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Last updated on March 31st, 2022

Durgo valve cost

A Durgo valve, otherwise known as an air admittance valve, is used as part of the ventilation system of houses and other buildings. In this guide we look at the average Durgo valve cost in the UK.

A Durgo valve, otherwise known as an air admittance valve, is used as part of the ventilation system of houses and other buildings. In this guide we look at the average Durgo valve cost in the UK.

Whether you’re updating an old ventilation system in your home, or creating a new one for an extension or new building, keep reading to find out more about Durgo valves and how much they cost.

How much does installing a Durgo valve cost?

ItemRange - LowRange - HighAverage cost
Durgo valve installation --£150
Remove soil pipe from roof--£85
Plumber hourly rate£40£60£50

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

The average cost of installing a Durgo valve is around £150, including materials and labour. That cost depends on the complexity of the installation and the rate of individual plumber you hire.

If you need to remove a soil pipe from the roof of your property, the average cost is around £85 – including materials and labour.

For accurate prices in your area, we always recommend speaking to local plumbers and asking for quotes with a breakdown of the costs and the options available.

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What does a Durgo valve do?

A Durgo valve is part of the ventilation system and is connected to the ventilation pipe. The main function of a Durgo (or air admittance) valve is to allow the ventilation of waste gases and air from waste pipes in your home.

Durgo valve fitted on a new build property by Manchester Plumbing Services Ltd
Here’s a durgo valve – image provided by Checkatrade’s Manchester Plumbing Services Ltd

When you flush a toilet it pushes air down the drain pipe and air needs to be sucked into the pipe to replace that air – that’s where the Durgo valve comes in to help bring that air in and release the unwanted gases.

By assisting this method of ventilation, you avoid having unwanted waste gases and odours being released into your home.

If you’re planning to install a toilet in your home, check out our guide on toilet installation costs.

Factors affecting the air admittance valve cost

There are a number of factors that affect the cost of a Durgo / air admittance valve, including:

  • Complexity of removing soil pipe from roof
  • Any prep work needed
  • Cost of any additional materials needed
  • Quality and/or brand of materials used
  • Time taken to complete the job
  • Where you live

Durgo valve quote

We always recommend obtaining at least three quotes from our trusted tradespeople. Our request a quote feature is perfect for getting quotes – you post details about the job you want doing and we’ll send it out to local tradespeople in your area. Try it out!


Durgo Valve Cost
A durgo valve installed by Checkatrade’s GTS Plumbing and Heating

Can a Durgo valve fail/do air admittance valves fail?

Yes, there are some occasions when a Durgo / air admittance valve failure is possible. They include a) the valve may get stuck and need lubricant to be applied, b) the valve was installed poorly or in the wrong position, or c) the waste pipe is blocked and gases aren’t being pushed down properly.

Can you box in a Durgo valve?

Yes, you can box in an air admittance valve as long as the box has suitable vents in it and the inlet area is at least 16 square inches. This allows sufficient air to reach and enter the valve for it to function properly.

How high should Durgo valves be?

Durgo valves are typically positioned at least 100mm above the highest water entry point in the system. Most commonly an air admittance valve is installed at the end of a soil pipe.

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