business, it may well be asked for your professional advice by customers. Should that advice lead to loss, injury or damage for your customer, professional indemnity insurance can help protect your business.

This type of insurance will help cover the cost of any compensation or legal fees, as well as the cost of damage or injury.

4. Gas engineer insurance for tools and equipment

Tools cover is usually offered as an extension of your main public liability insurance policy. As a gas engineer, it will protect you against the loss of or damage to any of your tools or gas heating equipment.

You’ll typically be able to choose between various levels of tools cover, depending on the value and quantity of tools and equipment that you want to insure.

5. Goods in transit cover

Van theft is sadly a common issue for many tradespeople including gas fitters and heating engineers. Luckily, you can get specific insurance cover to protect your tools and equipment while they’re in your van or other work vehicle. It works as additional insurance for when you are in transit, and does not replace your existing vehicle insurance.

Heating engineer insurance

Is it mandatory to have Gas Safe public liability insurance?

Technically, it’s not an official requirement to have Gas Safe public liability insurance. However, it is highly recommended that all Gas Safe engineers and registered businesses have an appropriate level of insurance. For all the work activities they carry out.

It’s also useful to bear in mind that:

  • All Checkatrade members must have public liability insurance
  • If you employ workers (even on a temporary or casual basis) in the UK, it’s a legal requirement to have employers’ liability insurance
  • It’s often a requirement to show your insurance documents if you want to win contracts with large organisations

Make sure your business is fully protected with the right insurance

And save 20% on PLI as a Checkatrade member

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How much is public liability insurance for gas engineers?

The cost of any gas engineer insurance, including public liability insurance for gas engineers, will vary depending on a number of factors. These include:

  • The type of gas fitter or heating engineer insurance cover you need
  • The level of cover that you choose
  • Your business turnover
  • The type of work you carry out
  • Whether you need cover for employees
  • Where you work
  • Your insurance claims history
  • The quantity and value of your tools and equipment

One way to save money on your gas fitter or heating engineer insurance is to become a Checkatrade member.

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There is also the added flexibility of optional extra covers such as employers’ liability insurance, tools cover, and other insurance cover relevant for tradespeople. Just add different forms of cover at the checkout and see how much you could save!

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