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Lintel repair cost guide

Cracks in your windows or doors could be a sign that one of your lintels needs to be repaired. At this stage, you might be thinking: what are lintels and how do they get damaged? Lintels are structural elements designed to support the load from above on openings such as windows and doors. Over time, general wear, tear and age can cause lintels to fail. When that happens, repair or replacement is an urgent matter. But how much does lintel repair cost?

Use our free search tool to gather quotes from specialists or read on for an overview of the average prices for repair as well as lintel replacement cost.

Lintel repair cost

Lintel replacement typeUnitCost - lowCost - highAverage cost
Concrete lintel replacementStandard size window/door£650£1,000£825
Steel lintel replacementStandard size window/door£650£1,000£825
Wooden/lintel replacementStandard size window/door£650£1,000£825

In most cases, lintel will need to be replaced entirely. If there are visible cracks, a repair won’t be sufficient. Due to the nature of the work, lintel replacement should be carried out by a competent contractor as the exterior walls will need to remain supported whilst the lintel is being replaced.

For a concrete lintel replacement on a standard size window/door, you can expect the average lintel replacement cost to fall between £650 – £1,000. Prices for steel lintel replacement will usually cost within the same region, as will wooden lintel replacement. For brick lintel repair, we recommend seeking a quote due to the specialist nature of the work required.

These estimates are based on a brick/block cavity wall construction on the first or second floor. The costs for second storey replacements are inclusive of the associated price of renting and erecting scaffolding.

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Lintel replacement cost

Since a replacement is usually the only viable option in addressing cracks caused by lintel damage, this is the avenue most tradespeople will propose. The quote you receive will usually sit within the region of £650 – £1,000, covering both labour and materials.

How much does it cost to replace a window lintel?

The average lintel replacement cost is £825, but prices may vary depending on your location and the extent of work required.

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Cost of repairing lintel

How do I know my lintel needs replacing?

Lintel damage is fairly easy to spot if you know what you’re looking for. The two common signs your lintel needs replacing include:

  • Cracks in the upper corners of your windows/doors
  • Mortar line cracks or displaced bricks/stone in your walls.

In both cases, these cracks are a sign that the weight of the wall is no longer being supported and the lintel has failed. If these tell-tale signs sound familiar, we recommend calling in a professional as soon as possible.

How long do steel lintels last?

Steel lintels are fairly durable in nature and can last between five to 10 years before they need replacement. To increase their lifespan, clean out any existing weep tubes or ask a professional to help you replace them if they are clogged. This will ensure water can properly escape out of lintels and wall cavities and prevent damage to the structure of the building.

What material should my lintel be?

Lintels come in a range of different styles and sizes, so choosing the right one can be a minefield for the unfamiliar. They can be made from timber, stone, brick, steel or reinforced concrete. Metal lintels are favoured for their aesthetic and can be ideal in matching the external appearance of the building. Where a brick lintel can not be replaced, a remedial steel bar system would be used. Ultimately, the material you choose will depend on the length and the load. If you aren’t sure, just ask a professional when getting a quote for your lintel repair cost.

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