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Last updated on June 6th, 2023

What is the cost to lay 1,000 bricks in 2023?

Bricks are the holy grail for building projects, whether it's for a garden wall or an extension. We've put together the average bricklayer costs.
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To help you budget for the job, we’ve put together the following guide to the average UK costs. After familiarising yourself with average costs, use our handy search tool to connect with bricklayers in your area.

How much do bricklayers charge per 1,000 bricks?

Type of brickUnit (private customers)Average cost
Common machine-made brickPer 1,000£650 - £1,500
Handmade brickPer 1,000£950 - £3,900
Clay facing brickPer 1,000£2,260 - £5,000
Engineering brick (Class A or B)Per 1,000£650 - £1,790

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

Bricklayer rates will vary depending on location, with prices in London typically skewing higher. They will either quote their day rate or provide a set price for a certain amount – typically per 1,000 bricks or 10-12 m².

Costs range from £650 - £1,790 per 1,000 bricks at the cheaper end of the spectrum to £950 - £3,900 per 1,000 handmade bricks.

How much do bricklayers charge per day?

In good working conditions with no accessibility issues (i.e. the need for scaffolding), the average bricklayer will lay 500 bricks per day. If working on a day rate, most bricklayers will charge between £240 - £320 per day.

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Factors affecting the cost of bricks

Type of brick

Got a preference on brick type? The type you choose will inevitably impact your overall cost, so it’s important to plan the appropriate budget for the job.

Common bricks

Common bricks are the cheapest, starting at around £650/1,000. However, keep in mind that these types of bricks aren’t generally suited for weight-bearing courses.

Engineering bricks

If you require bricks to build foundations, you’ll need engineering bricks as these are designed to withstand weather damage. Engineering bricks (Class A or B) will cost from around £650/1,000 bricks.

Facing bricks

Depending on the project, you may also require facing bricks to enhance the visual appeal of the building. These can come in a range of colours, textures and materials – factors that will inevitably determine the price tag. Facing bricks can cost in the range of £950/1,000 to £2,260/1,000. High quality, glazed bricks are generally the most expensive – if you have the budget, however, they can add a glowing finish to complete your aesthetic.

Brick wall being built

Manufacturing process

How bricks are produced will play a key role in their total cost. For example, handmade bricks are highly sought after for their visual appeal; they can be crafted to match bricks of a specific period and have a unique appearance.

However, since the manufacturing process requires a specialist craftsman to prepare each brick individually, the cost of bricks per 1,000 will be considerably more expensive than those that are mass-produced to the same specification in a factory.

Machine-made bricks usually cost in the region of £650 - £1,500/1,000.

Supply and demand

In many cases, bricklaying rates per 1,000 will be determined by supply and demand. Since the UK has been experiencing a brick shortage, the cost of bricks has seen a recent increase due to the limited supply.

Bricklaying cost checklist

  • The average cost per 1,000 bricks is £1,000
  • Factors such as type of brick, location, supply and demand, and manufacturing process will influence the cost
  • A team of two bricklayers charge an average day rate of £560
  • Depending on the size of the job, you may also need a labourer which would add an additional £240 to the day rate
  • Always make sure to provide specifics to a tradesperson when seeking a quote to avoid incurring additional fees

Ready to source a quote? Use our handy search tool below to find professionals in your local area.

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