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Last updated on March 31st, 2022

How much does it cost to remove shrubs from your garden?

The cost to remove shrubs from your garden depends on many factors. Our complete cost guide will make sure you’re fully prepared for the job.

The cost to remove shrubs from your garden will vary depending on the size of the shrubs, and how many you wish to remove.

You may be planning to remove your shrubs because they’re:

  • Dead or diseased
  • Blocking visibility
  • Reducing the light entering your property

Whatever the reason, you need to understand the amount of work involved and the cost of removing the shrubs before you get started.

Key considerations before you hire a gardener to remove your shrubs:

  • Do your existing shrubs provide screening or privacy, and do you wish to replace this with an alternative? For example, new planting or fencing. A trim and tidy-up may better suit your needs.
  • When is the right time to remove shrubs? Birds could be nesting in larger shrubs during spring/summer, so it’s best to remove shrubs in autumn/winter.
  • With established shrubs, you may need to hire a mechanical digger or instruct a local stump grinding specialist to remove the roots.
  • Removing shrubs can create a considerable amount of garden waste. Will your gardener remove this, or will you need to factor in the cost of garden clearance services, a waste disposal service from your local council, or the cost of skip hire?
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How much does bush removal cost?

The average price to remove shrubs or bushes from your garden will range from £100 – £250 depending on the size of the job.

This price will typically include waste removal. However, with mature shrubs or bushes, you may need to add the cost of stump removal to ensure the roots are properly removed.

Cost provided UnitCost range - lowCost range - highAverage cost
Cost to remove shrubs incl. waste removal£100£250£175
Stump grinding specialist costHourly rate£60£80£70
Cost to hire a stump grinder1 day£120£160£140
Cost of green waste removal via your local council£47.50£70£58.75
Garden clearanceHourly rate£45£60£52.50
Cost of skip hire£90£340£215

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

Shrub removal cost calculator

Use this table as a guide to help understand the typical costs involved in removing shrubs. The variables include the size of the job, whether garden waste removal is charged as an additional cost, and whether you need a stump grinder.

How much does bush stump removal cost?

Bush stump removal is important to avoid new shoots growing. In dead stumps, you risk pests, diseases, and weeds if the stump is left in the ground.

Stump grinding costs between £60 – £80 per hour. It is possible to hire a stump grinder for between £120 – £140 per day, but you’ll need suitable safety equipment to use this machinery yourself.

What will it cost to remove holly bushes?

When planning how to get rid of large bushes, such as Holly, its size will largely determine the cost involved in its removal.

Stump grinder removing tree stump and roots

Expect to pay between £100 – £250 for a holly bush to be removed, depending on the scope of the work involved.

A local tradesperson will be able to provide a quote based on the size of the bush, and whether any special equipment is needed to complete the job.

How much does it cost to remove privet hedges?

These hedges are often substantial, and the cost to remove privet hedges will vary depending on their size. A relatively small hedge will cost on average £175; larger hedges can cost anywhere between £250 – £400.

To receive quotes from three local gardeners in your area, simply enter the details of the job in our handy request a quote tool.

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Key takeaways

  • The cost to remove shrubs varies between £100 – £250 depending on the size of the job.
  • Check with your gardener if garden waste removal is included in the quote, or whether you’ll need to price this up separately.
  • To remove roots and prevent re-growth, you may need to instruct a stump grinding specialist or hire a stump grinder.

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