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Brick steps cost guide

The entrance to your home is the first impression someone will have. You want people to feel welcomed into your home, and one of the best ways to achieve this is to install stylish brick steps.

If you are adding brick stairs or replacing steps that are crumbling and unattractive, a professional bricklayer, builder or stonemason can advise you about designs, measurements, materials and brick steps cost. Brick steps are perfect if you are looking for both durability and to improve the appearance of your home’s entrance.

If you have experience with bricklaying, you could consider sourcing the materials and doing it yourself to save on costs. However, it is essential that the foundations and build are completed perfectly in order to be safe and durable. Read on to find the average cost of brick steps.

How much do brick steps cost?

Cost itemUnitRange - lowRange - highAverage cost
BricklayerDay rate£150£200£175
LabourerDay rate£70£100£85
Handmade bricksPer m2£90£140£65
Wire Cut bricksPer m2£55£80£67.50
Facing bricksPer m2£55£75£65
Common concrete bricksPer m2£40£55£47.50
Reclaimed bricksPer m2£100£300£200
Engineering bricksPer m2£50£75£62.50

The cost of brick steps can vary quite extensively. The cost will depend on a variety of factors:

Cost of the bricks

The type of brick you choose will affect the overall cost. You can choose between reclaimed, manufactured, wire cut, common concrete, hand-made or engineering bricks. A professional bricklayer will be able to advise you on the best brick type to fit your project.

  • The cost of bricks ranges between £40 – £200 per m2 depending on the type

Labour costs

The biggest cost in a brick steps project tends to be the labour. As well as the laying and treating of the bricks, the area will need to be prepared before starting.

  • An experienced bricklayer will charge on average between £150 and £200 per day.
  • A typical day rate of a labourer to assist can be between £70 – £100. Although it may seem like an expensive additional cost, it is worth remembering that more people mean that the project is completed quicker.

Other factors that may impact brick stairs cost

You may need to pay for building regulations approval if your steps will result in a level change or require railings. If you are replacing existing stairs, you will incur the cost of removing the current infrastructure and disposing of the waste. Find out the average cost to hire a skip or grab truck.

Find the right bricklayer for you

How are brick steps built?

Whether you are building stairs for your front entrance, garden or patio, your project will need to be designed, planned and executed with accuracy. The general build process is as follows:

  • Planning the style and practicalities of the steps.
  • Measuring the area and what materials you will need. The ratio of treads to risers is an important dimension for ensuring both comfort and safety. You also need to calculate overhangs, stair nosing and going, and the total rise amount.
  • Deciding what type of foundation you need. This will depend on the age of your home or patio, the weight-bearing quality of your soil and the style of your stairs.
  • Building the steps and ensuring that the construction is safe, sturdy and level.

Unless your skill level is equivalent to that of a professional tradesperson, we would recommend hiring a professional.

Style of brick steps Cost of brick steps

The style of a flight of steps can transform the appearance of your home or garden. Experienced builders or bricklayers can offer standard or bespoke design suggestions that will complement your home’s landscape.

You could choose to have wraparound steps, which allow multiple approaches and can be circular in design or straight. Or, you could choose to have simple brick steps with either single, double or multiple steps.

Key takeaways

  • Brick steps bring beauty and ease of access to a home or garden.
  • The overall cost will depend on the type of brick, the size of the project and the installation cost.
  • Building brick steps is an ambitious project that is best left to the professionals.

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