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Gas installation cost guide

A connection to the gas grid can provide low-cost energy for cooking, heating and living. You can find gas installation costs here in this cost guide.

We cover the average gas pipe installation cost, the cost to install gas central heating systems, and gas pipe capping costs. It contains everything you need to compare gas installation quotes and select the right tradesperson for the job.

To connect a property to the mains gas supply, including a gas meter and traffic management

The figures in this guide are average costs and can be affected by a range of factors which are clearly outlined. Our costs in this guide were provided by the online estimators at My Build Estimate – a professional estimating company monitored by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Gas installation costAverage cost
Install new gas connection to mains supply£1,000
Cap a gas pipe£500
Install new gas central heating system (excluding labour)£4,600

Factors that can affect gas installation costs include the distance between your property and the mains gas supply.

Your new gas central heating installation costs will be based on the size of the system, your property and how complex it is to fit the new system.

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Gas installation costs

Install gas pipes cost guide

If your property is a new build or isn’t currently connected to the nationwide gas grid, you will need a specialist to hook you up. All work should be completed by a Gas Safe Registered person.

Your natural gas pipe installation cost will be affected by your distance from the main grid. The further you are away, the more you pay.

The price you pay for a mains gas connection will also depend on any impediments that may lie between your property and the gas supply. Obstacles that could increase costs include roads, other buildings and private land.

  • A simple gas pipe connection to a property within 23m of the mains supply should cost around £400.
  • A complex or longer connection (over 23m) will cost approximately £1,250.

These prices are only for the pipework required.

To install a gas connection, fit a gas meter and traffic management system, you can expect to pay around £1,000.

Laying a gas pipe image gas installation guide

Cost for capping a gas pipe

Capping a gas pipe is the industry term for safely securing the end of a gas pipe. Capping a gas pipe is a process that ensures that none of this potentially lethal gas can escape.

Gas pipes are capped with a stopped that’s screwed onto the end of the pipe. As this is a specialist job, it must be completed by a Gas Safe Registered person. This isn’t something you could or should tackle yourself!

Gas pipe capping should cost around £500 but can depend on access to the gas pipe and the complexity of the job.

Cost to install gas central heating

Installing a gas central heating system is a large and complicated job that involves the following components:

  • Gas connection
  • Boiler installation
  • Radiator fitting and connection
  • Pipework installation

If you have an average-sized house, you can expect to pay the following costs to install your new gas central heating system.

  • A brand new combi boiler (per boiler) £2,100
  • 9 Radiators (per project) £1,500
  • Gas pipework (per project – excludes any digging or trenches) £1,000

These costs cover installing a new gas central heating system from scratch. The price to replace a boiler, radiators and pipework may be lower if your property already has a working gas central heating system installed.

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Factors affecting gas central heating installation costs

Gas pipe installation cost

The total cost to install a gas central heating system will be affected by a series of factors, including:

  • Boiler brand, type and size – the more expensive the boiler and the fittings, the higher the cost of fitting gas central heating to your home.
  • Style, size and number of radiators – the number of radiators you are having fitted, the product cost and how easy they are to fit will affect your total gas installation quote.
  • Heating controls – installing intelligent heating controllers that enable you to actively control your central heating will add to the total cost you pay.
  • Ease of installation – the type, age and condition of your property will all affect the total cost of your gas installation. The more complex the job, the higher the quote.
  • Size of property – those with larger properties should expect to pay more to have gas central heating installed. Factors that influence price include the number of radiators, the size of the boiler and the length of pipework required. Larger jobs may require additional labour to complete them, adding to the total price.

Other gas installation costs to consider

The fixed costs of replacing a central heating system outlined above apply to new heating installations. If you are planning to have a new gas central heating system installed, there may be additional costs that you should budget for, including:

  • Highway costs – any work that affects the road system will increase the costs you will pay, in some cases adding significantly to total gas installation costs.
  • Removal of old pipework, boilers and other fittings – if you’re replacing an existing system you should expect to pay for the safe removal of all existing fixtures and fittings.
  • Waste removal costs – if you expect your tradesperson to remove any waste, you should factor this into your expected expenses.
  • Repair of walls – Fitting a new boiler and pipework will involve cutting into walls, damage that will need to be repaired by a general tradesperson, builder or plasterer.
  • Redecoration – any damaged walls will need to be repainted.
  • Refitting carpets – while laying pipework your tradesperson could need to lift carpet which may require an expert to refit.

Need a quote?

Fitting new gas pipes or installing a new gas central heating system is a specialist job for a trained tradesperson.

If you’re searching for the cost to install a gas line or quotes to compare, you’ll find the UK’s biggest database of trusted tradespeople here at Checkatrade.

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Key takeaways when planning gas installation works

  • The cost to install a gas pipe will vary according to the distance of your property to the mains gas supply and any obstacles in the way.
  • £25 per-metre is a reasonable natural gas pipe installation cost.
  • The cost to install a gas central heating system depends on the system you choose, the size of your property and how advanced the system is.
  • Be prepared to pay £4,600 to complete the job (excluding labour costs).
  • Factor in the cost to restore and redecorate your property.
  • Ensure you only use a Gas Safety Registered tradesperson to complete any work.

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