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Last updated on March 25th, 2023

Ground screw installation cost

Ground screws take away the need for digging and installing concrete foundations, which can benefit the environment and your bank balance. In this guide we'll take a look at ground screw installation cost and what it can work for.

If you’re searching for the cost of ground screw installation, you’re likely looking for a cheaper, quicker, and more environmentally friendly way to lay foundations. Whether you’re building a shed, garden room, outhouse, or anything else that needs foundational support, ground screws are a great option.

Also known as ground anchors, ground screws are the new kids on the block. They’re modern, cost-effective and versatile, meaning you can use them for a variety of projects, big or small.

The helical screws are made from galvanised steel, which is strong and easy to fashion into whatever size or length your structure needs for support. This versatility means creating a stable foundation in most soil types is easy. Also, you don’t need to dig or excavate your site to use them, which reduces damage to your garden and makes them 70% quicker to install than concrete. What’s more, you can build on them straight away.

Ground screws cost

The type and number of ground screws you’ll need depends on the weight of the finished structure, the size and type of joists or supports it uses, and the type of terrain or soil you’re building on. The cost will also depend on whether you’re hiring a professional.

For most projects of 6 m x 3 m for non-load bearing structures, the supply and installation of ground screws with a timber frame costs around £1,875. When compared to most concrete foundations, which range between £4k and £11k, this is a huge cost saving.

ItemAreaLowest costAverage costHighest cost
Ground screws and installation cost6 x 3 m2£1,260£1,875£3000
Tool hire and ground screws (DIY)6 x 3 m2£450£500£550

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

Some of the ways ground screws can be used

The type of ground screw you use will depend on the area being supported and any load-bearing equipment. For example, hot tubs on your decking, heavy machinery in your home office or gym equipment in your shed.

We always recommend hiring a professional to make sure everything is fitted correctly and avoid complications such as sinking structures or cracked floors.

Ground screws for garden rooms

If you’re looking for a separate building away from the main hustle and bustle of your house, a garden room is a perfect addition. Maybe you’re looking for an office space or a soundproof studio to shut out the world for a while? Whatever you want, ground screws will make the build a lot quicker and easier.

  • For a 6m x 3m area, you’re looking at around £2,160 for ground screws and installation.
  • To do it yourself, it’ll cost you around £500 for the ground screws and installation tools and/or machine.

(NB: Your garden room structure will be in addition to this).

garden room ground screws cost

Ground screws decking

The ground screws used for decking are different to those used for a garden room. It also depends on whether you’d like a hot tub or other heavy equipment installed – either now or in the future. Regardless, decking is a low-maintenance and attractive addition to your garden, and it will go up quickly and efficiently if you use choose to use ground screws to install it.

  • For most decking projects of 6 x 3 m, you’re looking at £1,875. This includes a professional installation of the ground screws, brackets, fixings, and timber joist frame.
  • To do it yourself, it will cost around £550 for the ground screw installation tools/ground screw drill.

(NB: Your decking materials will be in addition to this).

ground screw installation costs

Ground screws for sheds

Sheds are often practical additions to your garden, able to store a variety of equipment or out-of-season garden furniture. However, even if they’re only being used as storage, they don’t need to be unattractive. That’s why making sure they’re well built and secured on sturdy foundations is important.

  • For most decking projects of 6 x 3 m, you’re looking at £1,260. This includes a professional installation of the ground screws, brackets, fixings, and timber joist frame.
  • To do it yourself, it will cost around £550 for the ground screw installation tools or ground screw drill.

(NB: The shed will be an additional cost).


Can I self install ground screws?

Although self-installing ground screws is possible, it’s not recommended if you’re not an experienced DIY’er. This is because of the calculations needed when it comes to load-bearing capacity, levelling, and what type of screws to use. For any large self-installation project, you need some building know-how. Otherwise, the risk is too great.

Why not hire a Checkatrade professional who’s recommended by your neighbours, checked by us, reviewed, and then checked again? We also offer a guarantee up to £1k if you’re unhappy with a job (terms apply). This gives you greater peace of mind and more security when it comes to ensuring a job well done.

What are Krinner ground screws?

Krinner ground screws are popular and all-rounder anchors used in modern constructions to support items like traffic signs, advertising boards, fences, solar farms and timber frames (for homes and offices etc). They’re incredibly versatile and can even be used underwater.

Depending on the size and length of screw you buy, ground anchors can hold various weights. For example, a 550mm ground anchor can support 0.23 tonnes of axial pressure while a 750mm screw can take 0.43 tonnes. Of course, this depends on the ground conditions, so it’s always worth hiring a professional to make sure your soil is the right type for your chosen ground screw.

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