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How much do van wraps cost?

Van sign writing is one of the best ways to promote your business. Because when you're on the go, your van is showing off your brand! But how much does van wrapping cost?

Why should I get a vehicle wrap?

Every business needs to market its services and get its name out there.

Advertising can often be associated with continued costs and varied successes.

But there is one way to cut monthly expenditure that still provides visibility for your business – and that’s vehicle graphics.

Getting vehicle graphics is a simple and effective way of promoting your services. Plus, you’ll only be spending on this advertising once!

The types of vehicle graphics to choose from

There are several vehicle graphic types to choose from. All styles provide high-impact advertising with a choice of content, such as logos and contact details.

The common types of van wrapping are:


Signwriting lets you design your own custom template. And this is created with vinyl lettering and shapes.

The graphic is then fixed in place with adhesive for a smooth, lasting finish.

Graphic wraps

Vinyl vehicle graphics provide the most advertising coverage. Typically, they use a range of images, logos and messaging.

Full vehicle wraps will cover every inch of your vehicle for maximum visibility.

Partial applications can also be used. However, these will only cover the rear window or sides, for example.

Magnetic signs

Magnetic signs can be quickly applied and removed. Even better, they won’t damage bodywork.

Vehicle signage is often used as an affordable way to test out a template before investing in vinyl graphics.

It’s also useful if your vehicle is used for different things. As this form of advertising can be easily removed for personal travel occasions.

Man opening door of white van with vehicle wrapping

How much does it cost to sign write a van?

Van sign writing costs can vary.

You could pay anything from £65 +VAT through to £3,000 +VAT for a professional to fully wrap your van.

There are three key van sign writing costs: design, printing and application.

Printing and application are usually carried out by the same specialist. Most also offer a design service.

You can do this yourself if you feel confident, or you can hire a third party to do it.

What to consider for van sign writing costs and quotes:

  • Type of signage wanted: The cost of vehicle signage will differ depending on what type it is.
  • Design charges: You can try and do this yourself for free. However, van signage is an area of your marketing where you’ll want expert support.
  • Complexity of design: Printing your logo and some contact details will cost less than a full colour printed design.
  • Amount of coverage: The more panels you want to cover, the more expensive your van signwriting costs will be.

A general guide of vehicle wrap costs

  • Van wrapping costs for a basic logo and phone number in cut vinyl graphics will usually cost around £65 + VAT. Although, this is based on one panel.
  • For a more complex design on all four sides, expect to pay somewhere in the region of £525 + VAT.
  • And for a professional sign writing company to fully wrap a Transit van, expect to pay around £3,000 + VAT.
  • If you want something less permanent, then four magnetic signs in a basic design will cost you around £150 + VAT.

These costs are based on already having a logo design that you can send to the signage company.

  • So if you haven’t, expect to pay upwards of £50 + VAT for a basic logo design.

Van sign writing costs range from £150 to £350 for standard coverage. Although, you can also choose to customise certain parts. This includes things like bonnets, roofs, and even spoilers.

Remember that each part has a different amount of surface area to work with. So, designs can vary in price.

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How much do vehicle graphics cost?

Vinyl wraps can be applied fully or partially depending on your budget. Full vehicle wraps cost anywhere between £1,000 to £2,300.

Whereas, partial designs range from £350 to £1,000.

How much do magnetic signs cost?

Standard sign shops will charge as little as £30 for small van designs. Whereas, larger sizes cost up to £100.

Despite being cheaper than vinyl graphics, magnetic graphics can be just as good!

How much does it cost to remove sign writing from a van?

If you’re hoping to remove sign writing from your van, this usually costs around £175-£299. One reason could be that you’re looking to sell your vehicle.

This process involves the removal of:

  • Wording, logos and decals
  • Silhouetting
  • Glue remnants

Van sign writing tips and ideas

When using van sign writing right, it can help promote your business and elevate your brand.

But if you get it wrong, you’ll risk your reputation and could put potential customers off.

Most van signwriting companies have examples of their work on their website. If they don’t, they’ll be available to view on request

But, here are a few of our ideas:

  • Builders van sign writing ideas: This depends if you’re a commercial or domestic builder. We recommend having a strong logo and contact details for both. It might be nice to incorporate house graphics if you’re a domestic builder.
  • Electrician van sign writing ideas: To stand out, choose a visual representation of your industry on your van.
    E.g., add imagery of a cable or switch graphic.
  • Plumbing van sign writing ideas: Include some pipework to show what industry you’re in.
    Alternatively, opt for a water drop-themed brand.
  • If you’re a family business, then it’s a good idea to lead with the family name.

Top tip: Checkatrade members receive Checkatrade branded van vinyls when they become a member.

8/10 people would choose a trade endorsed by Checkatrade, compared to one that isn’t*. So, if you add our trusted name to your van, you’ll stand out!

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Grey van sign writing tips

Grey vans are popular with businesses that want to stand out from traditional, white vans.

While white signage looks good on a grey van, it doesn’t on others. This is because darker colours clash, so the signage looks unclear.

If you’re considering a grey van, speak to an expert on how best to showcase your van.

Pros and cons of magnetic van signwriting

Magnetic signage is a less permanent way of adding signage to your van.

Pros of magnetic signs

  • Easily removable: Ideal if you hire a van or are using a different van while yours is in the garage. Just peel off and reattach signage to different vehicles.
  • Flexible vehicle use: These are great if you use your van for personal and business journeys.
  • Cheaper: In most cases, magnetic van signs are much cheaper to buy than vinyl cut graphics or wraps.
  • Temporary: Magnetic signage is perfect if you’ve not finalised your branding.

Cons of magnetic signs

  • Easily removable: Magnetic signs can peel off at high speeds, and someone could remove them quite easily.
  • Can appear unprofessional: While harder to tell on white vans, magnetic signs can appear temporary and ‘cheap’ compared to vinyl designs.
  • Restricted fitting: Magnetic van signs can only be applied to completely flat panels of your van. So, you’re limited to where you can put them (and larger designs aren’t possible).
  • Need regular cleaning: Unlike vinyl and wraps, magnetic signs allow water and dirt to get behind them, which can cause scratches and damage. Regular cleaning will be needed.

Magnetic signs are a great option if you need temporary signage, or are buying new vans for staff. The same can be said if you regularly swap vans to do your work, too.

If you’re looking more long-term, it’s probably worth choosing a more permanent solution.

Show off your Checkatrade membership

When you become a member, you’ll receive Checkatrade vinyls to add to your van.

These show people you’re a proud Checkatrade member, and a trusted business.

Checkatrade is the most well-known sign of quality in the trade industry*. So using our vinyls is a great way to stand out. It also shows potential customers why they should hire you!

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Checkatrade members get exclusive deals with a number of suppliers

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*Deep Blue Thinking 2021 Trade Perception Survey. Compared to a trade that isn’t endorsed.
**Deep Blue Thinking 2021 Trade Perception Survey

Van wrapping FAQs

How long does sign writing take?

Most services will be able to apply a basic design in just two days. However, more complex templates can take four or five days to complete.

How long do vehicle graphics last?

Usually, graphics will last eight or nine years. So it’s a worthwhile investment.

What should I include on my vehicle’s graphics?

For vehicle graphics, you’ll want to include:

  • The company name and logo
  • A call to action (like your website URL)
  • Contact details
  • Accredited memberships – like the Checkatrade logo, a trade association, or accreditation scheme

Is van insurance cheaper with signwriting?

In most cases, having a van sign writing on a work van reduces insurance costs. But why?

Well, businesses that use graphics for company branding look more professional. Therefore, insurers see these parties as more trustworthy and can offer a discounted price.

Are sign writing costs worth it?

Van sign writing costs are lower than you’d be charged for graphic wraps.

For a singular fee, you can gain 24/7 business advertisement as well as cheaper insurance. So, it can be really cost-effective.

How do you remove sign writing from a van?

Removing van signwriting is tricky. It’s a job best left to professionals, so you don’t cause any damage to your vehicle.

Heat will be needed to remove vinyl graphics or vehicle wraps. Magnetic van signage is easier, though. This can be removed by just peeling the signs off!

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