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Internal conservatory roof insulation cost guide

Is your conservatory leaking heat? Adding internal insulation to your conservatory roof can help to conserve heat. This means you can lower your energy bills and keep your conservatory a comfortable temperature year-round.

As heat rises, it can easily escape from a poorly insulated roof. Replacing your roof with one made from better insulated materials can fix this, but it’s expensive and disruptive. Installing insulation could be a cheaper temporary measure.

Conservatory roof insulation cost

Conservatory roof insulation by itself, supplied and fitted typically costs between £895 and £1,850. The internal roof insulation installed in conservatories is usually made of layers of high-quality polished reflective film and thermal webbing. It fits snugly between the rafters of the ceiling. This is then covered with plaster or a UPVC finish, effectively hiding the insulation and leaving you with a normal-looking ceiling.

Remember that the total cost will depend on the size and pitch of the roof, and the type of ceiling (i.e. suspended, vaulted or lean-to).

Insulated conservatory roof panels cost

You can install some types of conservatory roof insulation internally, but there is an alternative. Insulated roof panels go on the outside of the conservatory. This is essentially a roof replacement, which can cost between £2,355 and £5,570.

Supply and fit Lowest CostHighest CostHighest Cost
Internal conservatory roof insulation£895£1,850£1,372
Insulated conservatory roof panels£2,355£5,570£3,962.50

Benefits of conservatory roof insulation

insulating your conservatory ceiling can make the space more energy efficient, thereby saving you money on your energy bills. But there are other benefits too, such as:

  • Reducing rain noise
  • improving temperature regulation – making it feel cooler in summer and warmer in winter
  • Making the conservatory feel more like a ‘real’ room.

However, conservatory roof insulation can have drawbacks if you aren’t careful. You should make sure your insulation is breathable and allows cross ventilation. Otherwise you may face problems with a build-up of condensation. You can also install air vents for this purpose.

FInd a conservatory roof insulation specialist near you


Is it worth getting conservatory roof insulation, or should I just replace the roof?

Replacing your conservatory roof with better insulated materials will undoubtedly cost more, but it could potentially add more value to your home and save you more on your energy bills over time. Installing insulation is a quicker, cheaper fix which could make your conservatory more energy efficient in the short-term.

What if I have a glass conservatory roof?

If your conservatory roof is made from glass panels, ordinary roof insulation isn’t a suitable option. An alternative is solar reflective film, which reflects away some of the sun’s solar energy so that your conservatory remains a comfortable temperature.

Do I need planning permission for installing conservatory roof insulation?

No, you shouldn’t need planning permission to install internal conservatory roof insulation, unless you’ll be making significant changes to the height/pitch/materials of the roof or the structure of the conservatory itself.

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FInd a conservatory roof insulation specialist near you


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