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Last updated on August 18th, 2022

Ant control cost guide

Ants may appear small and harmless but they’re one of the most frustrating pests of all. Use our handy ant control cost guide to see how prices vary for different problems.

Why pay for ant control?

Often existing in very large numbers, ants can find multiple entry routes into a home and bring in dirt and bacteria from the outside. They are terrible for food hygiene and if not treated correctly can quickly return.

Ant control can be used as an effective way to manage and remove large colonies as well as to prevent any future entry into your home. Ant control costs are generally reasonable and can be cheaper in the long run than using DIY treatments.

How much are ant control costs?

Cost of ant controlCost + VAT
(Range low - high)
Average UK cost
Ant extermination course£150 - £180£165
Fire ant pest control£153.50 - £306.50£230
Carpenter ant pest control£194.50 - £385.50£290

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

Ant control treatment is an ideal way to remove the ants in your home. This consists of a single round of treatment, tailored to your specific problem.

On average you can expect to pay £165 for a single ant extermination course.

Risk of ants in the home

  • Dirt and bacteria: Even ant types that aren’t known to carry diseases can still walk dirt and bacteria into your home. Anything they’ve trodden in outside can be easily carried into your home. This can lead to food contamination and illness.
  • Damage to wooden structures and the integrity of your home: Ants don’t generally stray very far. So, if you see ants in your home further than the back door then chances are they have already built a colony inside your home walls and foundations. And, although they’re small, ants can damage wood and weaken your home’s structure.
  • Long term issues: Ants are long term pests and once they’ve established a colony in your home, they can stay there for over a decade. With a queen able to produce over 300,000 eggs in a lifetime, it’s recommended you take care of the problem sooner rather than later.
  • Not pleasant to look at or smell: A trail of ants running through your home is not desirable and the frequent presence of this menace can be a source of long-term annoyance. Especially, if you thought you’d got rid of the problem. Some ants also have an unpleasant odour as well.

Ant pest control costWays to tackle ant infestations

Although nothing is as effective as hiring a professional, there are several approaches you can try in order to tackle ant infestations. These include:

  • Seal off any entry points.
  • Make sure all worktops and tables are clean.
  • Ensure no food is left out.
  • Use store bought products, such as traps, gels, sprays and powders.

Sadly, most of these solutions are only temporary, and ants can be very resilient at finding new entry points in even the tiniest cracks. Professionals can use other treatment options including fumigation and insecticide bait to eliminate a colony and remove the problem entirely.  They can also ensure any treatment options are safe for your family and any pets.

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Factors affecting ant control costs

The ant pest control cost you pay will vary based on:

  • Type of ant: Not all ants are equal. From garden and black ants, to harder to remove fire and carpenter ants, the cost will vary depending on the type in your home. There are even flying ants to contend with!
  • Scale of infestation: If the infestation is due to multiple nests, or different types of ant, then additional rounds of treatment may be required at an additional cost.
  • Location of nest: If an exterminator needs access to the nest, this can increase the cost if it is in a hard to reach area, such as in the roof, or a wall.
  • Method of ant control: If the ant nest is outside you may choose to just seal the entry points to your home, or use natural control methods such as pepper to create a natural barrier. However, if you need to destroy the colony this will be more expensive.
  • Added preventative measures: Once the colony has been destroyed you can take extra steps to protect your home, at an additional cost, such as installing traps and sealing all entry points.

Ant pest control cost

A single course of ant control can quickly remove a problem and help remove any concerns you have about ants inside your home. It won’t stop future issues, so it’s recommended you also seal any holes and keep surfaces free of tempting food. That said, it’s an effective way to quickly sort the problem in the short term.

A single course of ant control extermination costs around £165. Although, this can vary for more challenging ant types, such as fire ants and carpenter ants.

Fire ant pest control costFire ant pest control cost

Although ants may appear harmless, fire ants are certainly not. They can both bite and sting, and are known to cause destruction to plants and even hurt small animals. It is highly recommended that fire ant colonies be destroyed as soon as possible for this reason.

Fire ant pest control costs on average £230.

Carpenter ant pest control cost

Known for their structural damage through excavating wood to create nests, carpenter ants are a considerable risk to homes. They tend to be found in roofs and in walls near to sources of moisture, making them tricky to find and remove.

Carpenter ant pest control costs on average £290.

Do I need professional ant control?

Whether you need a specialist will depend on the number and type of ants. If you already have a colony within your home, or have fire ants, for example, then it would be highly recommended you hire a professional.

What may appear to be a few ants in your kitchen, could actually be a much more severe problem that could go undetected. Hiring a professional ensures you know the extent of the problem and that it’s been taken care of quickly and effectively with high quality treatments.

To find an ant control specialist in your area and get personalised ant control costs use our free search feature. This includes BPCA (British Pest Control Association) certified professionals.


How can I prevent ants from entering my home?

If you don’t have ants, or want to stop any new ones entering your home, you should follow similar steps to our above tips on preventing ant infestations. Clean any sticky or sugary messes, close any access points, clear food away and stay vigilant for any scouts that enter the home.

How can I keep my pets safe during the extermination?

When choosing an exterminator ensure they have pet safe products. Whilst you should always make sure pets are kept out of the way during the extermination, your specialist will be able to advise when it is safe for them to enter again.

Useful ant control checklist

  • Ant pest control costs are far less than repairing future home damage, or the risks to your health.
  • Pest control professionals have very effective treatment options to ensure the problem is solved.
  • The cost of ant control depends on the location, number and type of ants, along with other factors.
  • Some exterminators are certified with the BPCA, with provides an additional seal of quality.
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