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Best tools for an electrician

There are certain things that every electrician needs, and will ultimately impact the quality of their work. In case you’re missing anything from your tool kit, or your old one has seen better days, we’ve pulled together a list of the best tools for an electrician.

As an electrician, your tools mean everything. Without them, you likely wouldn’t be able to undertake or safely finish any electrical job.

Of course, every sparky is different and might prefer certain jobs over others. However, a ready-to-go electrician tool bag is a must-have for every job. That’s exactly why we’ve compiled our top picks for essential tools for electricians below that might be worth a quick read.

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Best electrician tools for dealing with wires

A main part of being an electrician involves dealing with wires whether that’s installing, removing, or fixing them. This type of work can require a few different tools such as wire strippers, Linesman pliers, and cable cutters.

All three are pretty standard tools to have as an electrician, and will end up being used at some point during a job.

For instance, you’ll need to have wire strippers at the ready for properly removing the protective covering on electric wires. Then, depending on the job, you’ll need either Linesman pliers or cable cutters to bend or cut the exposed wire.

In our opinion, one of the best electrician tools you can find on the market is the NWS VDE 6 in 1 Supercutter. The reason for this is that you can cut, strip, crimp, and bend with just this one tool alone. No need for multiple tools taking up space, and less fuss too.

Voltage indicator

A voltage indicator, or voltage detector, is a tool that electricians rely on heavily. It’s a necessary purchase for detecting live currents as well as testing outlets and switches.

You could even go as far as to say that a voltage indicator is quite literally lifesaving. If you’re on the market for a great voltage indicator, definitely check out the CK VDE Insulated Non Contact Voltage Detector.

Easy-to-use and double insulated for safety, you need this detector in your kit. No test leads needed either as this tool boasts a non-contact voltage detection range of 70-1000v AC.

Voltage testers in use

Insulated screwdrivers

Screwdrivers might sound super basic, but as an electrician it’s key to have the right ones as part of your kit. We’d recommend the Wiha Slimfix VDE Screwdriver Set as they’ve been specifically designed for electrical work.

A 6-piece set, having the choice between different shapes and sizes of screwdriver bits will come in handy. Not only that, but each handle has an ergonomic soft finish to help prevent strain and includes an anti-roll off feature.

Electrician scissors

A necessary tool across all the trades, every electrician should have a suitable pair of scissors on hand. As they’ll be used when doing electrical work, it’s important that they’ve been designed with this in mind such as the CK Electricians Scissors.

These scissors have an integrated cutting notch specifically for cutting through and stripping wires and cables. The ergonomic handle is also suitable whether you’re right-handed or a leftie.

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Electrical tape

Used to insulate and protect wires and other materials conducting electricity, electrical tape is another essential tool for electricians. Essentially, it prevents electrical shorts, fires, and even electrocution – exactly what an electrician want and need.

It may not seem like the most exciting tool on this list, but electrical tape is necessary when working with live wires.


Working in dark areas is common as an electrician, so you’ll need a torch to help you see what you’re doing.

Some electricians may prefer a head torch like the Unilite 200 Lumen LED Headlight that follows their line of sight and leaves their hands free. Meanwhile, others may opt for the sort of work light that can be balanced or hung nearby.


Apart from dealing with wires, another common task for electricians involves cutting pipes and other metal materials. This is where a hacksaw comes in.

A hacksaw is more suitable for electricians compared to power tools like grinders and reciprocating saw due to its precision. As you’ll be working in small spaces, you’ll need a better level of control in order to do accurate cuts.


Another tool that extends across the trades is a spanner. For electricians, they need a spanner for tasks such as loosening or attaching screws and nuts.

There are two main types of spanners – adjustable and open-ended. An adjustable spanner, as its name implies, has a movable jaw which can be adjusted for size. Whereas an open-ended spanner has two sides with U-shaped ends of different sizes.

If you ask us, both are worth having as part of your electrician tool kit.

Combi drill

Onto a real power tool, we’ve included a combi drill in our roundup of the best electrician tools. The reason for this is due to its versatility with different modes and applications. Drilling, driving screws, mounting, or installing, this one tool can do it all.

Most combi drills are also cordless which means it’s super easy to use and just needs a charged battery. Perfect for when you’re on the job and don’t want to be plugged in!

cordless combi drill laying on a workbench


The final tool to make our roundup, which may not come as a surprise to come, is an oscillating multi-tool.

Whilst we still think a hacksaw is a worthwhile tool to have, sometimes you just need that extra power. That’s something an oscillating multi-tool can offer. It’s also quicker to use than a hacksaw and can cut through various materials with ease.

An all-rounder tool, its other uses can include polishing, sanding, grinding, and scraping. So, we’d say it’s pretty much indispensable in your electrician tool kit.

Checkatrade members can get electrician tools for less

Here at Checkatrade, we know that top-quality tools tend to come with a higher price tag. As a tradesperson, it’s important to invest in the right places in order to provide the best services, and that includes tools.

That’s why Checkatrade members have access to all sorts of great benefits, including discounted tools from Selco.

Whether you’ve just realised there’s a tool that would make your life a lot easier or have been using the same ones for too long, we’ve got you covered. Alternatively, if you’re just starting out then it’s a great way to save money on all the essential tools for an electrician.

Remember to keep yourself and your tools and equipment protected with the right level of electrician insurance.

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Our members get exclusive discounts, and you could too

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