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Our guide to insurance for roofing contractors

Knowing what insurance you need to get can be a confusing process for any trade. But with the right information, it can be easy to understand. Read our guide to learn more about the details of getting insurance for roofing contractors.

Protecting your roofing business

As anyone working in any form of construction knows, the right insurance is vital to have. Not only is it key to protecting your business financially but it will also help to boost your company’s reputation.

Insurance for roofing contractors is no exception. Without it, you leave your business vulnerable to the many risks you face during your day-to-day work. This means you could be liable for a massive financial payout should you or a third party be injured.

In order to make sure this doesn’t happen, we’ve outlined exactly what you need to know about roofing insurance. From the types of cover available to how much it might cost, our guide has you covered.

Why is it important to have insurance for roofing contractors?

It goes without saying that roofing can be a very hazardous job. Not only are you constantly working at heights, but there’s every chance tools and materials could fall and injure you.

And this is before you consider the fact you might have to work in bad weather or with dangerous chemicals.

That’s why, just like roofing safety procedures, having the right roofing insurance is so important in order to mitigate these risks. With the right cover, you can financially protect yourself, and ensure that third parties can be compensated if necessary.

Therefore, it’s essential that you sort out your roofing insurance needs well before you start any work.

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What insurance should a roofer have?

When it comes to insurance for roofing contractors, there are numerous different cover options for you to choose from. Meaning you can pick and choose which ones are most appropriate for your business.

The following is a list of different types of roofing insurance you might want to invest in:

  • Employer’s liability insurance – a legal requirement for anyone with employees, this insurance will help provide financial cover should they be injured at work
  • Public liability insurance – always a good idea to have, public liability insurance will provide financial cover in the event that a third party is injured as a result of your work
  • Professional indemnity insurance – in the event that a claim is brought against the quality of your work, professional indemnity insurance will cover any associated legal costs
  • Tool and vehicle insurance – every trader should protect their tools and work vehicle, and this is certainly true for your roofing tools. This sort of cover will help safeguard both in the event that they’re stolen or damaged while at work or in storage
  • Personal accident insurance – essential for protecting your business finances, personal accident insurance will cover you in the event that an injury leaves you unable to work for a certain period of time
  • Business interruption insurance – while not essential, business interruption insurance will ensure that you have a financial cushion should need to stop trading due to unforeseen circumstances

Naturally, you don’t need to invest in all of these forms of insurance. But once you’ve settled on those that fit your business, we recommend speaking to a financial broker.

They’ll make sure that all your policies are covered in one package, making monthly payments easier.

And if you want more information on picking insurance, read our piece on finding the right tradesperson insurance.

How much does roofing insurance cost?

Roofing insurance costs will vary from business to business, depending on certain circumstances. As a result, the quote for your business could be very different to that of a competitor.

Below are just some of the factors that could affect the price of your roofing insurance cost:

  • The type of cover you need
  • The level of cover you need
  • The type of roofing work you do
  • The amount of work you do
  • The location of your work
  • How many people you employ
  • Whether or not you’ve made any previous claims

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How to grow your roofing business

Roofing insurance FAQs

Is public liability insurance essential for roofers?

While not a legal requirement, public liability insurance is always a sound investment for traders.

Public liability insurance will protect your business against any claims made against you by a third party. This could range from personal loss or injury on their end to building damages.

On top of this, having public liability is mandatory in the following cases:

  • Join certain trade associations
  • Taking on work as a contractor for a reputable firm
  • Working with local authorities on council projects
  • Becoming a Checkatrade member

Want the best rates on your roofer insurance?

Save 20% on public liability insurance as a Checkatrade member

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