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Carpet cleaning cost guide

Carpet cleaning is a quick win that can transform the look and feel of your property. Whether you’ve recently moved in, are on the verge of moving out or just feel the house could do with freshening up, you’ll be pleased to know that it only takes an average of 20-30 minutes per room.

But how much does carpet cleaning cost on average? Unless you’ve hired a professional for this type of job in the past, it’s a good idea to research the price and collect a few quotes. We’ve put together the following guide to give you a head start.

Size and type of roomAverage cost +VAT - Range LowAverage cost +VAT - Range HighAverage price
BedroomSingle (7ft x 7ft) - £20Double (10ft x 8ft) - £27£23.50
Stairs and landing£20£40£30
Large front room£30£40£35
Commercial/Office Carpet--£2 per sq. m.
Hourly rate for cleaning company£60£120£90
Minimal Charge per visit--£50

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

How much does carpet cleaning cost?

A build-up of dirt and tough stains can make even the most luxurious rugs look worn and tired. Before you rush to replace your carpet, you should consider having it cleaned.

Carpet cleaning costs an average of £200 for a standard three-bed house including the landing, hallway and stairs.

Naturally, the cost of professional carpet cleaning will nearly always depend on the size of the room, the number of rooms that require cleaning and the condition of the carpet.

However, the total cost will typically be cheaper than replacement and refitting, saving you money and giving your carpet a new lease of life.

Find professional carpet cleaners near you

CityAverage cost £
St Albans£60
Portsmouth £139.55
Redhill £152.17
Nottingham £158.73
Guildford £160.75
Dartford £235.63


Carpet cleaning costs per city

The average carpet cleaning cost will vary slightly depending on the location you’re in. For example, for carpet cleaning in Hull, the average cost of service is £40, compared to Dartford with an average carpet cleaning cost of £235.63. In London, our customer feedback shows the average price of a carpet cleaning job at £231.97. It’s always worth getting a few quotes from professional carpet cleaners to find the right tradesperson for you.

Note: The average prices shown here are indicative prices of carpet cleaning calculated from customer feedback sent to Checkatrade. These jobs may vary in complexity but this gives you an idea of what expert tradespeople in your local area are charging.

The benefits of professional carpet cleaning

Getting your carpet professionally cleaned can help to revitalise your room, contributing to a healthier environment through the removal of dirt and bacteria.

If you have children or pets, you will no doubt know the struggle of constantly scrubbing stains from your carpet and upholstery.

As well as eliminating these pesky surface stains, a deep clean will tackle the dust and dirt that has become ingrained in the fibres to leave your room feeling bright, fresh and uplifting.

Find professional carpet cleaners near you

Types of carpet cleaning

For those looking to enhance the appearance of their home, the results are well worth the cost of professional carpet cleaning. When you hire a carpet cleaning company, they will typically use one of the following methods to get your carpet sparkling:

Steam cleaning

Also known as hot water extraction cleaning or vapour cleaning, steam carpet cleaning uses high pressured hot water to dissolve dirt inside the carpet. The carpet should then be left to air dry before use. When using the hot water extraction method, the average carpet cleaning cost per room will typically be charged at around £28.

Dry compound cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is a relatively new technique that is commonly used in commercial offices as it does not require drying time. Unlike vapour cleaning, dry carpet cleaning involves the application of a biodegradable cleaning compound or powder to the bottom of the carpet using motorised equipment. Once in the carpet, the compound absorbs the dirt from within the carpet fibres, giving the room a deep clean.

Chem dry carpet cleaning prices typically start around £20 for a 7ft x 7 ft room.

Find professional carpet cleaners near you

professional carpet cleaning Extra carpet cleaning services

When hiring professional carpet cleaners, you may find that they offer additional treatments as part of their service or as extras that are factored into the total carpet cleaning price. These include:

ScotchGard protection treatments

After carpet cleaning is complete, anti-stain products such as Scotchgard can be applied to protect your carpet from stains and spillages. This type of treatment is effective for all types of washable fabrics and only requires one application. The price of ScotchGard is typically charged at 50% of the carpet cleaning cost.

Anti-insect treatments

Protecting your carpet from microscopic insects such as dust mites can make all the difference, particularly if you or members of your family suffer from asthma. Specialist products can be applied to your carpet to eradicate these pests to promote a healthier environment. Anti-insect treatment will typically cost between £7 and £13 per room if offered as part of the service.


Pre-treatment products can be applied to problem areas to prepare them for professional cleaning by loosening the dirt or grease within the carpet. Some carpet cleaners will include pre-treatment as part of the cost if you communicate your requirements when asking for a quote.

Find professional carpet cleaners near you

Commercial carpet cleaning prices

The need for a quick turnaround to allow for immediate use of the premises can often mean the price for commercial carpet cleaning is more expensive than residential.  Charged at an average of £2 per sq ft, the cost for commercial carpet cleaning would be £320 based on the average office size of 150-175 sq ft.

Professional carpet cleaning with extraction cleanerFactors affecting the cost of carpet cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning quotes will be determined by the type of work you require. While straightforward carpet cleaning will come at a standard cost, the following items will see additional fees factored into the quote:

Stubborn stains

When tough stains such as red wine, paint or grease become deeply embedded into the fibres of your carpet, they may require more work to remove. Be sure to mention this to carpet cleaners to ensure it’s factored into the total cost as opposed to an extra charge.

Furniture removal

Most cleaning companies will expect to be able to clean the carpet upon arrival. If you require special assistance moving furniture, be sure to mention this ahead of time – there will likely be an extra charge for this service.

Minimum charges

Before you search for a professional to help bring your carpet back to life, it’s worth bearing in mind that carpet cleaning companies often have a minimum charge of around £50 per visit. So, even though they may quote just £25 for a room, the total price will still be £50. For the best prices, negotiate for the carpet cleaning cost to cover the price of cleaning your entire house rather than each room.

Type of carpet

Professional carpet cleaning prices can also vary depending on the type of fabric used in the carpet – for example, many carpet cleaners will charge extra fees for carpet that is 100% wool.

Extra services

If you need extra services such as ScotchGard cover, anti-insect treatment or pre-treatment, these additional jobs will inevitably affect the total carpet cleaning cost. It’s worth noting that most carpet cleaning companies will charge a cancellation fee if less than 24 hours notice is given.

Find professional carpet cleaners near you

Carpet cleaning cost calculator

To calculate the price to clean your carpet, you’ll need to factor in the type of carpet, severity of the stain, whether furniture needs to be moved, and any additional carpet treatments – each of these will impact the cost. To get accurate prices, speak to local carpet cleaners and ask for a breakdown of costs for the various options available.

Carpet cleaning quotes

We always recommend obtaining at least three quotes from our trusted tradespeople. Our request a quote feature is perfect for getting quotes – you post details about the job you want doing and we’ll send it out to local tradespeople in your area. Try it out!

Carpet cleaning hourly rates

The average hourly rate for a carpet cleaner is around £60 – £120 per hour, and will vary depending on the company you pick as well as the factors outlined above.


Industrial vacuum cleaner

How long does carpet cleaning take?

It takes an average of 2-3 hours to clean the carpet across a 3-bed house with an average time per room of half an hour. For stubborn stains or additional treatments, allow up to 45 minutes per room.

How often should I get my carpets cleaned?

To keep your carpet in great condition, it’s a good idea to get it professionally cleaned once every 18 months. If you have children or pets who regularly bring dirt into the house, you might find it needs more frequent touch-ups.

Can I clean my carpets myself?

Beyond a quick hoover, this process removes bacteria and bad odours from within the fibres of the carpet. Achieving this requires heavy-duty specialised tools, whether to apply dry compound to the carpet or to steam clean the rug.

For steam cleaning, professional carpet cleaners will either come equipped with portable steam cleaning machines or use a large unit attached to their truck. These machines are designed to achieve a deep and powerful clean, and while steam cleaners can be rented, it is often more cost-effective for homeowners to hire a professional to ensure a good job is done.

Carpet cleaning cost breakdown

  • The average carpet cleaning cost per room is £28 – this will depend on the size of the room and type of carpet.
  • Cleaning companies charge an average of £50 as a minimum charge per visit. If budget allows, we recommend negotiating the cost to include the entire house to get the best deal.
  • For a property with 3 bedrooms, the average carpet cleaning price for the entire house is £200, larger properties will be in the region of £300-400.
  • Carpet cleaning requires heavy duty specialist equipment – if it can be avoided, we strongly recommend using a professional.

Find professional carpet cleaners near you

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Find professional carpet cleaners near you

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